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  1. Do we know what shows are featured in the pinball machine?
  2. I, I, I can't even... I know I shouldn’t bite on this but it's been 12 years. All of us, including you, know that CD is an album released under the GN'R name. You don't have to like that fact, or the album itself for that matter, but these kinds of comments are played out to the degree that it's just pathetic at this point.
  3. I saw this now! It’s sad to see you go but I totally understand it! I’m sure we’ll have plenty of conversations in the sub forums in the future though!
  4. Credit where credit is due, I really enjoyed this! Yes, I find it hilarious that they cut to the wide shot on most of the Axl closeups and the mix is a bit dry BUT getting some actual good quality footage of the tour makes up for that a hundred times over!
  5. I started third grade when GNR last released music, now I’m halfway through college... That’s crazy!
  6. @Gambit83 I totally understand if you feel uncomfortable bringing this up but it would be so cool if you just brought up that it was cool to hear that they sound checked Hardschool, that could maybe lead to him saying something about it!
  7. Would love to hear Frank’s thoughts on the theory that Shadow of Your Love is re-recorded, he would know since he according to some supposedly played on the re-recording. Please ask about this so we can lay that discussion to rest!
  8. Good morning! Awesome to hear that Axl's doing better tonight!
  9. You'd think that after 10 years I'd learned to not get exited by shit like this but here I am once again thinking "Well, maybe they'll drop a single when LA wakes up".... When will I learn?
  10. If I remember correctly some were, but most people assumed it had something to do with AFD because of the 5 skulls (instead of just 3) and the SOYL tease
  11. They're saying that the photo was posted to GN'R's official page? Is there any validity to this? I think that if that were the case it would have been posted on here before some random South American website got ahold of the news? EDIT: Looks like @Amir beat me to the answer of that one
  12. Sweet man! Found them while searching for new bands last summer and saw them at Louder Than Life and after that they quickly became one of my favorite bands!
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