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  1. Maybe be not the same person, but two different people that share the same qualities
  2. Wow was it on purpose? I accidentally ripped off Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4" in a different tuning and tempo (which is apparently a common progression that has been used by Led Zeppelin, Green Day, The Beatles, the White Stripes etc). I also 100% know that I inadvertently ripped off a part of some old rock n roll song, but have no idea what it is. Sounds familiar, but no dice. Feel free to pm me anytime man.
  3. I remember reading that he had it taken out. I don't have a source though.
  4. I deleted the thread. I feel like even though it started as a thread about how i inadvertently wrote existing riffs/similar riffs, It wasnt focused enough on the original question and instead went about my general opinion of what I feel is the unfair pigeonholing of musicians/artists that share similar traits, but are lumped into categories that demean the artists. (Such as a small band called Sloth just being just a hard-rock-wanna-be Tool. Or how Buckethead is just a souless shredder. Or how Slash doesn't know how to do anything besides simple pentatonics. Or if you tap, you're just another Eddie Van Halen rip off. And the apparant music afficionados who tear them apart are only doing it to defend their idols who they believe to be the original pioneer of the idea, without ever even having listened to the bulk of their material.)
  5. Im pretty sure that AC/DC would get murdered by their fanbase for not releasing a proshot with Brian Johnson. That being said, I would love to see it
  6. That moron looking guy contributed the bridge for Better
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers did also get Dave Navarro, and although I liked One Hot Minute quite a bit, it definetly wasn't the style that people expected from them
  8. No particular order: John Frusciante Daron Malakian Slash Buckethead James Hetfield Kirk Hammett Tony Iommi Bumblefoot Myles Kennedy Mark Tremonti
  9. Full interview with Bumblefoot in the studio and Scott Stapp on the phone on Eddie Trunk
  10. Good on Bumblefoot. Didn't like his playing on preexisting GNR/newGNR songs, but would have liked to hear new Axl/Bumblefoot/Fortus/Tommy material, as I enjoy his solo material quite a bit. Must have sucked to not be able to talk about anything about the band your in
  11. Axl messes up the same section of Civil War at both nights of RiR. Two nights in a row!
  12. Well there could probably be a studio version on his computer just to keep track of what he played/how the song goes, but only meant for rehearsal purposes. Especially now that its very cheap to have a microphone and an interface to record basic tracks. Bumblefoot recorded and released the Pink Panther theme cover with Richard, Tommy, Frank, and Asbha (which still stands as the only recording released by the 09-14 band), and Richard Fortus recorded the James Bond theme cover for Guitar Hero. I think Ashba should might as well release it for the sole reason of "just because"
  13. Thanks. Everything is MIDI/fake. And I did this on the iPhone version. The piano was the main thing I wanted to be correct, just so I could hear what Axl was playing, so its great to hear that it actually sounds right to someone else lol.
  14. No those are the leaks. Thats how it came out as far as i know. As a preview clip