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  1. It can slow down the lines at entry. And for the love of god don't forget to bring the card you paid for the tickets with.
  2. Poll: Angus Young vs. Slash

    How is this even a question?
  3. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Not watching no debate. I don't get wrestling fans, now they complain when HHH doesn't show up and interfere and ruin the whole match by making it all about himself yet again?
  4. The Official SOCCER Thread 2016/2017

    That was more like it, wasn't it?Props for making the changes, it worked.
  5. Prostitute is a wonderful song

    Never really got that one. Very much an outpour of Axl's feelings, but musically it's so underwhelming.
  6. I guess so, I was ok with Gilby being in the band, it'd be weird to be cool with Gilby but not 4tus. Plus, he was the only guitarist I actually liked from the "Axl n' session guys" era.
  7. The riff in Locomotive alone beats the other songs.
  8. Street Of Dreams song,.??

    I bet it'll go longer than that. The could do another pass everywhere they've already been in the next year.
  9. Definitely shows in his solo stuff, it's only got one dimenson.
  10. Street Of Dreams song,.??

    They don't have to play all of CD
  11. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Alexa Bliss on Talking Smack was great.
  12. The Official SOCCER Thread 2016/2017

    Barca just toyed with them all day long.
  13. Pitman suing Axl

    Wonder if Melissa's made close to that much on this tour