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Live Slash DVD.. They are filming tonight!


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Been There Lately



Mean Bone

Back From Cali

Rocket Queen

Civil War

Nothing To Say



Doctor Alibi (with Todd Kerns on vocals)

Speed Parade

Watch This

Beggars & Hangers-On


Guitar Solo / Godfather Theme

Sweet Child O' Mine



By The Sword

Mr. Brownstone

Paradise City

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That sucks he should bring back Dirty lilttle thing too. A good not great riff but it gets the crowd going.

I f'n love Dirty Little Thing...... They do a great version of STB too...

Yeah that drum solo was great, & I always wished they had done something off Libertad, or UYI I for that matter.

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I would have rathered have Dirty Little Thing, We're All Gonna Die and Suckertrain Blues over songs like Patience, Mean Bone and Dr Alibi.. Gotta love that he really mixes it up though.. Still a good setlist.

Mean Bone needs to be played. It's one of his only good songs.

I also think he should play more of his own stuff and less GNR. At least he dropped a lot of VR material.

The GNR stuff he is playing is his material.

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