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  1. I'll be there. Hoping for a homage to the Wolfetones to mix up the setlist.
  2. On a side note, I'd love to think they hit the studio to record a cover of Sailing. That sounded fucking glorious back in 2006 and obviously the last thing we need is covers, but I would definitely make an exception for that.
  3. I will never forget watching that Rio stream live. Everyone was excited at the prospect of having the first HD Proshot from a show, and with the way the band performed throughout 2010, we had every right to be excited but then when push came to shove, his level of performance was nowhere near the high standard he set the previous year, for whatever reason. I seen GN'R for the first time in 2012 at the Glasgow show. Axl had gotten himself into a routine by that point and put on a solid three hour show without doing much damage to his vocals. Gone were the long, high piercing screams for the intro to Jungle and in came a sort of rehearsed short burst that showcased a portion of his range. Quite a lot of fans took to the board to slate the state of his voice, disgruntled at how far, in their opinion, that he had fallen in such a short space of time. I was happy at the standard of show the band were putting on and I liked Axl's voice on the most part but I did agree that his voice had lost a lot of grit and control that he had in 2010. The latter half of 2012, we had the fiasco of Bridge School, an acoustic show, which we also had in 2010 where Axl knocked it out the park, but his level of performance, apparently when he had strep throat, was ridiculed on quite a lot of news outlets. I'm sat here typing this out and decided to put the Golden Gods performance on to accompany my thoughts. I remember the day that happened. I was sat in a lecture, watching Axl, with Duff, struggling his way through the set with weak and inconsistent yelps, and I thought to myself what the fuck? In such a short space of time, I felt his performance had dropped drastically, and with DJ Ashba pissing all over Sweet Child O' Mine with that intro, I was beginning to lose faith. I still came on this board through all the inactivity, but those performances dealt blows. There is only so much you can do to defend the man, but he done himself no favours with some of the performances he churned out when the cameras were on. Anyway, band members start falling one by one, and no one knows what the fuck is happening. Then we get the ridiculous AC/DC rumours. What the fuck? Everyone passed it off, thinking it was just a lot of shite churned out by the media, but I find it hard to put into words when the fella found out where Angus and co were rehearsing in Lisbon, and posted the clips that he recorded. The buzz I got hearing that ginger mentalist belt out Thunderstruck, the first tune I heard, was unbelievable. That signature high pitched voice, just fucking killing it. He still had it in him. Faith was restored. And here I am, I was lucky enough to see it first hand in Manchester too and Axl killed it. 100 times better than anything I've seen or heard from 2011 on ward. TL;DR Axl, for me, showed in some of his live performances that he had lost a lot of his range from 2011-2014. He just seemed to be going through the motions. I feel the standard of performances from 2016- are vastly superior to anything he's done from the 2011-14 period and feel it's evident when you watch and listen to those first Vegas shows or even Coachella and compare it to one of the shows from the Vegas residency, the 2012 one in particular.
  4. No order Discovery - Daft Punk Singles - Future Islands Music Complete - New Order The Sunshine Underground - The Sunshine Underground Made In Heaven - Queen Chinese Democracy - Guns N' Roses Back In Black - ACDC Band On The Run - Wings All Things Must Pass - George Harrison The Game - Queen
  5. I still listen to it regularly. Frightening that it has been 4 years since it first leaked. When it leaked, someone close to the band allegedly said that Axl laid down lead vocals for it, is there any truth in that? I would love to hear it on an official release at some point.
  6. It is indeed my friend EDIT: Still looking for this, any help would be great!
  7. There was a bootleg of this in outstanding quality, could anyone please re-upload for me? Great gig and fantastic night, check out the videos I recorded.
  8. That's pretty cool. Mad that he chose Jimmy Kimmel to talk to about all of that though.
  9. The China Exchange he mentions that he gets the most enjoyment out of playing the CD stuff and it was a big part of his professional career and personal when you think of the time span. There will be, without a doubt, a lot of gems that the man is sitting on.
  10. This would work well as part of a future boxset compilation. However the likelihood of us ever receiving such is very slim. As much as I'd like to hear some of the remixes, I'm not overly bothered if they never see the light of day. However, the work that Axl done during the Chinese Democracy sessions that are completed songs I would love to hear and hope to god they feature in a release that is hopefully sooner rather than later. Some of those titles just sound so interesting; Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul Atlas Shrugged Ides of March etc etc That's not to say that they'll definitely be good songs, however everything thing that ginger cunt sings on is 9 times out of 10 fucking incredible anyway.
  11. Interesting take man, I remember all of that well. It makes sense when you put them all together, but I never knew if 'Stay of Execution' was going to be an album title or what his intent was in trademarking it, and then the photo in the studio. I suppose at that time I had just been disappointed so many times that I stopped looking for activity. Axl has taken a lot of criticism since Rock in Rio 2011, and some of it is merited, as to me, that concert looked like he hadn't put in the effort in the 10 months that followed the end of the 09/10 tour to maintain the level that he was hitting at that time. Bridge School and Golden Gods, to me more than anything, those were hard ones to watch. They say strep throat was the cause of the Bridge School shenanigans, but listening to him struggle with Welcome to the Jungle, a song he always nails, was brutal. I was beginning to lose faith And then this leaks: I just hope that we get something at the end of this. Axl for me sounded outstanding on Chinese Democracy and the fact that he has finished recordings of songs from that era can only be good. However if they want to record anything new, I'm all for that aswell, but I'd love to here what he came up with throughout those CD years. Hopefully an interesting few years ahead.