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Happy Birthday Bran!

Len Cnut

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Dunno what time it is in America and no doubt he's tired after a long day of bathing in a tin bath full of entrails, eating crisps whilst whispering incantations to his cat and a long night down the cemetary nicking tombstones and holding lengthy discourses regarding man and God and law with the dead body of the 16 stone female Mercantile proprietor that killed 4 months ago that'll no doubt make national news shortly...BUT...I'd like to take this time to wish you a very very happy birthday sir! God bless!

(Thats the God of Israel, the real one, not him with the hairy face and the Viking Horns and the He-Man physique out of the My First Book of Witches :lol:)

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Happy Birthday my man!! rock3

Instead of candles on your birthday cake, do you use upside down crosses?

He uses mini Dio figurines.

Fuck, that's a good idea, I'm doing that for my next birthday.

you don't even have to do mini..just get the life size ones..they're the same size

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