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14 hours ago, rocknroll41 said:


Slash with the self-awareness of a potato just to keep his cartoon look. I would be very conflicted if i was there, Slash is ruining my view at the Oscars, but Slash is sitting in front of me at the Oscars!

I wonder if these days his hat already comes with a bit of hair to look a bit fuller and to have a stronger grip on his head using clips to tie everything together even when he is upside down or if he just wears his hat really really tight.

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2 hours ago, Rickodez said:

Slash with the self-awareness of a potato just to keep his cartoon look. I would be very conflicted if i was there, Slash is ruining my view at the Oscars, but Slash is sitting in front of me at the Oscars!

I wonder if these days his hat already comes with a bit of hair to look a bit fuller and to have a stronger grip on his head using clips to tie everything together even when he is upside down or if he just wears his hat really really tight.

It definitely comes with extra hair now. He’s been balding since VR.

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Posted (edited)

If you install a browser extension that restores the old twitter layout, e.g. Old Twitter Layout (2024) (google.com)
(but that one isn't working on my computer right now for an unknown reason)

edit: it's not working anymore because using 3rd party ways to view someone's entire follow list will get your twitter account suspended

it might let you see all the people that an account follows.

here's an attempted copypaste of the entire follow list of that Dexter90265 twitter cat account that some people are suspecting is run by Axl (can't guarantee it's the entirety though, since there's only 1774 people instead of 1858. maybe some accounts that user is following is private?)



