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have you ever shit your pants


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Guest Len B'stard

Never. I've done the fart push test though, like 'is this a fart?' so you give it a little nudge and that first little bit of movement lets you know whether its worth committing to that shit :lol:

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When I was younger I made the mistake of joining my older brother in a "teacups-ride" in an amusement park. He made it spin so hard that when it finished and we got out, I couldn't do anything but lay on the grass with my mother watching me, while the rest of my family tried rides for hours.

When we got home to the holiday home we stayed at, I was still a mess, and told my family that I had to go to the toilet and try to puke. With multiple family members standing by the door looking at me and asking if I was ok, everything suddenly escalated and I puked and shit my pants at the same time.

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When I was in high school, I woke up one morning and sat up in bed like any other morning...except as I sat upright I layed a huge fucking turd without thinking about it.

It was shocking, I was calling for help like I'd been raped...my parents came in to see their young DOOM with a dirty great shit in his bed :awesomeface:

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