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  1. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Don’t you know that those graphs and data points are paid for by George Soros as part of his deep state conspiracy to force you to wear masks? Duh. #fakenews #q 🙄
  2. Slash and Spinal Tap!

  3. Groundhog Day was adapted into a broadway musical, for which there is an official cast album recording. Basically what I'm saying is Groundhog Day resulted in new music faster than GN'R.
  4. I love this conversation about a GNR/Brian May collaboration acting like it's a hypothetical, as opposed to a thing that happened that we have literally heard with our ears.
  5. Can something be secret that doesn't exist? I mean, I don't think GN'R are holding back any information. I just don't think they're doing fuck all.
  6. RussTCB Stepping Down

    Damn, one twitter feud between Axl and a member of the president’s cabinet was all it took to send @RussTCB running for the hills eh? In all seriousness, thanks for everything man. This place has gone through lots of ups and downs, but your presence has definitely increased the ups. Hope stepping away from the staff role helps you to enjoy the day to day around this nuthouse a little more.
  7. NITL live videos on youtube

    I mean Team Brazil’s reactions to fan-filmed concert YouTube videos is damn near leaving the uploders a voicemail threatening to murder them and their families Cornette style, so you aren’t too far off.
  8. Probably insurance-based wording. Whether or not a pandemic qualifies as a force majeur is up for debate. Government-imposed cancelations are less of a grey area.
  9. No, and he literally replied to Mnuchin saying "I'm not a government official, I'm not the one who should be held responsible right now." Axl Rose is an out-of-work middle-aged rock star tweeting his opinion. Steve Mnuchin is Secretary of the Treasury in the midst of a massive economic crisis who is spending his time vanity-searching his own name and replying to critical tweets. One of those seems significantly more worthy of criticism than the other to me.
  10. Chinese Democracy Live Era '00-14

    Couldn't agree more. Ponytail/goatee/leather vest Axl was a different animal. Hungry and out there to prove himself with a band so dialed in and locked in on their parts. Those couple of years generated some truly unbelievable performances. Robin/Bumble/4tus was a remarkable trio that fit so goddamn well together. Not sure there's ever been an era of Guns that matches that lineup for me.
  11. We now believe even more. Susan is better than the other one.
  12. Guns N Roses, where band members’ wives and housekeepers are the best source of information. You wanted the best? Well they didn’t fuckin’ make it, indeed.
  13. “Axl’s voice sounds fine, guys! You’re just used to hearing it with fans around. Just because there no background noise doesn’t mean his voice is bad or anything.” The next evolution in the YouTube-Makes-Him-Sound-Bad debate.
  14. To be fair, Slash and Duff have a new record out. And I don’t see anyone here bitching about Ozzy’s voice or Chad Smith’s drumming. So maybe that’s it and it was a soaring success?