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  1. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    205 and NXT are both as good as they've ever been. The other 5hrs per week of content is drivel. Thank god we have BOSJ as a palate cleanser.
  2. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I agree, assuming Kenny is staying. I could see him winning the belt at Dominion, dropping to Kota at the dome, and debuting in the Royal Rumble, too. He's got the ball in his court as far as that goes.
  3. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    If I'm booking it, Okada gets the first fall, Omega wins the next two, Kota wins the G1.
  4. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    If it does, it's a wasted opportunity. They've done 3 matches so far, with each getting one fall (crowd: ONE FALL!) and one 60min broadway, which totalled over 2hrs of total match time. If we assume this thing goes the full Three falls, there is no reason this thing shouldn't go 2hrs.... oh man am I excited! Even without List Ingubernables De Jericho, this show is going to be off the chain just for that.
  5. Midnight of the eat coast of the US I beleieve.
  6. Universal Music Group. The record label.
  7. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I'm expecting Cass to eliminate Bryan and Braun to win. But who fucking cares anymore?
  8. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    If you haven't watched Impact's Redemption show yet, I highly recommend that you do. It's one of the best shows they've done in years. Looking forward to watching their relationship with Lucha grow.
  9. Yup, Slash booked one show, clearly the band is over.
  10. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    The Living Legend is now, sadly, just the Legend. RIP to the greatest champ of all time, Bruno Samartino.
  11. Ghost

    Absolutely blistering. Glad to see them go a bit heavier than they did with the last record. Can't wait to hear the rest. And agree with everyone, I'm clamoring for some US shows!
  12. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    It definitely wasn't more than just a good match, but I'm provisionally OK with that in context. This wasn't the end, it was the beginning. A great match here with a handshake would have been a one-off. But this wasn't the whole story, it was only chapter 1. Was it Omega-Okada? No, clearly not. But the business of the match was AJ winning and Shin turning. And with the right build, Summer Slam or later when they ultimately pay this all off could be that much better. Also, lol everyone shocked that Shinsuke turned. Only Americans whose understanding of Nakamura started with his Zayn match think of him as this primarily "good guy" persona. Glad to see him introduce a little Chaos this weekend.
  13. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Brock knows EXACTLY how to hardway his opponents. Roman looked great with that crimson mask. Show was solidly average. Not bad workrate-wise, less than satisfying in lots of the payoffs a la Mania 32, but I didn't dislike any of the matches and didn't feel like I'd wasted any time.
  14. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    In addition to the fact that blind items tend to be overwhelmingly false, such a contract provision would be pretty blatantly illegal, and WWE's legal team would almost certainly never agree to anything so ludicrous.