axlrose Axl Rose
gunsnroses Guns N’ Roses
deljamesgang del james
DuffMcKagan Duff McKagan
Slash Slash
gnrnewsbrasil Guns N’ Roses News
MickJagger Mick Jagger
SuHolmesMcKagan SusanHolmesMcKagan
sebastianbach Sebastian Bach™️
htgth HTGTH - a Guns N’ Roses fan site
bumblefoot Bumblefoot
OzzyOsbourne Ozzy Osbourne
Sara35153 sara
TheMelissaReese TheMelissaReese
NikkiSixx 📷
TeamGunsNRoses Team Guns N’ Roses
genesimmons Gene Simmons
QueenWillRock Queen
ZakkWyldeBLS Zakk Wylde
SydneyJ262 Sydney Jones
hades1269 Doug Lannom
gunsnhammett isa
danyfergusson dani 💜
luislacombereal Luís Ernesto Lacombe
CarinaGoncales Ana Carina Gonçales
slashlegacyok Slash Legacy
fkncrazy4U AleGnr
Yasuko_NR Yasuko
Erika87324938 Erika🌹🥃
macnroses mac
MikiGechman Miki Gechman
tigerbearlj Lola
mooningmind Tamina
TweezerTonight TheVic
GUNSNROSESDAiLY Guns N Roses Central
ms_metal Ms. Metal
Anna59357070 Anna
mrs_everlyrose Mrs Atena Rose
onanighttrain Vincent Hanna
SanWAxl Sandrinha 🌷💕🇧🇷
MarioAndretti Mario Andretti
McLarenF1 McLaren
ScuderiaFerrari Scuderia Ferrari HP
F1 Formula 1
KirbyKrackleArt Jack Kirby
DrBrianMay Dr. Brian May
SexDrugs_andGNR SD&GNR
diegolba Diego (Argentina) 🇦🇷
gunsnrosesmex Guns N’ Roses México
RollingStones The Rolling Stones
Pantera Pantera
Slayer Slayer
BlackSabbath BlackSabbath
IronMaiden Iron Maiden
Metallica Metallica
anacris_naru Ana ~Miss Burnout
Wonderwoman1fan ArtDesignMusic
JoanieScott69 Joanie Tobin Scott
deuroses melie
Jimmybeardtron1 1 sided beef King
CUMShotDaily CumShotDaily
lecotfelix sangre escosesa
Kara5ht KARA
MARIE_GUNSNR Marie❤️GNRMania❤️ 🇫🇷
SabryMendoza Sabry Mendoza
Cyn_Rose Cynthia Rose Gunner
epmusica EP Música
mercadeopop Mercadeo Pop
Mich_Venn Mich
deborabz Débora B. Zechetto
KJxPierce KJ Pierce
lebabaquice Le Babaquice
wkrhi1 15:30
Nachionce Ignacio
vanebaigorria Hiatus
GNR_BVB Gabriela_
naziuzun Efi.Uzun
margott1h Margott Hinostroza
Nanno92 Ron Bell
RonnieBaysinger Ronnie Baysinger
gabyqoasis Gaby
RaTauS Raphael Rataus
Natasha_Zarate Nat Zarate
isaacslash82 Slash82
CleonBassani Cleon
vanekintopp Vane
colinnelis Colin Mc Nelis
pqkiq kaikasso
TriciaSieberns Tricia
MarcoMunizB Marco Muñiz
je_diazrose Jessi
Buddybirdaus Buddybirdaus
brunalemes38 Bruna Lemes
adritessis Adri ❤
AbuyaLen LenAbuya
LBrittle Lee Britt
suzytothec Suzy Cole
FabirosaNYC Fabiana Rosa
AntonellaChiod4 Antonella Chiodini
chrisWhisper78 Chris Whisper
NataliQvdo Natali GN’R
LeMoxett LeMoxett
ila_gnr Ilaria 🖤
jaqueguns Jacqueline Marques
Duarte60Matias Matias Duarte
Ale_sanchez_54 Ale Sanchez 🍀
SoniaKrasteva Sonia Krasteva
LuciColla Luci Colla
brunnodelarocha Bruno
maddiesdaddy75 BAKALAKA
tizziebagwash Emma Louise Ornsby Author and Artist
donnafayeturle1 Donna Faye
ghireikan Mr. Nik™
berrones_evelyn Evelyn Berrones
tgatr_ Guns.n.Fuckin.Roses
Kirika_ma_cos 丸山カネキリカ(WF参加予定)/ヤマダ(🐈)
lisafnreed lisa reed
MMercuriadis Merck Mercuriadis
DMcIntyreWWE Drew
beatrazr BEATRAZR
sweetpain80 Marguerita
Ser_Pounce Ser Pounce
nastja5000bc NG
PatyNi Patricia Nieves
raindegrey Rain DeGrey
ManyVids ManyVids
janejupiterpdx 🔻ᴊᴀɴᴇ ᴊᴜᴘɪᴛᴇʀ 🔻 Portland ✈️ Vegas 24-25th
