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Irrational fears

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5 minutes ago, downliner said:

This just popped up on my Facebook....

Turns out a fear of birds isn't irrational at all, they're clearly evil :D

Actually, when I was a kid my sister got attacked by a crow when we were riding our bikes to school... not too different from some of those The Birds scenes. That bird was attacking people with long blonde hair, like my sister had at the time, and several people had been attacked already in my neighbourhood. I didn't mention it in my previous post because I already had an irrational fear of birds, that's not where it came from. 

But yeah, birds can attack obviously, but chances of that happening are slim.

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It seems that the sticky icky had a more positive outcome in this human and bird relationship :lol:

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Birds. Not so much because they could peck out my eyes, but because they shit uncontrollably and fly right over our heads. 

I used to have a shit ton of these weird fears when I was a kid, and they're pretty fun looking back at. For example, between the ages of like six and ten, I was terrified of public bathrooms. Not because of whatever reasons kids are usually afraid of them, like getting locked up, but because I was terrified there was gonna be some famous person in there and that I'd fart and they'd hear it. No idea why I thought there were gonna be famous people at my local mall, tho. 

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