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Russell Brand writes letter of apology to Andrew Sachs...gets massive bollocking for it

Len Cnut

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You need to read your own article,

So when a thoughtfully-penned message dropped through the Sachs’ letterbox earlier this year from the comedian, Melody and Andrew were deeply touched by Brand’s apparent contrition.

His suggestion that they could get in touch to further discuss the matter meant a great deal, and Melody duly attempted to reach out in forgiveness. Yet, several months on, she has been unable to make contact with Brand. Once more she feels betrayed.

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Yeah, exactly, she don't get a reply in a coupla weeks and she just starts laying into the bastard like you're not a man, you're vaccuous you're etc etc etc, that great compassion and caring that she learned from working with people in recovery soon went for a burton, didn't it? Read the letter, she gives him a proper shaggin' there and no fuckin' mistake.

And, y'know, this poor wilting wallflower of a lady whoose poor husband was abused...then the evil BBC broadcast it, putting further emphasis on the whole thing and causing them more turmoil, whaddya think publishing private letters of apology and open responses in The Daily Mail is doing? :lol:


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...cliff notes on what's happening here?

Russell Brand got in immense trouble for leaving obscene messages on the answering machine of a british actor and some sort of national treasure by the name of Andrew Sachs, he was attacked, vilified and even discussed by the Prime Minister, was a huge thing over here. Basically Sachs was a phone in interview subject who didnt answer so russell was leaving a message when his co-host shouted 'he fucked your granddaughter!' They then rang his answering machine back up a number of times to apologise, albeit in a pisstakey way which culminated in Russell doing a sort of a lounge singer song thing in which he apologises for fucking his granddaughter, Georgina Bailey, who is a member of the burlesque group The Satanic Sluts, for a point of reference.

Two words, Howard Stern :lol:

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i remember listening to that show live when it happened, and thinking, man, this is going to be bad. i never imagined it would basically get him fired. :lol:

tbh, i think her overlong response was a bit much - he didn't kill anyone, just made some crass jokes at their expense, over a half decade ago. the fact that she went to the daily mail indicates to me that she was really looking more for tabloid sensationalism -- if she were truly as outraged over it all and personally hurt, she wouldn't flog it off to Britain's biggest trash rag.

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