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  1. he had surgery twice, that helps, voice uplift something like that, axl should do it as soon as this leg ends,
  2. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    maybe you like it more, 2 kind of good solos in some 8 years or so of work, that's bad, not only that, maybe those 2 are the best solos of his career, i don't like bumble, but he is a most complete package, im sure with his playing ability he can come with something like better,til, twat,
  3. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    1.or maybe something a 10 year old couldn't understand, 5 completely different guys, all great songwriters (riffs,licks,etc) what does exactly robin bring to the table? he isn't buckethead (unique and brought stuff to the table) very "unique" songwriting ability and 2 or 3 good solos on songs that not many people is gonna remember? 2. that i can agree with you, career wise ( cirque, NIN, GNR,) all good paying gigs i think, unique at classic/bluesy rock? far from it, industrial side... i dont know north and jhon 5 are better to my ears, maybe you'll get it or don't , don't care, 3.IMHO i have seen the guy with NIN,GNR, one of the most boring guitar players i have seen live,he is trying too hard, i also play guitar!,
  4. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    what? you are talking about the guy like he is on par with Slash,Frusciante,Cantrell,Thayil,etc,he is someone that has less songwriting credits than gilby clarke, and this is not an opinion is a fact,
  5. You know the thread you opened wishing slash could play the CD solo like buckethead? Around 02 till 14. We all wished(most of the general public) that all those guitar players could play the old songs just like slash, so yes a lot of people myself included didn't enjoy those shows.
  6. Someone should give that Video to Slash. He should Play the solo exactly like Bucket did, The Kill Switch rules! ?
  7. Bumble is a better guitarist than 99% of guitar players worldwide, shame he is great writing songs nobody gives 2 shits about. Brian in the other hand..
  8. I hope not, brian is well enough to play again.
  9. Band has 3 managers now , so i guess there is no drama between the big 3.
  10. You want gnr to go back playing theatre or half full groupon arenas? Bucket is a world class guitar player, while Finck has wrote less songs than pitman.
  11. Yesterday, couldn't find myself and look at slash shirt.
  12. Billy corgan and Chris rock inda house.
  13. Did you get an extra? Lets make a deal. Ill get an extra slash litho
  14. Shit. At least 5 listings on ebay from $160 to $300