hollywoodrose26 Kelly
titachavo91 tita gunner76
GNR_ARG Guns N’ Roses ARG
gnrsudamerica Guns N’ Roses Sudamérica
mygnrforum1 mygnrforum.com
TheDrabFour AyAron
enikkmatic Иicole 🫀
jonestwins2 Tech Tweet
KikkyR_Stewart Kikky
mssquiggs65 Ms Jayne more tart with a hint of sweet
NeuronaSV NeuronaSV
AxlArmy Axl Army
Gnrinterstaff GN’R Int Forum-Staff
CPitmanofficial Chris Pitman
OliveiraCryss Cryss Anne
guitarhoo guitarhoo
VD_SDV Yung Ding Ding | Incontinentia Buttox | DJ Toenail
UziSuicidal Uzisuicidal
DosCabezas Todd Bostock
AxlRoseFaClube Axl Rose - Fã Clube
teamaxlrose TEAM Axl Rose
InteractiveJag Jaguar
Lamborghini Lamborghini
USMarineCorps USMC Recruiting
CherylCatTill CherylAdamsTill
Axlsmrs_iwish Sheree
towelie towelie
Gunner_Family GUNS N’ ROSES FANS ♥
GNRLA GN’R Latinoamerica
Zacs_Gonna_Rock Deborah
BraveWords666 BraveWords
TorontoLouise Louise Armstrong
ladyfieri_ no
lil_mizz_kittie DïåBøLįKîTTíę
RoseGeneva geneva moore
Rustylinda NAEYA
SarahKSilverman Sarah Silverman
FCO_GunsNRoses Brazil loves you GNR
DjsDmentdAngls Dj’s Demented Angels™
Gunnersfanclub Guns n´Roses
dennisrodman Dennis Rodman
Ashba_Hungary Dj ASHBA Hungary™
CiraoDasMassas Cirão das Massas
paradisecity Paradise City
Fattysimo simona cavaliere
perfectcrimegnr Perfect Crime GN’R
jimmykimmel Jimmy Kimmel
gunsnrosesCD ChineseDemocracy.Com
GNRevolution GNRevolution.com
neridavera nerida vera
The_Raphael_GNR George Raphael ™
mediasdulses Olga lucia Henao
guimattos10 Guilherme Mattos
GNR_BM2011 🎶 🎶🎶
BigBadBoy71 Bobby Banger
brentfitz Brent Fitz
KirrenBignill melAnITe hOAx
SweetAxlOMine Solci 🌞
RainaKnorr Raina Knorr
paul_steele Paul Steele aka BaldHiker
Whiplash_Net Whiplash.Net
barbypoison barbi livewire
LInParadiseCity 윤기 is my safe place⁷ 💜| 아포방포 |
Martyfreespirit Marty
Ayasha2010 Ayasha
HthrHayes Heather
jessinthebox96 Jess [iii|=D
sandythebear Sandy T. Bear
janey_tx Janey E.Davenport
Stezestro Stezestro™
Tjumper_ Jumper
itsCharlotte_ Char
watsPOPPiNBLoOd QG17th 2/21
CCaputo212 Christian Caputo
NIVscripture Holy Bible
BuckleyMcKagan Buckley McKagan
joanna_jodi Jodi
BlueAstrid Blue-loves-you-2
MsDWright Sunshine
_pennyt2313 Pennyt2313
JSchlossberg Jason Schlossberg
gloriamaf Gloria Maria
Gslcarmo Gisele Carmo
KatBenzova Kat Benzova
PisserTheBand Pisser The Band
SexTapesband SexTapesband
FLebeis Fernando Lebeis
MONIQUEIAM 11/15 is my bday Cashapp me $moniqueiam
candiedvenom inactive
HOBCleveland House of Blues Cleveland
patlopez17 PL
RecordingAcad Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
pcb2k12 Panama City Beach!!!
FabiRose1962 Fabiana *˛˚ღ˛°
BumbleGod_Chile Fans de BumbleGod
larrykilroy Larry Kilroy
WineSpectator Wine Spectator
WineEnthusiast WineEnthusiast
MSmithBubbles Bubbles
b_bacha Tiger Bacha
mrkillingseason Mr. Killingseason
Jeanie_Ann JeanieAnn
rainnwilson RainnWilson
louboutinlover0 Amanda K
tirano09 Joshua Tirado
TomMarshall111 Tom Marshall
Eminem Marshall Mathers
YEMblog YEMblog
DCUCenter DCU Center
aurora2002 Ethel Santana
caiocesarlp Caio Pereira
PattyleneWoW Patricia *-*
DalaiLama Dalai Lama
kevlolol Kevin Buckner
KBignill kirren bignill
