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Autotune in the T-Pain/Kanye/Hip Hop sense shouldn't be looked down upon. Not every good songwriter's a singer nor do they have to be, and power to them if they found a tool that allows them to express their creativity in a way they previously wouldn't have been able to. Not to mention, it has a specific sound and can be a valid artistic tool to achieve a certain sound.

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You do know that original video is a fake though, don't you?

I do, now, jajaja

I guess the accents were a giveaway, juj esse.

So you just fall for any video on the internet? I imagine an entire society of you shitting themselves when War of the Worlds was broadcast.

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If you use it creatively or artistically as a vocal distortion tool, then I don't see a problem with it anymore than vocorders.

Although I don't really care when people use it as a way to shine up their vocals. Sometimes it sounds shitty and sometimes it sounds okay.

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... I imagine an entire society of you...


Everyone'll be fucking or getting stoned or growing up wanting to do that for the survival of this wonderous society, who may well have indeed shit their pants to some War of the Worlds broadcast if they wasn't listening to radio porn or jamming to tunage.

But nonetheless, I don't have to imagine a society shitting their pants to a War of the Worlds broadcast because, it's already happened and;


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