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NYC Setlist Guesses/Wishes


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BETTER & CITR would be the most impressive live, in my opinion. I like the other songs as well but I just feel that Better ahs a new vibe/energy that would pound the fans in a live concert and CITR has the opposit old school feel to it. The ending parts remind of a good 60's sing along like Hey Jude... both of these would be my favorites if I could only hear two of the new ones live. I hope we get more than a couple though...really.... half a set of new material mixed in with half set of classics would be outstanding. rock3

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I would love to hear Twat live.

Same here.

There Was a time is tremendous and I'm not sure how you can like GnR without liking it, but I guess everyone is different.

I think it should be one of the encores it's that powerful.


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