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Madagascar Samples

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2 hours ago, kanecrescente said:

In the bridge, a few of the samples are blatant (Cool Hand Luke, MLK just two off the top of 7my head) but a few less so.

Does anybody perhaps know where each of the snippets are from, preferably listed? 

Maybe in the grenade or red hand booklet...


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2 hours ago, soon said:

I never knew that Michael J Fox was on Madagascar! I guess he's using an accent for the character. Cool! 

He doesn't use an accent. If you know it's him speaking when he does it's pretty clearly his regular voice, just slightly pitchier than normal.

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4 hours ago, CheapJon said:

I remember a few years back, watching Braveheart for the first time in years and the ”all men betray, all lose heart” bit came on and I was   Like WTFuuuuuuuck?!!

Haha I had the same reaction when I watched that movie for the first time a year or so ago.

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