shitmydadsays Justin
eva8910 the_duchess
waynekramer Wayne Kramer
lornebook Lorne Book
RedGremlin26 RedGremlin
latigocanyon Alessia Nizzi
maybesomeday91 Unnamed
noaheverett Noah
MelyAdams Melanie Adams
vinicyosmetalrk vinicios#AtitudeSequ
Wolfiesmom valerie bertinelli
gunsNroses_news g N’ r
moniNroses monica jimenez
nvgam_ ‏ساندرا
RoCkEnRoLLaR Judy
tannerstransky Tanner Stransky
peta PETA
sockington The Eternal Spirit of Sockington
TwitChange Shelton Mercer
kramergirl Jana Kramer
joannakrupa Joanna Krupa
tomhanks Tom Hanks
mariashriver Maria Shriver
CFarleylives Chris Farley
RobSchneider Rob Schneider
Disney Disney
HowardStern Howard Stern
stevevai Steve Vai
SethMacFarlane Seth MacFarlane
dose Dose
jamalmayers Jamal Mayers
MRichie_10 Michael Richards
SamiLepisto Sami Lepistö
SteveKampfer47 Steven Kampfer
matdarche52 Mathieu Darche
Cstew_7 chris stewart
StuMunrue Anthony Stewart
MattLashoff Matt Lashoff
RealStamkos91 Steven Stamkos
grabs40 grabs40 🇦🇹🇺🇸
BRichards_1991 Brad Richards
krysbarch Krys Barch
Brenter37 Tim Brent
Matt_Beleskey Matt Beleskey
Matt9Duchene Matt Duchene
BlakeGeoffrion Blake Geoffrion
Lecavalier_Fdn Vinny Lecavalier Fdn
Sullivan26 Steve Sullivan
bradwinchester Brad Winchester
Max25talbot Max Talbot
Bozie42 Tyler Bozak
commie22 Mike Commodore
AdamLarsson3 Adam Larsson
SeanCouturier Not Sean Couturier
stixy18 Michael St. Croix
JonnyHuby11 Jonathan Huberdeau
RGrimaldi23 Rocco Grimaldi
strome18 Ryan Strome
dhamilton27 Dougie Hamilton
natebeaulieu Nate Beaulieu
NateThompson44 Nate Thompson
mattcarle25 Matt Carle
hoosierjm26 John-Michael Liles
AndrewGordon10 Andrew Gordon
Danwinnik34 Daniel Winnik
NHLJets Winnipeg Jets
PierreVLeBrun Pierre LeBrun
JamesCybulski James Cybulski
PECKS24 Theo Peckham
TSNRyanRishaug Ryan Rishaug
McIlroyRory Rory McIlroy
Cabbie Cabbie Richards
dbonem d.bonem
Brennaztdw Ivy Wyatt
everydayonline everyday online
carvertising Carvertising
DeNiro_Scorsese DeNiro_Scorsese
gunsnroses_esp Guns n’ Roses ES
TwitGUNNER مــــي
mattdaubs mattdaubs
StanleeDuck Stanlee Duck
DJJordanV Jordan V
_SoyAdrianRo 𝑨𝒅𝒓𝒊𝒂𝒏 𝑨𝒓𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒐 𝑹𝒐𝒔𝒂𝒍𝒆𝒔
Mariia__Josee Maria José
veroonickaa verónica diaz parra
rocketrose Andressa Kaam
zicositorus Zico
ZombieBunny_666 Shadows Die //
Emme822 3mm3
Castro722 Bernardo
Faannyx Stephanie
Hectordtv David TibaduiZa💢
oswaldoacastrod Oswaldo Antonio
cellezinhah Celle 🇵🇸
AiXeLsyD13 ᗡʏꙅ⅃ɘXiA ƆiЯƎ 🎸
sunpride2000 tea512-GNR
Gim_morrison Puma Thurman)))
MattClarkTile Matt Clark Tile
PrimalScream93 Cassandra
ZiplocMoe_DGBp 107.6 Banbury Sound
ary_guns ary kurnia
martins_ana ana maertins
socialist666 demhominygrits
KarliFalco Kar Falco
SlashArmy Slash Army
Celtic_Dragon35 Angie Fagan
leohaguiar Leonardo Aguiar Damião
thaymerencio Thayanna Merencio
decocooln でこくーる( ・(ェ)・ )達者でな
efeitofederal Efeito Federal
SofiRivara Sofi Rivara
_bru_k Bru 💀
G_Un HGaffa
DailyBetter DailyBetter
Nicole_Rose93 Nicole Valenzuela
madisonisabitch Jim morrison
colo_404 Susana Alessio
lucyskylennon ♛Lucy Rocket Queen♛
The_CaptAwesome Who’s Simon? 👨🏻‍🎤
LipeGNRHard Lipe GN’R Hard
