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  1. I’m very happy to hear this, I’ve always enjoyed SMKC! I still hold up hope for a fall GNR release and that this will be released during the tour brake November-June like LTD was…
  2. It’s good to see that the tapes have survived at least! I remember that there was talk about if they were still in existence as well as if they were playable or not after 30 years!
  3. As a massive Oasis fan I have to correct you here. Oasis was definitely bigger in the UK than in the rest of the world but they were still a huge band in Europe. On the Be Here Now Tour in 1997 they played at Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany, a 15.000 seater. Here in Sweden they played at the Globe Arena in both 1997 and 2009 (2009 is way past their prime btw) a 16.000 seater where GN'R played during the UYI tour. On the Morning Glory Tour (1995-1996) they played mostly smaller venues in Europe, like the ones you mentioned earlier. This might in hindsight seem weird since that is the Oasis
  4. I've seen a lot of odd takes here in the last year or so but this one has to take the price... Axl sings bad because the guy who he has played with for 15 years is still on drums? Seems like a BIT of a stretch.
  5. That’s probably the main reason, but with that said, I wouldn’t have been chocked if they had started rehearsing 3 weeks before the tour starts despite that… The fact that they seem to at least put in a tiny bit more than the bare minimum is at least something I guess
  6. I agree, sadly we all know what the bands weakest link is at the moment, and that weak link isn’t exactly know for showing up at rehearsals…
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQcSoQ9BcxF/?utm_medium=copy_link The fact that they are already rehearsing is hopefully a sign that the want to mix things up a bit and/or be sure to sound as good as possible when they get back on the road!
  8. Overall a very underrated song IMO, I relistened to Living The Dream a couple of days back and this one really stood out!
  9. While still being FAR (and I really mean far) from doom metal, the instrumental leak from the lockers is a lot heavier than the album version!
  10. That makes you wonder if the part where he says new GN'R music is coming this year is pure fabrication from Guitar World or is it something that was cut?
  11. A couple of years back I seriously thought about putting this on a t-shirt!
  12. I quite enjoyed "Song For You" but other than that the album was pretty standard early 80s underground punk. It was pretty cool the hear Duff sing on "I Want", it sounds like what he wanted "Punk Rock Song" to sound like on Believe In Me. At the end of the day I would say that having it out there is better than not releasing it, but at the same time, I probably wont ever revisit it.
  13. On a side note, I wonder if the tour still will be branded as NITL when it returns? From what I've seen they are only calling it North American Tour, European Tour etc. But then again, the 2019 NA dates where branded as 2019 North American Tour but still part of NITL.
  14. I swore not to travel for GN'R anymore... BUT... I might just have to combine some of those later dates with a Europe roadtrip! Sweden Rock Festival is a must for me as well. Cheap and disgusting beer at 9 in the morning in a tent on a rainy field with not much more than 3 hours of sleep in me, thought I'd never miss that... But alas that's what this pandemic has done to me
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