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The three 2007 mysterious Jams...

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Are they parts of real songs? Some of them are beautifull... Richard was on Lead guitar on some of them.

They are way to "elaborate" just to be jams. There is a lot of work and arrangements behind. They are well oiled instrumentals.

Some great music here. Really.

Could they be parts of real songs? What do you think?






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When I saw the band at Budapest, back at 2005 or 2006, there were several jams and Axl even "sang" something (more like mumbled in high voice), and said they like to "entertain themselves" or something. After another jam he joked that it was "an old Hungarian folk song".

Ever since the looker leaks I wanted to go back to the bootleg of the show, try and see if i can recognize anything from those jams..

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