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The gusts have started...

It's weird, there are times I'm reminded of air turbulence in an aeroplane because I can sorta feel the ground shake a little bit as this thing batters my house. Also curtains going and I swear I can even hear the wind; Some high pitch rushing sound that's like a passing express train passing your commuter station but, not as loud and constant.

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43 degrees and windy. love this time of year.

Sounds like great fn weather! I went for a walk with the family, and it was warm. Low to mid 90s.

i really do not take well to the heat, i lived in florida for 8 years and still never got used to it :lol:

i like it cold.

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I can't wait until I'm old and rich so I can retire somewhere where


Hate to break it to you but at the age of 21 if you can't wait to retire there's not a lot of chance you're going to end up rich. Unless you have a massive inheritance of course.

Weather here is OK. 18 celcius.

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