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A Special Thank You From Me To You.


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ohhh uau, this is so cool, I love when you guys talk with us :rolleyes:

You brought magic to this band too, from the videos I saw, you guys are perfect, unique, rocking hard and having fun :thumbsup:

I'm happy for you being happy in GN'R (You're an amazing artist, love your work), and happy for us for having you in GN'R - Best Band in the world - You ROCK rock3


btw WELCOME to the forum....

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Cool of you to hit the forums man, hope to hear more from you soon :) The shows have been ace, you've helped bring that hard rock edge back, and I think most of the guys and girls here are grateful for that.

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Hey DJ, you are a great addition to the band. When I first heard you joined, I checked out a bunch of youtube videos of your playing, and you are a great guitar player with awesome stage presence. You were exactly what the band needed.

I don't know what happened, but the band is kicking some serious ass. You all sound amazing, and there's an explosive energy. I really hope that you guys are serious about the long haul, and really try to grow GNR. If the band keeps on doing what it is doing, it is going to be hugely successful.

I hope you guys go into the studio and crank out a fresh, inspired hard rock album after this tour. You guys seem to have the energy to do it.

And I hope you guys come to Europe and the states.

Good luck man, and thanks for saying hi.

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DJ, you are awesome!! All I have seen so far are the vids and you fit in just great rock1 !!! Please ask Axl to tour India so that I can see you guys live !!! Oh, and please thank the band for playing Whole Lotta Rosie - Axl does the best ever cover of Bon Scott - I just pray that I get to see it live just once in my lifetime.

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Gotta say that GNR have some classy musicians here these days.

DJ Ashba, Ron, Fortus all seem to love going that extra mile to communicate with the fans. Obviously never as much as we would like, but it is great to see.

REALLY looking forward to the Toronto show tonight, going to be a blast.

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Welcome to the Jungle, DJ. Stick around for a while, and ignore the idiots who try and stir it up for the sake of attention. I think your contributions to the live show are fantastic (that seems to be the general consensus) looking forward to hear what you can write as well. All the best to you and the rest of the boys, when you make it to Scotland we'll have this waiting for you:


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Yes. To all those who aren't sure. That is DJ.

Thank you for joining our forum. Just like GNR, we members are very family oriented. Watching you play along side Guns has been an experience. The best guitar player IMO. Lookin' forward to tonight's Toronto show. Really anticipating something special tonight. I am sure I'll see your name on the linear notes for upcoming GNR albums.

Again thank you for hangin' with us. Come by again soon. It would be cool if all the band members could join us too. Keep rockin'. The tour is on fire, much like your hotelroom bed :P

Thanx for not be offended by the vids etc. I know u guys appreciate them but security are such hardasses at the venues. It really sours the atmosphere. I'd understand if it was being sold, but it's not.

3 requests,

1) Please post more on stage, backstage,hotel pics on Twitter.

2) More "Illusions" material as well as Prostitute, Catcher and TWAT

3) Ask security to let up on us fans

Come hang with us at Loose Moose later if ya can DJ. (146 Front St W)


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