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  1. Axl says that he is keen on playing further dates if everything falls into place. Interviewer asks if they would ever record together, Axl jokes that the interviewer should write an album for him to sing to hand to Angus to put him in the good books.
  2. I wasn't expecting it to be split up into parts, I was originally going to get up at 7am, thinking it was going to be played in it's entirety, but thank fuck I slept in! 45 minute intervals, disgrace!
  3. Axl - Thunderstruck Full Rehearsal

    Holy fucking christ. He sounds fucking glorious.
  4. With what I'm currently feeling; Rocket Queen Move To The City November Rain I'm very surprised to see Don't Cry have so few votes.
  5. Estranged Since I Don't Have You The Blues
  6. Axl/DC Roll Call

  7. This is thefirst step in his next venture... Pitman will be on the phone asking him to replace Ferrer in that horrible electronic side project they had.
  8. Intriguing. Were you part of his circle? Sorry for going off topic, but that is pretty cool!
  9. Anyone wondering what happened to Tommy?

    He always said that if the old guys wanted to get back in, he'd gladly step back and let them take their place. Out of all the guys that Axl has had in the band, I hold Stinson pretty highly with the best of them. Great player and his bass on Chinese Democracy is a burried gem.
  10. Naa, not for me. We're more likely to get more from CD, which hopefully is soon. Would love to hear Slash play The Blues.
  11. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Wembley Stadium? I'd be really impressed if they manage to sell that out.
  12. Never understood the love for them. I know they are two completely different bands, but Grohl's work with Foo Fighters is night and day in comparison with Nirvana. For me, anyway.
  13. Hopefully a nice continuation from yesterday... Axl sounded fucking ferocious on some parts. Just a matter of time until they are all firing on all cylinders. Enjoy yourself guys.
  14. YOU'RE CRAZY Friday, August 12, 2016 Seattle, WA CenturyLink Field I'd look into making a 4 day trip to the US from the UK. I was unfortunately let down by 2 friends for Coachella, but I'd definitely make go through with this to see the 3 guys together again!
  15. 100% man! If you look at that Golden Gods performance, he was winded very easily and wouldn't manage to get through the verses. I know people hate how he has sounded from 2011 onward, but at least in 2011-12 he sounded strong while singing high pitched. That just sounds weak. Then compare it to last nights performance. He sounds fucking throaty for the majority and sings it better than he has done in some of the past shows in recent years. I'm excited to see what happens next. This will only get better.