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  1. Funniest lyric

    You may think your bad But who is ur Mac daddy
  2. If anyone needs vip for gnr day message me I have a friend who is a ambassador for the festival and he can send them links to purchase vip for Saturday. Just need name / email/ and #number less than 50 left
  3. Vip tickets say front of stage viewing in front of GA crowd for the oak stage. Is that the stage gnr is on?
  4. Anyone meet Slash after his solo shows?

    Met slash in 2010 in Atlanta. I arrived at venue and got in line to get in. Next thing I know the door beside me is opening up and slash comes out to sign autographs. He was real short with everyone and refused pictures. I had him sign my gnr shirt and posed for pic while my friend snapped pic. He wasn’t too friendly. I met slash in 2016 in Atlanta again for the gnr show. Was at the hotel and met most of the band and security made everyone leave so slash could come out. Slash came out and waved and said he had to get to sound check. I was the only fan outside ( everyone else were ebayers) I yelled out could you sign my arm for a tattoo, few mins later car pulls up beside me and it’s slash bodyguard and he had me come over to see slash and he signed my arm. Extremely nice that time!