berrilu Berrilu
msmugler Msmugler
stouceirocabo Susana Touceiro Cabo
gabby_gnr Gabriela M.
lucaslangagnr Lucas Langa
GenesisCarrero Gene!!
LiliGnR Lili cristina
WTEKurtNevermin Anca
BiaQueenie_ Beatriz Queenie
GuFortunato Gustavo Fortunato
Chavela_Brown07 Yamila Valenzuela
mishsmash mishsmash
tarcisiorpc old kanye
andyoldroyd Andy Oldroyd
lucasdizaro Lucas Dizaró
SpinTheWishlist VR
JenniferBambi Jennifer D
GnR_karlitaa Karla Valenzuela
martingnr83 martin
yentonces85 Yulian Filiphi
Geramgumintang geram
gatodecarapa gaston durand
NajuFarAway Naju
leastlastfast Marcello Brandon
Ceci_Brazeiro Cecilia Brazeiro
GiovaniGnR Renegado
fkinGNR gundandfkinroses
lastzfighter renan™
nocrossfox Stephany
Rosiegnr Rosie O Connell
thethornofarose gunsandroses
aleritekt ariana wilkinson
GracaBarros maria da graça
TheGianelli Pedro Gianelli
mihvicious Mihaela M
axlsbarmyarmy axlsbarmyarmy
Regis_gnr Regis .
gnrdown Lucio A. Muñoz Misle
NatanSurjus Natan Surjus
hightowerbrooks Daniel Brooks
slashrem remi varrot
chavesbatista joao b. CHAVES
pantipalmer jorge enrique panti
maignr Maiara V
tokopediut Seta P
gunsnroseslive GN’R Gigs
sigagnr Divulgação tt GNR
m3moryr3mains Roxie
Valbjornx 山口流星
paulaemcima pauleira
izzar_rios Isis Angélica Ríos
Neia_Rodriguees Neia Rodrigues
sainsalbe Soebagja
Loouuise_ Louise Stroud
_jessmb jess
VaNnehPedraza Vanesa Pedraza
gracibonella Gracielma Bonella
AlexBMarson Alex Marson
kallisamaras Kalli Samaras
mac_69_ mark naughton
patomedranda emiliano medranda
UseInstead RockN’Roll Metal
Slashers_ Slashers (SlashFans)
Fercks_ Fernanda Michaella
VRshoot Velvet Revolver
theeammon eammon
MegaRockergirl debra
aceman6711 thiago serrano
welovegnr We love GN’R
Ctiacs Christine Dichoson
smileworld_ Gabriela
Enrico_GunsEv Enrico Coelho
andregggggggggg andres felipe
joalinpineda Joalin Pineda
SlashBrasil_ Slash
karlarosee karla aguilar
RobHattenMusic Rob Hatten
arthuraxl Arthur Lucena
MikeNeufeld Mike Neufeld
ReidzorZX Reid
Pssicodelica Alice in Chains
juliannaahotmai JuliAn@ Ros&
Ivy_RoseGates Ivy Gonçalves
DrAlibi666 The Nameless
PiadasDoDevinho Christian Deivisson
GunsNRWorld Guns N’ Roses World
sirigh Siri Granlund
karlythaGnRlika Karla Martinez A
deaquinorenata renata
meupordosol ezio ramos
boxhelder666 helder
DeboraahGunner DeborahGunner
marinaDiasferre maariinaferreira
Marcelinazymks Marcelina Pennino
strongIbex strongIbex Photo
RHCPFansite RedHOT ChiliPeppers
Strigl Mark Strigl
nsdoogs Nick
LittleLara__ ზ Lara
___Weltschmerz La chica miseria
midnightgypsy79 nicki
welinton23alves welinton alves
SlashJapan SlashJapan
Slash_SMKC_JPN SlashFan_JPN
ani_mustaine Ana María Avila
danii_seXmagik Fdan
atemaisbaby Rafa 🇦🇹
benjamminingle Ben Ingle
MatthieuBock Matthieu Bock
Robinhogansnros Galeguinho
valejacome18 Vale Jácome
JamieMackaay Jamie Mackaaij
anne_st anne_st
Scockcamn Gabriela Del Rasso
LeJujuris Ju
goalsnothing -
joS2B Jonathan SlashFrance
nondimenticar Sondra
sou1grosso Rafael Feijó
slashtour #Slash
teteu_cunha Matheus Lopes
leondangelg Angel León
merebandeira rosimerealcantara
ZczZzcz Zcz Zzcz
Diantunesilv Di⚖🇺🇦
FansPerlaHudson Fans of Perla Hudson
