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  1. Would you be happy that instead of finishing with Paradise City at Coachella, they brought out Tommy Stinson to sing Going Down instead? In all seriousness, had you offered me new music or a reunion, I'd have taken new music every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  2. 2013 Discussion Thread

    I was actually thinking about this last night. I stayed up for the Rio gig in 2011 and was devastated by that shambolic performance. Then a month later we got the interview on That Metal Show which indicated that Axl was probably going to spend 11-12 touring Chinese Democracy, which was frustrating, but I was fine with. I seen them in Glasgow in 2012 and fucking loved it, it was brilliant, albeit the setlist was the same as all of the bootlegs that I'd listened to from months prior. It just seemed that when they wrapped up touring, that 2013 was the most likely outcome for the rest of the Chinese Democracy material to be officially released. What a let down. At least we finally got to hear Going Down, which was an absolute treat, especially hearing that distinct voice in a studio setting. So many missed opportunities. It's a shame.
  3. There will be talk of "Like every band, we've experienced changes over the years and it's just another one of those things..." Will you guys be pissed if it's pretty much the same setlist that Axl has toured the last 5 years? What if they don't replace the Chinese Democracy songs and just play for less than two hours, would you guys still be happy? Out with the frustration that there will probably not be new material, I'm looking forward to seeing Slash play November Rain and Estranged. EDIT: Also chat of Halloween trees, followed by tweets from Josh Freese saying Uncle Axl is cool like his mum for having such a delight in his home.
  4. I dunno why the casual listeners find This I Love and Sorry as two of the better tracks on Chinese Democracy. Street of Dreams should never have been below those two.
  5. I reckon their best shot at having a single make any noise on the charts would be for the band to re-record one of the songs that Axl created during the Chinese Democracy sessions. You'd have a song written by a 37 year old man who had a lot to write and sing about, along with being at his peak vocally in a studio setting. If they were to ditch all other ideas, I honestly can't imagine the material that would be released by guys that are all over 50 sounding too appealing, especially going by past reunion albums etc. I hope I'm wrong on both accounts, as I really would like to hear all of the Chinese Democracy era in their original form with no additions from Bumblefoot and definitely not Ashba.
  6. From the last 4 years, those two along with a few others are the video's I go back to. Definitely sounds better on Rocket Queen than a lot of the other recordings from the '11-'14 period. May be to do with the sound quality of them too, as the version of Don't Cry makes the guitar and bass sound amazing, plus, Duff is there.
  7. Two of my favorites. There was a great video of the Camden performance, but has since been taken down.
  8. Tommy Stinson OUT ? (new interview)

    He has a great sound, something which Guns needed after Duff left. Tommy was a great fit for the band during the Buckethead era, especially considering the early performances of the Chinese Democracy songs had more of a punk feel to it. It's all about what you're into and what sounds good to your ears, but much like the album itself, Tommy's bass is really under-appreciated on the album.
  9. Tommy Stinson OUT ? (new interview)

    Great servant and done the role justice. You could tell from earlier interviews that he took a lot of pride in the album that he and the new guys created under the GN'R name. His bass playing on Chinese Democracy is a hidden gem.
  10. I really liked it. There was a lot of interest in the song after it appeared on the Rio set list and to finally hear not only the song, but Axl's incredible backing vocals was a relief. I've seen people mention that someone from TB mentioned that on the finished version Axl sings lead...is there any proof of this?
  11. Dear Fermanager,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer some of these questions, it's much appreciated. Were you present with Axl during the sessions of him re-recording vocals from Live Era? What's your opinion on that album as a whole? The vocals are flawless and I don't think I've heard a better vocal performance than on that album, particularly Rocket Queen. I believe that the vocal performances on Chinese Democracy and Live Era are why I am still here. There is no one out there that is better as a vocalist, performer and as a songwriter, it's just really frustrating that there is no regular output of music or any other material for us to enjoy and the reason to that has never really been mentioned. Has Axl layed down vocals on anything since the release of the Chinese Democracy? How is he sounding in the studio if so? Is he still writing songs? Thank you once again Fernando, I hope you're well.
  12. Sympathy for the Devil--opinions?

    Miles better than the Stones version imo
  13. Was it not that he compiled loads of footage to merge into a whole show? He had mastered the audio etc...I was really looking forward to that.