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  1. "As for how "Hard Skool" and "Absurd" came about, Slash said: "They both have a lot of history. What happened was Axl [Rose, GUNS singer] has all these songs that he recorded at some point along the way. And so Duff [McKagan, GUNS bassist] and I went in and re-did them, basically… Like, I wrote my own kind of parts to what else is going on, and [we] just sort of took the drums and re-did everything else." https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/slash-says-guns-n-roses-has-yet-to-start-writing-new-music-explains-decision-to-rework-old-songs/
  2. Nope, someone has posted that one back in autumn 2015
  3. Slightly off topic but how many pictures from 2015 are available?
  4. The should have shelved that one after the first couple of performances already.
  5. Steve Jordan—In Charlie Watts’s Chair on the Rolling Stones Tour—On Keef, Mick, and the Beatles | Vanity Fair https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2021/10/steve-jordan-in-charlie-watts-chair-on-the-rolling-stones-tour
  6. Me too. Especially the years from 2001 until 2008.
  7. GN'R is much more than just a side project. That's why it's harder to release an album. The expections are much higher.
  8. The Europe Tour + one or two singles
  9. I saw the band once two years ago. Great musicians but the most memorable song was Nightrain.
  10. That's why you drink before and after the show
  11. Wrong. Arnold has listened to the song with vocals. He sent that disc to his the producers of the Film and they made sure that the song would be available on the soundtrack.
  12. Well, everything is possible after the release of Absurd and Hard Skool now.
  13. I still like the idea of an anthology series for Halloween. The fourth Film (with Danielle Harris) was the last good one, imo. I would prefer to watch a new fresh story instead of another recycled Michael Myers.
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