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  1. Butch Vig, just because I really like how big the drums usually sound on his records. (But I would like more dyamic range) Next wpuld be Brenden O Brien, just because when he worked on Libertad, he insisted that every member be present for every session
  2. That playlist and picture has been there for a while. I am sure them pushing it to their social media accounts means jack shit, other than the management trying to increase stream count (for popularity sake, or stream revenue), or to increase exposure to their "other" songs.
  3. When Fernando came to the forum and pretty much told us nothing. (Except for acknowledging that Axl knows he sings "like Mickey")
  4. "Release whatever you have left of the CD sessions. Be it under 'Guns N' Roses', or any other band name. Don't have wasted all those musicians (Brian May, Buckethead, Robin Finck, Josh Freese, Marco Beltrami) and producers time (Sean Beaven and Roy Thomas Baker) for nothing. People probably are going to dismiss it if you release it under 'Guns N' Roses', so I'd release it under a different band name, and not under you name, as a large portion of material was written without you. And unless its actually important to the song, remove Chris Pitman from the entirety of it. And don't fucking use 5 guitar tracks of the same thing. Unique overdubs are fine, but not 5 tracks that are literally playing the same thing. And restore the original guitar solos that have been replaced." Then after he does that "Stop wasting Slash and Duff's time, write something together and release it"
  5. Oops sorry! I just falsely assume everyone on the internet is a guy for whatever reason. I will credit you as Ms. Fourteenbeers It could be management made them do it or be sued type of thing, especially because it was as a promo for their 2012 Vegas Residency
  6. Saw Mastodon on a whim two days ago. Holy fuck it was electrifying.
  7. Buckethead

    Coat of Charms (From the Coat of Charms Pike) is super relaxed and interesting. Jettison from the same Pike is very good and very ambient, but it alternates with what I think is metal and ambiance. Always Watching (from Heaven is Your Home) is one of my favorites. Monument Valley is a different type of relaxed, more moody, but still relatively easy going Also if you haven't checked out the Electric Tears album, you should.
  8. Buckethead is my favorite. I think his solo work is too good and that he should be in a real band. I never minded Gilby, but he didn't even play Izzy's parts on WTTJ correctly, among other songs.
  9. John Dolmayan on drums. For new material I'd like to see his heavy drumming on it. Daron Malakian just to make Slash write music in different tunings other than Eb and Drop D
  10. Shadow of Your Love was released on Live from the Jungle
  11. Better than Silkworms?
  12. Rocket Queen goes higher than that note he keeps hitting that Salt of the Earth performance. As does Back in Black
  13. Going to see Mastodon on the 20th on a whim
  14. I like PRIDE. and the second half of XXX. mainly because of the instrumentation, not so much for the rapping itself