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  1. It wasn't. And even if it was it still doesn't mean shit.
  2. This is interesting even though it's not about the songs you mentioned:
  3. From the article: “Axl hasn’t got fat!” Beta says. “He loves feijoada, he loves black beans with rice. But now he’s leading a healthy lifestyle. He has a personal trainer and has gained 20 pounds (nine kilos) in muscle. He works out four to five hours a day and goes running every other day." Yeah, right...
  4. Could be. OR he's the most normal/down to earth guy of them all.
  5. We're in a climate crisis indeed. And it's far more important than anything else. Doesn't mean there's no such thing as a social climate.
  6. I did not "message" you. I just publicly answered your post as it was directed to me and other members are reading this thread. That's all.
  7. Sorry, but I don't get you here, mate. I just don't understand what you mean so I'm asking. Guns were/are not responsible for some idiots playing their songs on their fucked up party, right?
  8. Thank you for proving me right. "Block", "ban", "exclude", "fire" - it's intolerrant aggresive people like you and your stupid fanatic language what makes this world toxic. This sounds like a part of a Monty Python script: I have literally no idea what you mean by 'anti-inclusive'. Anyway, I'll pop you on 'block' from now, so no need to respond. I will say it again: Having sex with underage girls (boys) is wrong. Got it?
  9. Hey, calm down. First - I am a life-long left-leaning person. Not that is important, just trying to put it straight. I never said having sex with underage girls is ok. It's not. I never denied there are male sex predators. There are. Many of them. I just said the fact someone fucks groupies doesn't necessarily means he's the predator. Because maybe sometimes he's an attractive rock musician and some free women just want to shag him cos he's sexy. That's all. It's you who has an agenda, not me. Your anti-inclusive (sic!) language speaks volumes.
  10. "I was pointing out that saying "it's not like the girls were forced to do it" is what a lot of predators say to justify their actions. As is abundantly clear." OK. And this is exactly the narrative the oversensitive #metoo warriors are using to discredit not only the true predators (that are very real) but also the attractive men in attractive positions. Which is sick. And considering the fact this is the thread about Matt's book and the forum about GNR...
  11. Well, quite frankly the post you reacted to was this one: Just read a bit about Jimmy and young girls. As said before...probably every musician slept with teens. And its not like the girls were forced to do it. They wanted to and many of them were groupies who slept with other musicians, too. There is a difference between Epstein, Wildstein, Cosby, etc and musicians. It sounds weird, but what musicians do is actually fan service. Sounds rather general to me than directed only to Jimmy Page. But hey, maybe I was wrong.
  12. Considering the current fanatic climate - that would be the end of the band.
  13. Do you really think Slash was a predator? More like a prey.
  14. Was she? Cos I think I know what you mean and I think there were pretty much everyone involved incl. Barbi, Pamela Manning, Adriana Smith etc. - but NOT Desi. Are you sure? Found only the 3rd part of the show now though:
  15. The singer sounds meh. Well, technically he's very good but I cannot stand his style and color of his voice.
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