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  1. Can anyone contact Limulus? Is he willing to sell the original tapes? Ill buy them and release them, he is forbidden for sharing the 3dvd version he made. He can sell something he bought from ebay.
  2. @Fernando Any warm up shows? Come on you guys like NYC.
  3. What about the last 2 shows in LA 2016? thise were professionally recorded right?
  4. @Fernando Have you watched the Saskatoon 93 show?
  5. Your Dream Concert

    LOL can you try harder?
  6. This is from one of the dimeadozen mods Well, we received a very lengthy Digital Millennium Copyright Act legal notice from one of the Anti-Piracy Directors of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (“IFPI”) asking us to stop making this material available immediately....so no, I don't think it is something that we could dispute.
  7. your nightrain code ? What are you using for recording?
  8. I think thats for nightrain members, i used my chase credit card.
  9. look at the TRADER'S DEN. is full of wonderful audio & video.