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  1. It's so unlikely I can't even imagine it.
  2. The Rock is producing a movie about Paige's life. And the finale is her match vs AJ Lee, they filmed it after Raw on Monday and Rock came out to direct the crowd to do some cheers, boos etc. And when he asked them to chant the names of the performers, since it's AJ Lee, of course the crowd has to chant CM Punk. Which then prompted him to call him out of the blue. But only got voice mail.
  3. Doesn't seem to be working this time around.
  4. Sevilla will regret conceding that away goal.
  5. United now have to concede 5 goals in 1 half of football to go out of Europa Lge.
  6. DBry already gave the answer on Talking Smack. It'll be them 1v1 for the WM main event spot.
  7. shush, I don't need more reasons to hate him. There's songs like ISE and Nightrain, where I've no idea what even Dizzy's doing
  8. Well yeah. Pittman couldn't sing to save his life.
  9. I love this, NJPW protects their finishers really well. Everybody has to counter it, because once it does hit, it's usually over.
  10. On the video she says she's not from their world initially, they probably appreciate her perspective since everyone else is a straight up rock dude. Doesn't hurt that she's a hell of a singer/piano player.
  11. I feel like at this point any English team could be, as soon as they get an international billionaire owner.