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The Official FIFA World Cup Thread 2014

Tater Totts

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I wish Portugal would win but it's not gonna happen. They need two new strikers that are young and have fresh legs, not the old guys they currently have. Almost everyone else on the team is pretty good though but the odds of them beating out Germany, Ghana and the USA are slim IMO

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I only watch football when it's the World Cup or European Cup. Rooting for Belgium, of course. Usually, when they're eliminated, I root for Italy. Or I pick a team that I like, based on the matches I've seen by then.

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Stuart Pierce was on the radio and criticised how world cups (all, not just this one) are organised, with games all over the place and teams having to fly from their training ground, to the various venues, in a circuitous and illogical manner. Here is a statistic for you: for their group games, in this upcoming world cup, the United States football team are going to be travelling 14,000 km!

Why not, Psycho proposes, have each group centred upon one venue, with the four training grounds in proximity to that venue. It is a win-win situation: it would save the fans effort and money; it would save the football teams (and their support staff) - much needed - time and effort; it would be far more, 'green’; the teams would get used to the venue, probably leading to superior 2nd and 3rd matches.

He convinced me anyhow.

Also a lot on Brazilian venues not being read and the Manaus pitch, England v Italy's, been in a terrible state.

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Viva España! I'm of Spanish decent and have been a life long Spain fan. After decades of disappointment, I'm ecstatic over their recent success, and I'm hoping it'll continue for at least one more tourny. Winning in Brazil would just be perfect.

I'll be rooting for the US too, and I also like Portugal. Portugal has a really entertaining style, I love watching them play.

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i.e. France fan here. (I know. :( )

My predictions:

Spain to win it all against Brazil. Argentina comes in third.

Neymar to be top goal scorer with 5 goals. Watch out for Griezmann and Suarez.

The Onion has a really good preview of the World Cup... :lol:


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Jesus Christ, I'm ashamed of that stadium and the whole story behind it. One of the world's biggest private stadiums in the World is in São Paulo, the Morumbi Stadium:


It holds close to 70,000 people, but FIFA said no because "it needs to be covered." Alright, São Paulo FC, the owner, tells FIFA they'll get a roof done in time to the Confederation Cups (June 2013) with their own money! But no. FIFA and the government prefer to waste a gigantic amount of public tax money to build this ugly, smaller stadium, that doesn't even have a proper roof! This is bullshit. Bunch of robbers.

Watch this, guys:

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