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  1. Dunno if this youre limiting this soley to line 6 amps, but i use a Fender Mustang III amp. Different effects and all that built in, its pretty cool that it has all these things built in, but i feel someday im gonna go for actual pedals/seperate amp. But as my first real amp its good. It has a JCM 800 model which i usually use. I also downloaded a RHCP preset to use whenever i play RHCP songs which sounds close enough.
  2. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    Are you at liberty to say if it was cool?
  3. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    "Security Fuckhead"
  4. Cool, but, unless im missing something, kind of sucks that even though he sat down for an hour, all we get is a tiny article
  5. Art Of Anarchy To Release Album, Tour With New Singer

    So its the Votta brothers that are suing
  6. BBF did record the Pink Panther theme. Infact its probably the only the only song released by tje 2009-2014 band (they all recorded their parts, even DJ Ashba even thoufh it seems like he never actually played rhythm on it onstage). As for OP, it was officially released by BBF on his website. Go buy it
  7. What sort of music video would GNR do?

    We know that Axl had Mickey Rourke agree to play the shackler for Shacklers Revenge if a video was ever made (in exchange for offering a discounted price to use SCOM in "The Wrestler"), so I'm guessing Axl would still like to make a story based music video in addition to making a MV using just live video clips (as was made for Better)
  8. I always thought that TWAT sounded like a mess. Frank is fucking around too much iirc, Fortus is banging away on vhords rather than sustaining them (which although might be boring for him, fits the song better), and you can't hear the piano at all. Duff is playing the chorus bass riff differently, idk if i like it better or not. Pretty much the ending solo is obscured by the rest of the band fucking around because the chord progression is the same for 3 minutes straight (probably Duff included, but I honestly cant tell). Oh and Axl sounds like shit and never comes in and stops singing at the tight time right before the chorus. If Axls wants to sell the CD songs, he better sell them and blow people away vocally
  9. He doesnt give a fuck. I both admire and hate that
  10. Robin Fink Interview 2018

    Sone of the riffs in that are nice. Specially that last one
  11. Haveyou heard the antiquiet leak with Brain on it? You might like the ending more than what Frank did on it
  12. I love Brain, but wouldnt a virtuoso drummer be more of a Mike Portnoy type?
  13. That little bass lick right after the chorua is nice. But right as the verse goes into the chorus theres two sub bass things going on (one is sliding up notes and the other is doubling what the guitar is doing) where its kind like why bother with two if they are just at going to clash with each other and be indistinguishable. The chorus bass line is just duplicating what i assume is Buckethead's Drop C/C Standard guitar so nothing special going on there
  14. The chorus (the 2nd one especially) is awesome, but the rest of the song is meh.
  15. TWAT: Demo or Album Version?

    I like how powerful the choruses on the 99' TWAT sounded. The entire mix for that section is awesome to my ears. Especially with the different guitar riff (or rather, overlayed riffs) if i had to describe it, its like some weird fucked up John Frusciante thing.