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Slash Living The Dream signed cds available on his site now

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For those who are interested, I tried to add a bunch to my cart, but it only let me add 28 just to see how many were on there. So there are not a lot available. Get them while you can.



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On 31-5-2019 at 10:20 AM, AxlSlashthebest said:

not possible for Europe !!! grrrrrrrr


On 31-5-2019 at 9:36 PM, JY2016 said:

Sure? I am able to order from the Netherlands

Yeah, I got one too (Belgium). I see they're sold out now. I suppose those were the signed albums he sold on tour. I was planning on getting one after the show, but I couldn't find it. So I'm happy I got it now. So thank you, @Tourettes2400 :)

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6 minutes ago, janrichmond said:

Sold out 😭

They were still available Friday morning. I guess they sold out Friday night or Saturday morning because when I looked Saturday they were all gone. I am really hoping to get a signed record at the show I am going to in August.

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14 hours ago, Willis1988 said:

At the show in Oklahoma they were selling the LP signed by the whole band (I bought one). Are they not doing that anymore?  

If they sell them at the SMKC show that I go to, I will probably buy another one.

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That's the last time I order anything from US. Apparently DHL works with BPost here and they charge no less than 22 EUR cost for declaring it to customs. Plus VAT. All that crap is costing me more than the cd itself. Assholes :fuckyou:

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