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  1. Interstring I'd go: World On Fire > You're A Lie > River Is Rising > Driving Rain
  2. On a side note: Before the tempo change they build up for what I assumed would be a slower "slashy" solo but instead of doing that they go for the cliche rock tempo change which I think is a shame... I think the song would benefit from a cool slower solo there. Also that intro "riff" that is recurring throughout the song is pretty lame.
  3. That's great as well, didn't focus to much on it the first play through but it is great, that descending run he does on the fourth bar is really effective!
  4. Sound like we have pretty similar thoughts on it then!
  5. I liked it, it was a bit rushed maybe. It didn't jump out to me as something special, it wasn't bad either though. A pretty average high tempo rocker solo in my opinion. With that said, I'm more of a riff guy than a solo guy to be honest and I do really like the verse riff he played here!
  6. I've payed for Express VPN for a while so I just used that! There are probably some free ones as well, I remember some members talking about it in the Hard Skool thread when that was released so I would look there if I were you!
  7. Just listened to the track using a VPN... It's pretty good, very SMKC! I really like the pre-chorus and the chorus. That is definitely the best part of the song. I'm not sold on the tempo change in the middle though and I feel like Myles is missing a bit of emotion in his voice, this might be because they apparently recorded the vocals live as well. I think had they recorded the vocals separately it would be a bit better. It may be a mixing thing as well, I feel as though Myles is quite low in the mix? Overall a pretty good song, I will definitely revisit it and I'm stoked for the record! If you're using a VPN you can access the track without it's music video via Youtube Music, just search for "Slash The River is Rising" and it should come up!
  8. Ghost new single released a week after Hard Skool currently has 3 840 000 Spotify streams as compared to Hard Skools 2 400 000 streams... Kind of sad to see in a way but at the same time it's awesome that a newer band in the rock genre can still rake in those numbers now a days.
  9. Hard Skool from this show is much improved from previous nights imo, cool to see!
  10. Fuck, I really wish I was there! Looks like a great show!
  11. Sounds like it was a great show! Probably one their best setlists since the reunion in my opinion. On Hard Skool: I think the problem for me is that the vocals during the chorus on the studio version really elevates the song for me and thus this live version really makes it obvious that Axl isn't 30 (or 40 for for that matter) anymore. It's great that they played it, I hope they continue to do so, but it was far from a good performance from Axl in my opinion. I found my self chuckling during the outro which is not the response I want to have to my favorite front man of all time debuting a new song. With that said, I think he gave it all he had and I'm really happy that they actually played it.
  12. Just ordered the vinyl and the cassette. This is something I’m happy to spend money on!
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