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Next CD II leak


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wfuckinga, are you miser?

It's as if you're having a competition with miser for most threads created in one day.

And, I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but a lot of your threads are redundant. I'd prefer if you'd just bump the original thread. But whatever's clever. Carry on bro.

He's not Miser.

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I think it's the only way we'll hear nu material before Axl dies, if at all.

But I doubt it will happen. Del and Beta threw a shit fit over some shitty remixes and a throwaway track leaking. I think IF somebody has something totally new, they'd probably be too terrified to test the waters after what happened to that one brokedick from 08.

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I want it to be Jackie Chan

I think it will be Silkworms or Oh My God, since we know those are out there.

I think it will happen by this time next year if there's no sign of a new album.

Agreed. All three are out there. Hell, Jackie Chan was literally about to leak before they somehow put the kibosh on that. They'll all leak eventually. Too much interest in unreleased GNR music, and the way Axl wanks time away without releasing them will see to that.

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