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Old story involving Izzy

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To be fair to Axl that kinda shit wouldn't bother me, it might be annoying if it got in the way of actually working afterwards, not in the sense of him getting nicked but if it was a case of him being too angry to work or whatever.  Shennanigans tends to go with being a rock star, lets face it we wouldn't be fans if they were choirboys and, on the scale of things, chucking food out a window is pretty low level.  Izzys evacuation seemed more to do with his personal mental state and his being pretty shook. 

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Just a few days after that incident, Axl and Izzy were together in New York jamming with the Cult (according to Niven, Izzy went to join Axl who was already there with West Arkeen). So it doesn't seem that the incident had weighed so much on Izzy and it was just a reaction of the moment, kind of like "I don't want to deal with this now."

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