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April 12th - La Paz, Bolivia

Black Sabbath

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Estadio Hernando Siles

La Paz, Bolivia

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Event Page



You Could Be Mine

You're Crazy

Chinese Democracy

Welcome To The Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone


Rocket Queen


Raw Power


- Dizzy Reed Solo

Live And Let Die

This I Love

- 4tus Solo

Civil War

- DJ Ashba Solo

Sweet Child O' Mine

November Rain

- BBF Solo (Abnormal)

Don't Cry

Knockin' On Heaven's Door



The Seeker

Paradise City

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Lead singer of Guns N' Roses toured the streets of La Paz:


Apparently he has been hanging with a government official. (Or at least that is what I can gather from the picture's caption)

Google Translation:

Relaxed and quiet so this morning found DUTY vocalist and bandleader Guns N 'Roses , Axl Rose, while walking along the road linking the town of Mecapaca with the city of La Paz.
Axl and the band are carefully tended by a tight security team at a luxury hotel in the area. "Loved La Paz , this place is beautiful and so went for a walk. Height did not affect me , I'm ready to give a good show tomorrow, "said the American.
The singer, at the time, just walking in the company of a security guard . He wore trousers for cold, yellow coat and slippers. He protected his eyes with black glasses , besides wearing a cap .
The meeting between the journalist and musician DUTY , who along with his band will give a concert tomorrow in La Paz , allowed the meeting with a cholita Paz with whom he shared a pleasant conversation and took several photos .
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Pitman has a nice shirt. I still don't get what he does in shows other than bash some buttons like a little kid on one of those tiny toy pianos they get for christmas that work for about an hour then start warbling and going slowly out of tune cause the batteries are fucked. I sometimes hope that happens during Shackler's.

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