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DOOM Eternal, baby!
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Bought it during the Steam sale.... the campaign is fucking brutal, epic, punchy and ridiculously fun. The violence is beyond gratituous, I've really enjoyed the absolute shit out of this.

So DOOM 2016 was great. But DOOM Eternal looks even better.  

About time can't wait

Was thinking about building a PC but I think I'll wait for this to come out.

I remember having a PC in 2004 that could run Doom3 on medium settings, I was so happy.

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I was pretty disappointed tbh, was expecting it to be faster-paced and not quite so drab. Not saying it's bad, just not the "OMFG I NEED THAT NOW" I was expecting.

But I got Shenmue III, so nothing can make me sad any more.

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It looks good, but lt seems Bethesda forgot that these games are supposed to be fast. 3 shots from a shotgun to kill a cannon fodder enemy? Hell no! It reminds me of Fallout 3, especially the point lookout add on: you get a double barreled shotgun that takes like 1/8th of a regular human's health (not talking about those deformed guys on said add on). Thank god they fixed it in New Vegas. The chainsaw became a fucking scripted weapon and what the fuck happened to the music? Where's my Slayer? the oppening was begging for behind the crooked cross.

Is there any good reason for not having heavy metal tunes like the originals? Especially now that we can have actual instruments playing instead of MIDI's? Is it because of immersion? Fuck immersion. Every time this word appear on a game, especially on skyrim mods, it's certainly something that will make the game slower and add unnecessary burocracy to it.

Fuck bethesda seriously.

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I  guess they're going for the title alone, maybe with the revenant, like Doom 3 and the hell Knight... please don't tell me it's just the goddamn marine standing and chin-down-eyes-uping. I'm not googling it...

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14 hours ago, Chewbacca said:

what does the main look like? Just the name? Chin-down-eyes-up?

Generic as they come:



They had a vote between two choices for alternate art, one was the one posted above, the other was this:


^ I think this should have been the alternate, the chosen alternate art with the scene in Hell should have been the main, and the official box art should have been ditched completely.

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Aw, thats... uninspired, it barely says anything about the game. Oh well. I'm pretty sure I will be able to have some good time with it still. Just a couple of mods to rebalance enemies and movement speed, add some colors to make the enviroment look less bland (the cacos are quite refreshing to the eye and definetely a step on the right direction) and heavy tunes... I liked that they're bringing back the old baron while keeping the new knight. A clever way to tell them apart other than a color swap.

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