LOVINGLeppard janemarie
daphatves Phil V
hunterzon hunter
photos_slash Saul Hudson photos.
CrystalisCoolio Crystle
HeadBangg 9 Lives,used a few..
Hot108Jamz Hot 108 Jamz
kaahrodt °˖✧ Kaah ✧˖°
iCarlyMyLove Carlos García Gtz.
mpreyes78 Michael Reyes
cantyjojo Giuseppina
AddictedToSlash AddictedToSlash
Lynn88_8 —
naireh 👩🏻‍💻 Pili Hidalgo
colecarly7 Carly Cole
SSMF SunsetStripMusicFest
HOBBoston Citizens House of Blues Boston
gloryelectrique gloryelectrique🥀
_leanf_ Leandro
lara_not_croft Lara
PenguinUKBooks Penguin Books UK
Filipegtc Filipe Gonçalves
Gorby45 Gorby Clubhouse
WeedoMoreno Josue Moreno
Celes_Vedder celes rocker gnr
sinisterbrand Sinister Brand
paula_villamill paula villamil
fasperlahudson Fãs Perla F Hudson
M_axime Maxime v Duivenboden
KamikazeBaby81 Lauren Griffin
EliteTicketNews Tixby
rockhall Rock Hall
davidGUNS123 david
cdebroy14 Carlos Debroy
mostlybiz Mostly Biz
absoluteradio Absolute Radio
SlashVenezuela Slash Venezuela
JayAraBRG JayAra
jglueckstein Jon Glueckstein
Its_Sir_Dennis Dennis
asktheindustry Surfing the Industry
GNR_Addiction Guns N’ Roses Addiction
mzyds mazo
photos_bach Shapely Comanchero
Slashthing_ Slash Fans !
EmlioAug Emílio Aug
stellatsakalos stella tsakalos
VRNation VR
SeuSentimento_ Feelings
ilithioi Maria
alecrue Ale
Dzheepello Dzheepellocavarella
REVils_FC Leon Scott Kennedy
Yiyoslash erickmoralessaucedo
aiinek_Hudson aiinek. Hudson. Hdez
CarlosFigueroan Carlos Figueroa
natssnapz Nathan
aurelyjz Aurely Jimenez
everettfreeman Everett Freeman Jr.
SouthSide_Lenny southside lenny
mylocomotive Chary Lima
Sipenjahatholic Erick rico
80sanxiety_ terminator
JasmineJean2011 Jasmine Jean
duckBounce Francis
number1gunner85 Name Can’t Be Blank
UseYourDelusion Use Your Delusion
MetalSubjects METAL PORRA!
_EloisaFernanda _EloFernanda
sergio_vidall Sergio Vidal
thumbsuphomie Em
dany32120 daniela gonzalez
JonathanGNR21 Jonathan [GN’R]
ncaanut ncaanut
____MiaWallace Lily Molina
Catia_Nunes Catia Nunes
Malin1975 Malin 🌸🌸
GiselleDeRose 4 de Noviembre
FODAMENTE Marcelo ou
GunsAreMyRoses FlorLAMF~
okusama_nippon 愛国系・保守系奥様ブログのご紹介
anggiiihh anggih
ajf27 ajf
valeribmoody valeri moody
TheVerge The Verge
paulferocious Paul Andersen
paula_rorro Rorre.
laura_castroh Laura Castro Hernández
csamaniego_ Carlo Samaniego
naomarieuk -
vegas_owns Vegas Owns🏴‍☠️
alice_aacc alice_aa
surmasalu surmasalu
jeanpaulnm jean paul
Mymii__ Milena
My_RnR_Quotes My RnR Quotes
KPM_Motorsport KPM Motorpsport
Likea_Suicide Filipe
SlashMylesTCita Slash ft MKTC Italia
SheilaRose69 Sheila Rose
LisaGNR Lisa Guns N’ Roses
AdlersAFans Adlers Appetite Fans
GPOoficial Gunner’s Paradise
rockwithgnr SebastianP
Robi_Lee Roberta
LisaMFarfalla Lisa Marie Farfalla
MotleyChloe Chloe King
FonsoQuotes Fran Afonso
marcetienne marcetienne
april11985 April
RosieBor M. Rosaria Borrelli
winevinsanga null
martufa23 ☯marta☮
Lianarock Liana
DaaniHdz Daniel Hernández
PatriVeronik ѕωєєт♡вαву
AnaRose__ ¡¡ ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ ┌П┐!!
_DuffMcKaganBR Emєrson ds
mateo_matu Mateo Bustamante
ekaffee Enice Sophie
ssudagostin Suelen Dagostin
