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Best AC/DC song?


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Amazingly hard choice I know, but try your best. Which one(s) just rank above the rest for you? Don't anyone start your bullshit in here saying "omg how to pick a fave wen they all sound teh same", because it's obvious that you're a tool.

My choices would be:

Night Prowler (prob my fave AC/DC song ever)

If You Want Blood

Riff Raff AND

Girl's Got Rythm

Didn't realise three of them were off Highway To Hell :o, what a great album.

I don't listen to Brian, sorry.


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If You Want Blood

Kicked In The Teeth

Up To My Neck In You

Down Payment Blues

Rock and Roll Damnation


Have a Drink On Me

Shoot To Thrill

For Those About To Rock

Inject The Venom

Flick Of The Switch

Great choices man... i'd add Touch Too Much in there as one of Bon's best moments, lyrically anyway.

absolutely...good call!

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Awesome choices for all of you guys, it's great to go back and really listen to songs I haven't in a while. Cheers.

I think I'll start checking out some Brian stuff, I've been a bit unfair on him. I guess I should get Back In Black :lol:.

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All time favorite: 'You Shook Me All Night Long'

...and I really love 'Can I Sit Next To You Girl', probably the best classic Rock N' Roll song AC/DC have ever written. Although I love both versions of the song, I have to admit that I like the Dave Evans version slightly better. The song always reminds me of T.Rex (especially Electric Warrior).

Can I Sit Next To You Girl - Dave Evans

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What's Next to the Moon

Gone Shootin'

Big Balls

The Jack (card game version)

School Days

High Voltage

Girls Got Rhythm

Touch Too Much (Highway to Hell Version)

Let There Be Rock

Ain't No Fun Waitin' Round to Be a Millionaire


Have a Drink on Me

For Those About to Rock


Sink the Pink


Are You Ready


Hard As a Rock

Stiff Upper Lip

Satellite Blues


War Machine

Big Gun

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I've been playing my own AC/DC mix in my car all week and I'm not tired of it yet. It goes like this:

Baby Please Don't Go

If You Want Blood

Night Prowler

Riff Raff

Little Lover

Girls Got Rythm

Problem Child


High Voltage

Let There Be Rock

Rock N' Roll Damnation

Sin City AND

Highway To Hell

Quite an awesome CD if I don't say so myself.

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