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  1. I'd wait 3 hours on Axl coming on stage before I'd even think about crossing the road to see Slipknot. They became shite after Iowa save for the odd song here and there.
  2. Reunion Setlist?

    I'm convinced they'll open the show with that shite song Duff McKagan brought out that had rapping in it. Feels appropriate.
  3. I've long maintained that Axl runs off stage to ensure Pitman's flexible keyboard is turned off. He must have saved Axl's life or something.
  4. I can't do it. I start work in NYC the week before. Too soon.
  5. The official GNR store

    Guns N' Roses hockey shirt? I wouldn't wear that to do the painting.
  6. I hope Matt Sorum is involved. If only to come out and perform a 58 minute drum solo which, as ever, will be pure shite.
  7. You're setting yourself for a fall in that case. He's 50+ now and simply can't sing like a 29 year old. If he can sustain something from the past 10 years then everyone should go home happy. At this point he's not going to get better and if you go to enjoy the shows to then go and pick apart his singing ability on YouTube then you'll find yourself disappointed. Because he has fans who exercise this level of scrutiny on his vocals, he should definitely consider miming or vocal aid. Then it's out of your hands and can only be about the experience, as it should be.
  8. I accept that but does it matter? Going to a Guns N' Roses show is all about the adrenaline and excitement. Of the 20,000 people that go to their shows probably less than 5% go back and obsess over his vocal delivery. I've seen them 3 times and I've never come away thinking Axl sounded anything other than sublime. Maybe the combination of music and vocals make the songs rather than just the direct audio of his microphone? I don't care what percentage of so-called "rasp" he's able to deliver. I want to drink cold beers and sing along to my favourite songs. Can't that be enough?
  9. That is interesting. Is it confirmed he went through surgery twice? That Rocket Queen video is excellent too. He was better in 2006 though. It's remarkable what physical fitness can do for a man.
  10. He can't sing anymore, let's be honest. If I were him I'd consider a backing vocal or miming. It'll still be a great show. If he doesn't you can barely hear him when they're live anyway. Too loud.
  11. Pitman confirmed at Coachella

    Oh great. Thank fuck I looked out my keyboard on a spring...
  12. I'm not convinced they turn on his keyboard.
  13. Announcing the MYGNRFORUM Members Club

    To mark my 10 year anniversary on the forum I'd like to become a club member, please. Any update on timescales for the link?
  14. What "passive aggressive" tweets do you refer to, sir?
  15. I think we all ought to stop finding ways to be cynical about absolutely everything. Are we really eating into the wording of this press release? It was written by Axl's pool cleaner. The one thing we've waited on for however long has finally happened and we're talking about the article being written to ensure Axl is the main man. Couple of observations on that one: 1) He absolutely is the main man. He's been the only ever present member and has stuck by his brand through thick and thin. I say fair enough. 2) This isn't a reunion. Slash is back in the band it seems. This will probably be a dress rehearsal for future events. Even if these are only preliminary motions, fuck me, it's better than the years and years of nothing.