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  1. On a side note, I wonder if the tour still will be branded as NITL when it returns? From what I've seen they are only calling it North American Tour, European Tour etc. But then again, the 2019 NA dates where branded as 2019 North American Tour but still part of NITL.
  2. I swore not to travel for GN'R anymore... BUT... I might just have to combine some of those later dates with a Europe roadtrip! Sweden Rock Festival is a must for me as well. Cheap and disgusting beer at 9 in the morning in a tent on a rainy field with not much more than 3 hours of sleep in me, thought I'd never miss that... But alas that's what this pandemic has done to me
  3. I remember that the show started 8AM Swedish time and I remember being at work, taking 15 minute bathroom breaks every half hour Damn, I miss those first April shows...
  4. I'm pretty sure that the only shows that will happen this year is the Australia and NZ ones, maybe one or two rescheduled EU dates but probably not.
  5. Take it for what it is, just a bit of fun! I for one quite like this and is looking forward to the episode
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLW4WLinIq2/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link The new Myles Kennedy solo record is called "The Ides of March". I feel like a recognize that title from somewhere, but I can't quite place it... That is such a specific title that it almost has to be on purpose, or am I overthinking things again?
  7. Ugh, it's amazing how much of the online community still seems to take "insider" information without any evidence as something credible… These kinds of claims has been around for 20 years and we NEVER learn. Not saying I'm any better since I have a track record of falling for these kinds of things too, it's kind of funny really.
  8. Interesting! That's fascinating to me, as someone who has only visited the forum since around 2013 or so and don't remember that I always assumed it mostly started with the NITL tour. Maybe I'm just not as bothered with it as some others on here seem to be. I do agree that Frank was a downgrade from Brain though but the point I was trying to make in my previous post was that I wouldn't consider him a bad drummer as some people seem to do.
  9. I'm sure I'll catch some heat for this but here we go: I still don't get the Frank hate. I mean for nostalgic purposes I totally get, my self included, why someone would prefer Adler or Matt but stating that Frank is a bad drummer is just ignorant and stupid in my opinion. There's no question that he plays the songs a bit different than previous drummers but so did Matt when he joined. I also get that some people may not like his style but I sometimes wonder how much of that is down to his actual drumming or the fact that he isn't named Steven Adler or Matt Sorum. Do I regard him as
  10. That's true, the only way it would happen is if the band was actively working with the promoters to change to indoor venues. But knowing this band that won't happen... I know that the gig in Sweden at least is at a festival so if they reschedule to say September there may be a chance but then again, the thought of a festival in late summer/early spring is a bit optimistic even though everyone there should have been vaccinated by at least 4-5 months at that point!
  11. I think there is a possibility for some european dates in some countries this year if they move them to the fall! Here is Sweden for example they will have everyone over 18 vaccinated by late April according to our health minister.
  12. I really want to believe that Slash’s “I guess” after his answer is because they still aren’t sure that they can tour next year, if that’s the case then that adds some weight to the theory that they want to release the album just before hitting the road again. I want to believe!
  13. I remember reading an interview with Slash where he said Axl called him while he was on tour in Europe 2015 so that would have been spring/early summer!
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