tabaleon Tabata
GanjaTV Ganja.TV
Slash_World Slash World
TheDanni_el Daniel Alejandro
PennyT95 Penny Thompson
s4smyle Sandra - ERAS TOUR Milano July 13&14
FaridMuhammaad Farid
rockabyebaby Rockabye Baby!
atyxa atyxa
N8theSk8 N🎱
lennaylen lady bird
brunakubis Bruna Kubis
wlSebastianBach weluv SebastianBach
Football_Speak Gautam Sharma
Guilherme_Caval Guilherme Cavalcanti
DjCashba djcashba
AxelSilvaHudson Axel Silva Hudson
thegunners0 The Gunners
AthHelvete Klaudia
petescadas petescadas
dronebauru DRONE BAURU
indicoo Indico e sigo
_thepinkstripes -
sharkoooooo Mike Siraco
Fmendris Fathan Mendris
Dan_Strat5 Tripping Hippy
AmandaRod8 amanda rod
arcticatiana katiau
AmericanCancer American Cancer Society
slashnperlanews Slash n’ Perla news
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And_SHADOWS Jefferson André
chicopolss Paolo C. Rodríguez
spencerkathrens Spencer Kathrens
fabio_loche Fabio loche
satriaiman Iman Satria Rasyid
SebBertol SEBastijan Bertol
dubcy Dubcy Romero
PHr34k_R PHr34k_R
JessicaLuciaB Jessica
bizziandre Andre Bizzi
JenBluesnake Jen✌💙🤘
queeen2 sofia valeria sosa
ghabyrose gabriela rose
rocknrollbitch_ Girls of Rock n Roll
ChristopherDa15 Christopher Davidson
cristianalexa33 cristian alexander
emiliapetrucci emilia petrucci
DavidSpitznagel David Spitznagel
TheMootekkis The Mootekkis
5amazingthings3 5 Amazing Things
pornqueenband Porn Queen
bayubayubayu_ Rose Rahmandhika
MarcVachonla 👹 𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖈 𝖀𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖓 👹
viverdeeco Viverde Eco
Todaro_ monique
FHudson65 Fernanda Hudson
AlanFelyk Alan Felyk
FansOfOzzy Dayane Osbourne ♥
ShutterinLA ShuttersLosAngeles
BarbaraAlteri Barbara Alteri
smishkey Peggy Stout
drbunnig Dr. Rupert Bunnig
martoine Jmart
Joanna536 Jodi
TheHussler101 Chris
Dijon10 Dijon
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Did you see who I saw?



The cat is a Belieber! It is time to #BELIEB!

the cat is also a swiftie



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19 minutes ago, Axls_Moustache_Rules said:

Bruh looks ancient 

I didn't want to say it, I'm glad you said it. Izzy looks more like KEITH RICHARDS than Jeffrey Isbell. 💡

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6 hours ago, Karice said:

I didn't want to say it, I'm glad you said it. Izzy looks more like KEITH RICHARDS than Jeffrey Isbell. 💡

He does look a bit stones ish.  But he kind of always did. Not surprised he looks a lot older though as its first pic I think for years

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10 hours ago, DeNfr said:

what's his relationship with Axl these days? 

Well Izzy had that dig at Axl, Slash n Duff not wanting to split the loot. Despite Izzy selling his share in the partnership for a big payout. And the fact that he hates touring and would've quit soon anyway. 

12 hours ago, DoMw94 said:

Izzy pictured at The Rolling Stones gig in Glendale, AZ



Wow. Izzy looks dreadful. Who's the other guy in the photo?

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