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  1. I'd love to see this return to the set and for Prostitute to be played. I've got two more gigs left, here's hoping one of them gets played!
  2. Anyone know if there are places punting left over T-Shirts from the shows? I was unfortunate not pick up any Slane or London bullet logo designs.
  3. Anyone selling a Golden Circle ticket? Willing to swap two general admissions for one or can pay cash.
  4. I am burst from that experience. What a show. The crowd were outstanding and the band were on top of their game. Has Axl had to tell the crowd to chill the fuck out yet in this 2017 run?
  5. All tongue in cheek stuff, my deepest sympathies if you were deeply offended.
  6. Yeah man, we're all fucking nuts though, as is that ginger mentalist! Hope you had a great time at both shows!
  7. Champion man, thank you very much!
  8. I've made an arse of my travel plans and I'm arriving into Modlin then have bus tickets to Gdansk. Are trains from Warsaw to Gdansk running regularly?
  9. Naa, just no love for old Lizzy. The only Queen I acknowledge consisted of 4 fellas. The best part about Axl singing that though was people around me started singing the chorus to World In Motion randomly.
  10. I'd actually really enjoyed the show. Axl wasn't at his best at Slane, which is expected after months out of touring, but now that they've played several shows, you could tell his voice has improved as a result. Obviously some of the stuff wasn't as strong as what it could be, but for the most part I thought he was spot on. Raging that he burst into happy birthday for that old trout in Buckingham Palace though. The only way he will redeem himself is if he covers something by the Wolfetones at one of the gigs on the tour, as he missed his chance in Ireland.
  11. You are an absolute champion. Thanks for the share once again man!
  12. I believe Brian is in the States currently! Off topic, I've came across quite a few of your bootlegs recently, thank you for the great uploads!
  13. Here's a link to the whole show man, courtesy of GNR Bootlegs! Check out the fella's facebook page, there is lots of content on there!
  14. Here you are man, it isn't FLAC unfortunately as I've been scouting for that the past few days myself. If anyone has a FLAC copy, please share! Guns N' Roses House Of Blues Las Vegas, Nevada, USA January 1st, 2001 Encoded: 256 Kbps MP3
  15. They weren't long past 20:00 in Slane, if you're not too fussed about the opening bands, I'd get yourself down around 19:00 to try and get a good spot.