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  1. New album this year rumour

    Even outwith the huge wait for Chinese Democracy, there have been countless threads like these over the last 6 years that actually haven't been helped by the members themselves, particularly Fortus and Ashba, who would normally give it the whole "seriously looking into it when the tour raps up" yada yada. I just don't get my hopes up anymore. Whatever happens though, I honestly hope we get those songs from the late 90's where that ginger cunt will be singing like a man possessed. Does anyone know where the rumour started with Axl allegedly putting down lead vocals on Going Down? That is something I hope has happened.
  2. Pitman suing Axl

    Not that there was much chance, but I guess this pretty much guarantees that Silkworms will never be on an official GN'R release due to Pitman then being due royalties. I know that won't bother many, but that snippet that leaked sounder 10 times better than the live efforts from Rio/HOB.
  3. Tracks 1-7 are amongst the best songs recorded under the GN'R name IMO, tracks 8-12 I really like but I feel my life would have benefited without hearing the bottom two. However, Scraped was half decent live. 1. Better 2. The Blues 3. Prostitute 4. Catcher In The Rye (If it were in the same style as the demo, it would be top.) 5. There Was A Time 6. IRS 7. Madagascar 8. This I Love 9. Sorry 10. Chinese Democracy 11. Shacklers Revenge 12. If The World 13. Riad N' The Bedouins 14. Scraped
  4. What Are You Listening To 2016

    I sickened myself with The Beatles years ago because I listened to them so much, but While My Guitar Gently Weeps came on my iPod when it was on shuffle, so started playing through George's 'All Things Must Pass'.
  5. Fucking hell, some people are so hard to please. From a GN'R point of view, Axl has not sounded that good in over 5 years. I'm buzzing to go and see this carnage in Manchester!!
  6. Favorite GN'R drummer

    Brain. Absolutely loved his take on the songs during the 01/02 shows/tours and his drumming on Chinese Democracy is incredible.
  7. Do you guys think the Euro tour will continue this year? Surely they must have something big in discussion to mark the 30th anniversary of Appetite next year?
  8. Axl says that he is keen on playing further dates if everything falls into place. Interviewer asks if they would ever record together, Axl jokes that the interviewer should write an album for him to sing to hand to Angus to put him in the good books.
  9. I wasn't expecting it to be split up into parts, I was originally going to get up at 7am, thinking it was going to be played in it's entirety, but thank fuck I slept in! 45 minute intervals, disgrace!
  10. Axl - Thunderstruck Full Rehearsal

    Holy fucking christ. He sounds fucking glorious.
  11. With what I'm currently feeling; Rocket Queen Move To The City November Rain I'm very surprised to see Don't Cry have so few votes.
  12. Estranged Since I Don't Have You The Blues
  13. Axl/DC Roll Call

  14. This is thefirst step in his next venture... Pitman will be on the phone asking him to replace Ferrer in that horrible electronic side project they had.