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  1. This is a very helpful website if you want to choose your favourite Pikes http://www.decino.nl/projects/pike-suggester
  2. That's exactly how I felt as well. It's also interesting that we only knew the title for over a decade.
  3. Buckethead - Through The Looking Garden (Pike #284)
  4. Through The Looking Garden from Bucketheadland https://music.bucketheadpikes.com/album/through-the-looking-garden
  5. You can't simpy read this book. You have to study it. I would also recommend to read: Marx: Wage, Labour and Capital (1847) Marx: Critique of the Gotha Programme (1875) Engels: Anti-Dühring (1878)
  6. 2006 was THE year... Great line-up and setlist, Izzy and Baz, new songs... What the hell happened since then?
  7. Would have been for funny for Axl to sing Anything Goes. He just has to sing the correct lyrics
  8. Some of the songs could have been very good B-sides. Rock N' Roll Train / Smash N' Grab Anything Goes / Wheels War Machine / Decibel
  9. What a shame that Malcolm's last album with the band was so average. He deserved a better final call if you ask me.
  10. You must have been on the wrong Instagram site https://www.instagram.com/p/CHx6DLhlimg/?igshid=4su1eqvw0i6u
  11. @Sydney Fan I don't think that Bucket wanted to get rid of ALL the old songs in the setlist. He just wanted to shift the focus to the new songs.
  12. I'm actually surprised that you would defend such an average album. Honestly, BI has more fillers than any other AC/DC release.
  13. Covers of unreleased songs that were recorded over two decades ago is totally what I would expect in the world of GN'R
  14. I don't know if a solo album from Angus would work. The song ideas would still be the same and why not label them how they really are - as AC/DC?
  15. This album sounds like an anthology of all the different eras. I can even hear some riffs and ideas from the 70s. I had to think about the Powerage album when listening to that heavy guitar riff from Witches Spell for example.
  16. @TheGeneral @Powerage5 Which makes me think that some of the song ideas might have been rearranged/adjusted by Brendon O'Brien and Mike Fraser. I'm not saying the songs would be less great without them but they might have added a couple of details that separates them from BI and ROB.
  17. Fly on the Wall could have been much better with the production of George and Harry.
  18. The media already said that about Black Ice and Rock Or Bust just for the purpose of a headline But anyway, Power Up really is their best album since TRE
  19. I'm curious about the music video they will record at home.
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