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  1. It's odd. When I lived in the UK you don't get tickets until 14 days before the show. I keep checking on them... Just in case.
  2. I received my tickets today. Anyone else get theirs?
  3. I struggled this morning to get tickets but managed to get 2 on the 3rd tier in the end. I'm annoyed because I'm sure there are better seats available but I was pushed for time and it just kept saying "No tickets available". Delighted to get tickets though! A Summer's day in July.
  4. Managed to pick up 2 tickets for MetLife. I must say it was tricky getting a ticket this morning. The demand seemed high. Lot of buzz in NYC about the show.
  5. I'm inclined to agree with Madison. I could also walk home from MSG. I already find it ambitious that they're hoping to sell out MetLife. Bear in mind Wrestlemania 29 struggled to sell out there until the week before. If Guns played Manhattan you'd have a huge draw and buzz in the city (like Springsteen) but their fabled New York City show is in a different state. Jersey isn't that far away but MetLife is in East Rutherford (I think?) and that's not ideal. In spite of my needless complaining I'm going and Axl_morris is coming from Scotland so it's worth it to have one of my best friends over. 2 of the worst usernames of all time going to Guns N' Roses at MetLife. Who'd have thunk it?
  6. I agree. I've not actually personally been to MetLife before but I know a bunch of people who go to see the Jets/Giants who make the journey regularly. It's painless from what I understand.
  7. New music? Are people on glue? They've been reunited for 1 day. Let's get realistic. Next thing there'll be some guy claiming he's under a desk at Geffen recording Slash's re-worked parts from IRS. Which I would absolutely love.
  8. Anyone fancy a forum meet up in New York before the MetLife show? I accept you all are probably freaks who spend your weekends cracking yourselves to videos of Axl's rasp but it'd be good to meet you's anyway. I'll be the guy at the bar with a normal haircut.
  9. Definitely hitting MetLife. Axl_morris is joining me. Me and him surely have the worst usernames on the forum?
  10. Ok. Prediction for Mania: Cena interrupts the Rock's promo and challenges him to one more fight (1-1) at Mania next year. Shane to win. Interference somehow. Orton maybe?
  11. Vicky Hamilton is a fucking hang about. Bringing out a book called Appetite For Dysfunction? Come on. It's not 1987 anymore. Grow up.
  12. People need to relax. Slash & Axl are back together. Best thing ever. Let's not forget we used to be happy with Bumblefoot who was absolutely shite. He was also seriously weird. A bee themed guitar shaped like a foot? Please.
  13. Hahahahaha! I think that happened to all of us at one point. I'm sure I was subjected to Michael MacDonald on one occasion.