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  1. Some people that go to every show are friends with certain people in Tb. The moment i walked up they were informed. Also July 13 I did reach out to GNR and informed them of the locker situation and no response so I bought it.
  2. I reached out to “GNR” the day after the Charlotte show when I got word they were looking for me. I informed them I was going to multiple shows and wanted to make sure it’s cool and I’d be happy to talk when I got to venue. I got a reply and was never told not to come or that I was banned. Instead I flew all the way to Wichita ( airfare not cheap ) waited in line for hours. 3:29pm got a email from legal team telling me I’m not allowed to attend any shows that his client is performing at. Ended with a smart ass remark save yourself a trip. 10 mins later GIO and two armed cops come out and make a scene. I told my friend if anyone talks to me that’s not a fan film it ( for my protection ). If I would have gotten the ban letter sooner then it would have been fine. Or if GNR would have told me not to come I’d been okay with that. They wanted me to travel waste money and time just to ban me. I still love the band.
  3. Currently enjoying the view of the venue from across the street. They have the cop In blue shirt keeping eyes on me. Venue refuses to refund me.
  4. Can’t wait. Heading out in a few hours!
  5. Funniest lyric

    Crazier is that I knew these lyrics long ago. Tracks where played for fans outside a gnr show by crew member on a laptop.
  6. Wow new gnr song in terminator! I’d love to see that!
  7. Can you rank the unrelased songs? How many a- list material-songs is there?

  8. What all has leaked so far? Sorry I haven’t been more active guys. This long ass drive sucks
  9. Words can’t describe! Over half my life dedicated to this era! Still in shock
  10. @RussTCBremember when i broke story about all this and @lukepowell1988was calling me a liar ? guess i wasn’t full of shit after all!
  11. Hard school amazing rocker!! So many tracks with axl vocals which was very surprising.