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You guys want to see Hookers and Blow for free? Ticket Giveaway!

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The first MYGNRFORUM member to pm me with the date of the show you wish to attend wins a ticket or pair if you have someone to go with!

Limited to a pair per date, must be able to tell me your name on ID to do a venue pickup day of show. If you win and cannot attend for some reason let me know and I will put it to the next person and so on.

Here are the dates we have tickets for:

if the date is here they are avail pm me:

all dates taken thank you everyone for checking these guys out!

*More dates possibly TBA*

VERY special thanks to our forum member xGNRxSTARx who got us in touch with Hookers and Blow!


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Also, we should give a big thank you to xGNRxSTARx for facilitating this promotion. He's the reason why we're able to offer this promotion. So big thanks to him!

EDIT: Sorry, didn't see Gunsguy's shout out to xGNRxSTARx in his first post. But still, much love and appreciation for making this happen.

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I do feel a little bad for talking shit. It's a cool thing to do. I'm sure someone will have fun.

I'm a bit of a GN'R nut-swinger so if I were in the NYC area I'd probably go check out Frank Ferrer's band Donkey Kick or whatever they are called but if I didn't like them, I wouldn't go back. Hn'B is just some dudes playing Gn'R and Bowie/Stones songs when they aren't busy with their main bands.I am also a big Type O Negative fan so for me it's cool that Johnny Kelly of Type O is on drums now.

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