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  1. If one has to be on a future album, I'd def prefer Hard Skool. However, I just don't think they'd release this EP and THEN include them again on another album
  2. Doubt it. I think they took two old songs and juiced them up as something for the fans for now. I see the EP as a stand alone thing, while they work on and, aspire to, release a single and then an album.
  3. Does this mean that it's unlikely that either Absurd or Hark Skool will be included on a future album? If that is, in fact, the case, I'm heartened by this. First off, I already own these songs. Also, it seems to kinda verify my theory that this was really something for the fans and not really meant to be official singles nor representative of the best of what's to come.
  4. Whom are you referring to in this post? Would love to hear some details without having to go through the entire thread. Are you saying that an insider heard some post CD era new material and wasn't a big fan?
  5. Yea, this isn't that good. The best part of this song is the somewhat catchy chorus and it's been compromised by layered vocals and overproduction. Also, there's way too long of an instrumental lull after the second chorus, which kills whatever momentum the song might have had. Granted, I've only listened to it once and am confident it will get better upon repeated listens (which I will inevitably engage in because I'm a diehard fan)- which is more of a chance than most casual listeners will give it. Yup, it's better than 'Absurd,' but that isn't saying much. I REALLY hope these are just stand alone downloads meant as something fun for the fans and A) aren't indicative of the best that they have in the vault and B) won't be included on any future releases.
  6. Ummm, wouldn't you guys want the first official video/single to be something way better than 'Hard School?' I mean, it's kinda good, but that's all. Assuming Axl doesn't overproduce the shit out of it, I'm sure Slash and Duff's contributions will make it, like, 30% better but STILL. I don't know what to expect. I just don't want old ass material (that differs significantly from classic GNR) getting pushed out there.
  7. Not at all. I have no issue with someone having a different perspective. I just have zero tolerance for disrespect.
  8. My review: I was there with my 72 year old mom. She was absolutely blown away by the passion and overall performance. She LOVED Slash's guitar playing and thought Axl looked and sounded fantastic. The crowd ABSOLUTELY loved the show and it exceeded even my expectations. Whatever Axl lacked in stamina and power at times (vocally) didn't take away from the performance and was really not even noticed by the crowd. He's still an amazing frontman and NO ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD can hold a candle to this band live, STILL. 'Absurd' actually impressed me live but the vital potency has been subdued by the overproduced recorded version. I HOPE that release is simply something fun for the fans for the new tour and is not highly indicative of what's to come on a new album (Slash and Duff adding parts to Axl's sub par decade's old material). My highlights: Sweet Child, It's so Easy, Knocking on Heaven's door, November Rain. The whole concert was fucking great and Axl is only going to get stronger as the tour progresses. He is at least 15-20lbs lighter than he was in 2016. All you naysayers need to get your asses off this website more often and go walk in the sun. Peace and love!
  9. Sounded way better live last night at MetLife (I was there). This is overproduced and robs the song of its rocking vibe. Absurd indeed
  10. Question: Were there merchandise stands at this show? Someone posted on HTGTH that they're doing away with them and only selling online to prevent crowds/long lines.
  11. So what time would you say they actually came on stage at?
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