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  1. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Algorithms. Doesn't matter if the videos are unlisted or private
  2. The big stoner/space rock thread

    Superjudge is good but Spine Of God is sooo much better. The guitar tone was different because they had a different lead guitarist named John McBain. His playing was more subdued instead of all fiery in your face. The thing with Monster Magnet is who they were influenced by. Yeah they liked psychedelic stuff like Blue Cheer but also liked early Hawkwind and The Stooges. I think that accounts for the aggressive nature. My favorite line from an interview they did back in the early 90's was "everybody wants Woodstock...we want Altamont. I can dig stoner rock but not while I'm high as fuck. I'd rather throw on some funk or electronic records and just chill out. Just riding a groove instead of being banged upside of the head with loud guitars.
  3. Taxi Driver A Study of Masculinity & Existentialism
  4. If That Ain't Country

    Foddershock - "Die In Jail" This was a cousins of mines band. He sang and did all of the instruments. AcousticAppalachianDysfunctionalFolkRock
  5. Celebrities you want to shag.

    It could mean potato for all I care I just know that right after I finish with her, my dick would fall over and start twitching like a stroke victim. She's one of the hottest women I've ever seen and her Insta proves it. Top tier.
  6. Last full album you listened to?

    Glenn Danzig - Black Aria
  7. Cathedral - London 18/03/1992
  8. Celebrities you want to shag.

    Sitara Hewitt She's half Welsh, half Pakastani. Been in a few low budget indie films, but the first time I saw her was on one of those DirecTV commercials.
  9. Diaper butt is a real thing

  10. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Barbie Can Also Be Sad 2002 Spanish stop-motion animation film featuring Ken and Barbie dolls. Engaging in sexual (and some rather kinky) activities. Also some violence. The plot evolves around troubles in their marriage, due to Ken being a jerk. Will Barbie find happiness? This....this is bizarre. When this says sexual kinky activities, they aren't bullshitting. I wish the stop-motion was better executed because the movements of the dolls sometime come off as not very fluid. Also the voice over acting can be very stilted and the recorded audio can be too loud, that it sounds like its clipping. The plot is VERY basic but enjoyable if you're in to this kind of shit. 2.5 out of 5 BTW - I found out about this film through this reviewer. (NSFW)
  11. Oh yeah. I got it on one, of many, data discs. Haven't seen it in a while. I think they even cover go-go music in it. Talk about something that never went beyond the VA/DC/MD area The whole area has always been "different" to say the least. Long hairs and punkers always seemed to get along. Everyone ingested each others style of music, mostly through tape trading and setting up shows were you wouldn't expect one. I remember back in 93 I went to a death metal show that was taking place in an evangelical church. Fucking bizarre The Punk: Attitude one is in my top 5 of best docs about punk. There is a part in it that makes me laugh about Don Letts was making more money "selling bloody spliffs" than through alcohol sales. They kinda touched on post-punk on that one. The only doc I know that goes fully deep into no wave is called Kill Your Idols. I have yet to see that one just for the fact I didn't even know it existed until about a year or two ago. What I love about no wave is the fact it is all about using the sounds (instrumentation wise) that nobody else liked or wanted. It encompasses everything of what I love. It's about the music but also film, literature, art exhibitions, and was the first outsiders to champion hip-hop. That whole scene has been such a huge influence on me on what I create. You can't have Greta Van Fleet type of rip off bands for no wave. There's no such thing as a carbon copy of James Chance, Lydia Lunch, DNA, etc. It's sonically impossible. Prog is just self-indulgent wankery for Dungeon & Dragons fans. The technicality IS their most important part seeing as how the "songs" can go on for 25 fucking minutes. I'll gladly sit through a 25 minute song if it is Parliament/Funkadelic. At least it'll groove the entire time. Can't forget about the concept albums. The concepts aren't even interesting for crying out loud. "Shall I goeth out and slay the giant?" Fucking hell man. Also you'd never see Joe Strummer playing on something that looks like it belongs on the Ice Capades *looks at Rick Wakeman* I've never met someone who was either a fan of prog or even played prog liking punk. Well I guess the feeling is mutual there ya Pink Floyd/ELP nutswinger
  12. Unmade Masterpieces: David Lynch's Ronnie Rocket (Part 1) Unmade Masterpieces: David Lynch's Ronnie Rocket (Part 2) Unmade Masterpieces: David Lynch's Ronnie Rocket (Part 3)
  13. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Thunder & Roses - White Lace and Strange
  14. Celebrities you want to shag.

    Not a celebrity per se but got famous just for her ass. Pre-social media. Was on FHM, Maxim, King, Low Rider Magazine, etc. That ass was all DNA and earned. No Kim K diaper butt. She is a straight dime to this day. Vida Guerra