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  1. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    That one probably won’t leak. It’s 10gb. There are two versions one is original direct from vhs rip and other is zoomed.
  2. This situation has gotten even crazier lol!
  3. Hey Russ finally got a chance to listen and I fully 100% agree! I’ve gotten a lot of shit from “ truth” members trying to justify the threats towards my children saying what I did was illegal buying the house of blues. These people are sick and twisted and no matter what I or anyone else purchase in no way should anyone receive any kind of threats. People can say what they want about me and the “illegal” attivity I was involved with in purchasing HOB but bringing personal threats is going way too far. The same person making threats also claiming to be working on behalf of Team Brazil. TB really needs to make a statement about these people!
  4. When silkworms and oh my god leaked I was texted from Alfred “ if I care about my kids then I better pick up the phone “ . This was said after a couple of personal threats were made towards me.
  5. Alfred is sick. What he is doing to brando is fucked up. This bastard filed a copyright strike against me on Facebook and I’m banned for 3 days. I tweeted Fernando a pretty interesting tweet after that!
  6. The General do you remember who did it? who did, that to you... who would do this, to you? who would do this to you? to the young! My hopes, my dreams have died Now I rest my hate in the rumors as they're pushin' through There's a child now chained to the bed now To me it's time I'm always workin' and I'm gonna get out I think it's high time you should fuckin' die, child I think its time you've broken everything inside I won't be ever satisfied This is why, baby, you know I got you

    Anyone know where I can purchase black or white gnr not in this lifetime shorts?