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05/19/16 - Vienna, Austra - Happel Stadium


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20 minutes ago, Canuckle said:

Sorry to barge in on the GNR parade but I've enjoyed reading all these comments about AXL/DC and can't help but throw in my worthless 2 cents.

I've been in an AC/DC cover band (on & off) for the last 20 years. As a musician I love almost all music including GNR. Axl on the other hand, never understood the guy. Always seemed like an enormous waste of talent. Love Slash...killer chops on that axe.

When I first heard Axl Rose announced as guest singer for AC/DC I thought, "unmitigated disaster". Just didnt see how it would work. However, I can not express how shocked I am with Axl's performances. He's knocking it out of the park on all these songs. The Bon Scott era songs are better than Brian ever did. He's even blowing Brian's stuff away based on Brian's recent vocal performances. Just listen to Brian from this tour on Hell's Bells then listen to Axl. I knew Brian's voice had lost some but comparing Axl's live versions to Brian's, he's kickin ass. Hell, Axl sounds more like Brian "did" than Brian does now.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think Axl Rose was going to work with AC/DC but it sure as hell is...and some.   

None of us know why we're fans of Axl haha but truth is the guy is a legendary performer on the stage and facts are there will never be another quite like him. I think the authenticity of who he is is appealing while also a detriment to his image. 

But while we have all been rooting for Axl for years and he seemingly has wasted more and more time we never expected what we got this year. It's been incredible to watch a guy you've been cheering on despite his inability to give a shit, have the year that he's having and to do it at the level he's doing it at. 

Glad that ACDC fans are getting a glimpse of what made us fans of Axl in the first place! 

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28 minutes ago, IncitingChaos said:

Glad that ACDC fans are getting a glimpse of what made us fans of Axl in the first place!

Funny because I dont consider myself a huge AC/DC fan but as a young guitarist if you want to play something that sounds great and is relatively easy, you play AC/DC. Angus is the master of turning 12 bar power chord blues into rock classics. Its not complicated music. Most of AC/DC is basic power chords. I would consider GNR to be MUCH harder to play for a beginner or intermediate player. AC/DC fan, GNR fan or whatever, you can't deny that Axl Rose is blowing the doors off this music in a way I never thought possible. He's cementing himself as one of the all time great front men. 

It will be interesting to see how his stage presence compliments the show when he is out of that boot. I would guess it will ramp up to even higher praise for Axl Rose. He's is injecting new life into AC/DC...no doubt.

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Probably not super easy to lose weight and stay fit on a RNR lifestyle when you can't do any cardio for a few months. He looks pretty much the same he has for the past few years. He's fine. Everyone looks fatter sitting down.

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This is a great time in music history. 

We get to see some awesome work with Axl and acdc, of course it's not going to be exactly the same. 


Angus made an excellent choice, Axl has really stepped up in a major way. 

I advise anyone that's a rock fan to avoid the little things and embrace this, because there will never be another acdc, or an Axl rose. 



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1 hour ago, Strange Broue said:

Finally had the time to wrote my experience about this gig, because i just wake up after a 10 hour long sleep (long trips to home and hangovers, lol)


First of all: I don't really have good tickets and i was pretty far away from the stage, but that was not really a problem because i must say that the overall sound was phenomenal and the big ass displays showed everything important. These guys are pro's on every level...

From what i can tell, Axl came close to his 1991 voice.... Everybody here can hear the streams and tell that he sounds like a motherfucker on these shows so far, but when you experience it live, then it's a whole different level of awesomeness... I must say, that i haven't saw Axl since 2010, and haven't saw AC/DC since 2009 and this was probably the best rock n' roll show i've ever saw in my life. Angus is 60 and yet he plays like he was just 25, it's unbeliavable. The man is a machine and he deserve the "boss" status in AC/DC. y'know on the live streams i found that Angus's solo spot is too long,. but on a live setting, it's totally worth it. Honorable mention about Chris Slade, dude is 70 and he plays with great power, he still has the chops.

Crowd was pretty great and i still miss the chance to meet up mygnr members:shrugs: maybe next time


Oh and to @The Archer Axl still doesn't pull out that part on For Those About to Rock :lol:

Mmy only "complaints" that 3 songs needs to go for good: Rock or Bust (not the best show opener, imho); Got Some Rock n' Roll Thunder (song is such a bore), Rock n' Roll Train (also boring, imho). That being said, Axl did a great job on EVERY song, he even improved more on TNT and Dirty Deeds. I find it very hard to hear any Mickey, but believe me, i tried :lol: It was great to see him performing on his foot (most of the time) again! He really put his 140% on these gigs, and i'm pretty sure that whenever they'll come around here with GNR, i will be there, no matter the cost

Hells Bells, back in Black, Given the Dog a Bone  and Thunderstruck was a pleasure to listen to


Oh and reading back on this thread, i realise that you guys and gals doesn't have a stable stream so you must missed a lot of songs, sad


Anyway, like i said, it's probably in my TOP 3 shows overall, maybe it's the number one (yes, even topped the 2010 Bucharest and Vienna GNR gigs not to mention the 2006 Budapest GNR gig or any other big artists i've ever saw):headbang: 


i'm just glad that i've witnessed this rock history moment in person.




Awesome man, thanks for the great review and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed that show. If you really rate it this high, it's a pity that we missed the live stream.

As for the extended 'FIRE, WE SALUTE YOU' on For those about to Rock, I've given up on hearing the Studio version. @Lumikki said in her post in D&N on meeting Angus and his missus, that they told her that Axl went into the audition having prepped the studio versions of the songs, but that the band were used to doing the songs the way that they had done them live over the years.

Having heard him on some of the songs though, I don't doubt for a moment that he can do it if he really wants to. It wouldn't be easy, but in the form that he is currently in, I wouldn't put it beyond him.

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