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  1. Working at a fast food joint, I took Dax Shepards order. He ordered his food without wearing any disguise. After I recognized him, he picked up his food his food wesring sunglasses indoors. Maybe he got spooked someone recognized him? Seemed polite nonetheless
  2. I have a perfect understanding of what Mickey is. He sounds Mickey on the same songs every night, except for when he sporadically screams. I don't need a self-professed connoisseur of a Disney cartoon character to tell me any different just because he has speech and debate experience.
  3. Buckethead was apparantly wrote the bridge the song, but he also wasn't credited. (I dont have a source for this, but apparantly it was Bumblefoot who said that Buckethead was the one who wrote the bridge riff after the first solo)
  4. I can confirm that Axl does sound like Mickey live, but when its blasted through your ears at 100dB, it doesn't sound so bad.
  5. "Thanks to the lame-ass security, im goin home"
  6. I know you guys probably arent in charge of what ads are on the forum, but every once in a while on my phone, i get those ads that redirect you to another page and vibrates your phone, claiming you have a virus or won something on a pop up dialog that continues to pop up unless you prevent the page from creating addiotional dialogues. Kind of annoying, but not really a big deal
  7. Yeah bro I just called him up like "Hey Salsh, what the fuck man"
  8. Finally the MYGNR CSI team has figured out the truth!
  9. The reason he sounds better live is because its being blasted loudly in to your ears. Not because cameras are unable to "capture" the sound. If that would be the case, then he would've sounded amazing on the Appetite for Democracy Blu ray.
  10. Your best bet is finding out what hotel they are staying at to catch a passing glimpse of them as they head into and out of the hotel, surrounded by "body guards"
  11. For if the world, hes mostly playing the little solo riffs. If you're talking about the Drop C riff, thats most likely Buckethead (its his tone). I personally don't think TIL is a good example of playing rhythm. Hes just doubling Robins guitar which, is just the sustained chord progression. I think CD and I.R.S. are better examples of BBF's rhythm style, because hes doing variation of the main riffs.
  12. I'm not saying he isn't. What I'm saying is CD is probably the only real thing to compare them as rhythm players (meaning playing rhythm to someone elses riffs). And its not even a good source for comparison when you can't pick anything out that Fortus is playing (or which rhythm part is which), while Bumblefoot is completely audible and louder than the other guitars. (Where as on Bumblefoot's solo work, he isn't playing rhythm to someone's riffs, he plays the same thing on either side as far as rhythm goes, with the exception of Abnormal, where hes only has two guitar tracks panned either side, alternating between playing lead and rhythm. In Art of Anarchy Bumblefoot sorta plays rhythm, but if it isn't a lead, he's playing the same thing as Jon Votta. And with Fortus on Love Split Love, he wasn't playing rhythm either, he was the only guitarist.)
  13. Axl "only" has/had a range of 5 octaves
  14. Thats my point. It can't be said that Bumblefoot was a better rhythm player than Fortus if you don't know what Fortus is playing in the first place. And yeah, I've listen to the rock band files tons. (Used them to recreate nearly every guitar part for Prostitute in Garageband, as well as everything else)