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Without Terminator 2, Do You Think YCBM Would Still be a Hit?


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It was a new GNR song right before a highly anticipated album. I think GNR had just announced the tour when it came out, but feel free to fact check me.

It was the highly anticipated film of the summer.

That was also a time when movie studios were just beginning to use music videos to promote the film. I do think there should've been a re-edit for YCBM so it could've been on "Welcome to the Videos" with just the live footage.

You already had KOHD & "Civil War" out, people were familiar with "Don't Cry" "Back off Bitch" and "November Rain", so this was like the 6th song off of UYI people got to hear, but to tie that into T2 at that time was perfect.

It comes down to not having to pay for ad time and running the shit out of it on MTV even though they were running ads all over the place for it (like they had to!) Pretty brilliant and a big moneysaver for a movie that cost big money. Credit has to go to Arnold on putting that together, even though Prince and Madonna had done both (Batman, Purple Rain, and Dick Tracy specifically), but you can't call those "blockbusters" on the level of T2.

It was also the first video GNR did since "Patience", and also played a part in the era of soundtracks going platinum and bands making videos for the film. Prince went overboard in bad films, and a "Madonna movie" speaks for itself.

So as far as importance in music video as a promotional tool for a film - VERY IMPORTANT.

The question on whether YCBM was a hit without T2- yes, people were looking to hear anything new by GNR.

But was there an expectation of it going to #1 as a single - and it didn't? That would be a good question for them even now, did that make them nervous about UYI, or didn't give a shit about singles?

Axl could've just as easily said to the Governator "fuck you, fuck your movie" (even though it was Cameron's film).

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You know...

I love YCBM... It was one of the few songs on UYI that had the appetite vibe. Because it was origionally in the cannon to go on AFD. It was said somewhere, I can't remember where.

The amazing drum into, I've always wondered what it would sound like with Adler, maybe no where as good as with Sorum. I didn't like brains interpretation of it, but Frank Nails It.

And the awesome Axl Rant is amazing. While you've been breaking down my back I've been racking out my brain.

Yeah sure the chorus is repetitive but a little price to pay for an awesome song. :) God I love GNF'NR's

Dublin 2010... my fav. audio version. :)

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The real question should be if UCBM was released on appetite, how would that have changed things?

Would it have been a hit....what single would it have been......what would have replaced it as an early rock single from Illusions?

IMO YCBM and Shadow should have been on AFD (minus Anything goes)

UYI should have been 1 sick album with all the best songs.

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You Could Be Mine is a song that took me a long time to get into. It's funny because stylistically it should have been my favourite Guns song on my first listen. Still, it seemed kind of boring. That changed not long after when I got the Tokyo DVDs and watched those for the first time. Axl's voice is very hit and miss on that show but he nails You Could Be Mine and I finally got into the song.

For the question at hand, I'm sure it would have still charted and I'm sure it still would have been a single. The movie just gave it extra promotion.

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