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  1. your parents weren't doing heavy drugs/drinks,
  2. And they would be back playjng bowling alley's.
  3. AC/DC line-up discussion

    Lol. Brian is gonna tour if he ends up recording a last ac/dc album. Rose was a guest singer.
  4. what a shitshow, @axlrosefan4life @Gambit83 please file a cyber-crime report with the FBI and fuck those assholes .https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx
  5. they should release a triple album, and add the rotten CD leftovers as a bonus disc. lets stop kiddin ourselves, the strongest (????)songs ended up on CD 1.
  6. oasis had no balls.
  7. yes, easy and boring also takes 15 years in the making, so complain about both or neither.
  8. The future for Guns?

    Same thing most of the people said about CD If these guys make a a new record and its named CD 2 is going to fail harder than CD 1.
  9. Agree, and quiting your band to get possession of the name and form a new band is a shitty move.
  10. From Marc Canter "don't know that much about this. No one ever told me about this stuff until I read it in Slash's book and then again in Duff's book. I do know that Slash has been wrong with dates before and that he sometimes mixes up dates. With that much Vodka and dope that went in him in those days is probably why. Duff seams to remember things a bit clearer than Slash but he could be off a bit too. About a year ago I was talking to Duff about some of the things that Axl thinks that Slash has lied about. The signing over of the band was the topic. I explained to him what I thought may have happened with a tour manger selling that fact that Axl won't go on stage with out them signing the papers. Duff said that it was put to them that way. The only difference is who knows if it was backstage before a gig. It could have been on a off day but that doesn't change the fact that Slash and Duff believed that if they didn't sign it then Axl wouldn't go on stage when ever the next gig would be. For all we know it could have been a month before the next gig. Also Axl may have not known when those papers were presented to Slash and Duff and I already know that Axl was not aware of what management said to Slash and Duff. Axl said that he never said that he wouldn't go on if they didn't sign and I believe him. The only thing I do know is that a few years ago Doug told me to tell Slash and Duff that he was sorry for the way he handled things on their behave. None of this really matters because I believe if Slash and Duff had not signed those papers, the band would have broken up anyways because they would have never agreed on how to make the next record." Scott was unreliable, management took his documents while the band was in europe, because he didn't want to finish the tour, you can clearly see his erratic behavior on stage the last 3 months of the tour, Plus the shit he pulled on STP, for the 20th anniversary. Unforgivable.
  11. what? read what izzy/duff/matt had to say back then, same thing as Slash, so 4 persons, (or 6 if you count both managers) are lying? whatever Axl says is a fact? Doug did try to push the hostage/no show situation. Fans decided that wasn't GNR back in 2002, also the record company rejecting the record in the early 00's. those guys toned down the stories interviews in the later years, the only one trying to make himself look better was Axl, giving vague answers, etc.
  12. "It wasn't even me necessarily leaving the band," Slash told Piers Morgan years later. "It was not continuing on with the new band that Axl put together, that he was now at the helm of. The new Guns N' Roses. I was given a contract to basically join his new band, and it took about 24 hours before I decided this was the end of the line." McKagan explains that he was tired of the band becoming run almost entirely by Rose: "I went out for dinner with Axl and I told him, “Enough is enough. This band is a dictatorship and I don’t see myself playing in those conditions. Find someone else.” "[Axl] fired me two or three times and he called me back... [...] We all have been fired at least one time! You never heard about it? (laughs) Seriously, it's true that he sometimes goes too far. Sometime I open my mouth and I say 'Ok, Axl, fuck off!', then he fires me. So? I know he will call me the next day. I feel I'm in security and I know I will be the GNR drummer for a long time." (Matt, 1996) The main problem, according to Stradlin, came down to building tensions with his childhood friend and GNR frontman Axl Rose. What was once a collaborative effort had slowly begun to resemble a tyranny led by the singer. "I tried talking to him, during the Illusion albums: 'If we had a schedule here, come in at a certain time ... ' And he completely blew up at me: 'There is no f---ing schedule,'" Stradlin told Rolling Stone. "There was one song on that record that I didn't even know was on it until it came out, 'My World.' I gave it a listen and thought, 'What the f--- is this?' But Axl made it clear that he was going to do things his way, and there was no space for debate. So I had to make it clear to everybody that that was the end of the line for me.”
  13. same things the other 3 members said ( izzy/duff/matt)
  14. Hmmmm. Guitar player in maybe the biggest tour in the decade, for you who's on top 5 guitar players? Beyonce's guitar player? Robin Finck?
  15. How bad did the CD tour do?

    Camdem was close to 60% full. Far away from sold out.