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  1. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Checking out some of BOLA 2016 night 1. Cole & Young Bucks vs Dalton Castle & his boys, except this night the boys are ReDragon. Brilliant.
  2. Melissa

    She can probably also do Tracey, Roberta, Teddy Andreadis, and the horn section's jobs all at once with all that gear she has on stage.
  3. Last full album you listened to?

    ^Same here. Really liking that one.^ Also this one
  4. What Are You Listening To 2016

  5. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Love the Warren Haynes slide solo on this one.
  6. Ozzy Osbourne appreciation thread

    I used to really like Zakk up to Pride & Glory and Book Of Shadows, but then he stopped growing and more or less became a parody. Same goes for Ozzy come to think of it. But the albums up to No More Tears are quite enjoyable.
  7. The Official SOCCER Thread 2016/2017

    I'd tell you don't start, but you never fucking stop, do you?
  8. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    To be fair they did put rockets under Devitt and Styles from that faction
  9. The Official SOCCER Thread 2016/2017

    Barca weren't even playing that well in the first half. But people always manage to get sent off against them sooner or later.
  10. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Del Rio recognized that's what they were doing to him, realized he had to split before they buried him even worse.
  11. The Official SOCCER Thread 2016/2017

    All the air's coming out of the City balloon tonight.
  12. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    How about that pre-wrestling hairstyle
  13. Sammy Hagar vs. David Lee Roth

    I think that second one's been more or less confirmed by Pete and the producer.
  14. Melissa

    Let's hear Pittman's version