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Axl and slash signatures, real or fake?

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Slash probably real.  I have identical and it was straight from the man himself.

I also have Duff's that he signed in front of me, but it is way different that some that I saw in circulation, ie. he used U to get the FF's.

Matt probably has the coolest autograph along with Slash's

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Slashs looks real to me for sure.  I can send you a pic of my slash autograph (which he signed in front of me) of you want it to compare. 

Axls looks legit based on the stuff I've seen online- but I don't have his autograph so can't be sure. 

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I’ve been collecting GNR memrobillia for nearly 30 yrs. I’ve met Slash, Duff , Gilby , Steven Adler and Dizzy reed on multiple occasions , had multiple things signed thru the years and I can put my hand on my heart and say both signatures are defiently fake. Slashs signature is way to loopy , the “a” in Slashs signature always stands out and Axl has a very distinctive neat signature , even if rushed . Both fake. Happy to discuss more if required.

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Fake. Unfortunately, the picture that user "Sweersa" posted also contains forgeries. Most COA's are fake, and printed in someone's basement. Even reputable third party authenticators get it wrong. I got burned on a fake set of sigs years back. I have done a lot of research since then.


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