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  1. Tons of bands will come, in different directions than you may prefer, and you can either like it, or hate it. However, the so called rock connoisseurs (@DieselDaisy and @Len Cnut) will most likely hate them all, because their opinions are not subjective, they are fact. And if it ain't that old time rock n roll, it ain't good
  2. All he wants to really do is promote what he is doing at the moment, but keeps getting asked the same questions about GNR that he doesn't want to answer because he doesn't want to talk bad about Axl/Team Brazil
  3. Shame my S7 is unsupported by the app
  4. Plot twist: Buckethead is using the claws of dead chickens to produce Slash's next hit single. Those dead chickens died from the bumblefoot bacterial infection
  5. Maybe they're announcing a new date on the radio to reach the older fans who don't use the internet for much, if at all.
  6. Buckethead

    According to some Redditors, the pike service said its going to be new Bucketheadland album
  7. He recently reunited with his former band mates and are currently on a stadium tour
  8. How cool, never knew they had met.
  9. Matt says they are similar in that they are an emotional release on Axl's part. I added this to my post, but I'll post it here too. "We had twenty-seven songs to record, and some of them---like "November Rain," "Coma", and "Locomotive"---were epic in length. Matt had to learn all the songs in rehearsals and make charts of them for the recording sessions." - Duff So November Rain was already complete when Matt came in. ""Estranged" was a song that Axl had been working out on piano for a long time---he'd been playing the same parts over and over in Chicago and afterward; it was clear that it was working itself out in his head. I had started writing guitar parts for it back in Chicago, so it came together in no time once we focused on it. "November Rain" has been ready to go on Appetite for Destrcution, but since we already had "Sweet Child o' Mine", the majority of us agreed that we didn't need another ballad. Besides, the original demo of that song was eighteen minutes long, give or take, and none of us cared to conquer it in the studio at that point." - Slash What I deduce from this is that November Rain was already basically finished, and that Axl brought in Estranged later on, at the very least focusing on it in Chicago.