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  1. The China Exchange he mentions that he gets the most enjoyment out of playing the CD stuff and it was a big part of his professionalcareer and personal when you think of the time span. There will be, without a doubt, a lot of gems that the man is sitting on.
  2. This would work well as part of a future boxset compilation. However the likelihood of us ever receiving such is very slim. As much as I'd like to hear some of the remixes, I'm not overly bothered if they never see the light of day. However, the work that Axl done during the Chinese Democracy sessions that are completed songs I would love to hear and hope to god they feature in a release that is hopefully sooner rather than later. Some of those titles just sound so interesting; Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul Atlas Shrugged Ides of March etc etc That's not to say that they'll definitely be good songs, however everything thing that ginger cunt sings on is 9 times out of 10 fucking incredible anyway.
  3. Interesting take man, I remember all of that well. It makes sense when you put them all together, but I never knew if 'Stay of Execution' was going to be an album title or what his intent was in trademarking it, and then the photo in the studio. I suppose at that time I had just been disappointed so many times that I stopped looking for activity. Axl has taken a lot of criticism since Rock in Rio 2011, and some of it is merited, as to me, that concert looked like he hadn't put in the effort in the 10 months that followed the end of the 09/10 tour to maintain the level that he was hitting at that time. Bridge School and Golden Gods, to me more than anything, those were hard ones to watch. They say strep throat was the cause of the Bridge School shenanigans, but listening to him struggle with Welcome to the Jungle, a song he always nails, was brutal. I was beginning to lose faith And then this leaks: I just hope that we get something at the end of this. Axl for me sounded outstanding on Chinese Democracy and the fact that he has finished recordings of songs from that era can only be good. However if they want to record anything new, I'm all for that aswell, but I'd love to here what he came up with throughout those CD years. Hopefully an interesting few years ahead.
  4. Despite years of silence and no communication from the band other than the same recycled "Next year is the year", it was characters like that who kept me coming back to see what outrageousness they could come out with next. And the obvious blind faith that there was something big happening.
  5. I misread that title and thought it said forum members, which made me wonder howVolcano62 reacted to the news of Axl and Slash mending their friendship... Finck and Brain.
  6. Check out my cover of Knockin' On Heavens Door, featuring@Bansidheat the end with a solo that has shades of some loved ones that use KFC buckets as fashion accessories. Hopefully you enjoy! If you could like and subscribe, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  7. Request That Metal Show Axl interview

    What a man. Positive vibes your way my friend!
  8. Request That Metal Show Axl interview

    Absolute champion, thank you That is unfortunate, but at least it all worked out in the end eh!
  9. Request That Metal Show Axl interview

    Do any of you guys have this for download? I had this on my laptop when it came out but no longer have it. Would really appreciate if anyone can give me a hand with finding this!
  10. Only 1 UK date?

    Fuck sake I was clicking on the 16th, I'm booked up for London now too. Thanks guys Hopefully this will be killer!
  11. Only 1 UK date?

    I cant get any seated or standing on ticketmaster
  12. Only 1 UK date?

    Shower of cunts should have put a show in Glasgow. I tried for London, but I've had no joy. I'll just need to make do with Dublin Gdansk Prague Paris Buzzing!
  13. Great excuse to hit the drink. Going to be messy.
  14. San Juan 2010 PROSHOT Campaign

    Is there any proof of the House of Blues show being professionally filmed? was there cameras there that night? I still remember when that thread popped up and the guy had posted two still images of Axl and Finck from that show supposedly.
  15. Best MTV unplugged performance?

    Rod Stewart - some great renditions of his tunes on that gig.