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  1. Dj Ashba proves he is shitter than ever

    2:10 It aint Frusciante, but its melodic
  2. Everyone says Oh My God is Bumblefoot. To my ear is is 90% not him. The intro guitar is already present on the released version, the rhythm guitar doesn't sound like his tone at all (it doesn't match any guitar tone from any of his albums) The solo is classic bucket using either a single coil guitar or using the coil tap thing on his signature LP with a whammy pedal and the ending guitar is already on the album. I hear no BBF-ness on it
  3. no dude thats instrumental #78 https://youtu.be/nQAQ3asp8wI
  4. I dont know anything of substance pertaining to chinese politics and have never seen the movie he was inspired by to write the lyrics, so I have nothing to add
  5. Brain plays on Sorry on the album. Very likely that he also plays on the leak
  6. Buckethead

    This is is long, but never repetitive. Honestly has some of his best heavy/groovy metal riffs. Just chug chug chug chug. Let me know what you think
  7. Chinese Democracy: Rockband version

    Another thing is some songs are missing album version guitars. Most notable is the title track is missing Robin and Pauls leads during the verses, and Sorry is missing Robins acoustic guitar during the verses. I think street of dreams is missing Robins guitar (which is totally buried on the mix on the album) but i can't remember Also some songs are mixed way differently. On Better, during the bridge riff, you can actually hear Bumblefoots guitar, where as on the album he is in the mix during that riff. It sounds a little uneven and kind of wimpy the way it goes from the 1st solo to the bridge riff. The drums also sound way less smooth than the album on that song, they sound way too heavy
  8. Why no Street of Dreams?

    idk let me go ask Salsh and Axel
  9. Buckethead

    These might be bucketheads most well written clean songs Hes also got some songs that have mean fucking metal/rock riffs that I can recommend as well
  10. slash's hat

    slash needs his hat, fans seeing hin for the first time would be a lil disappointed
  11. Axls on the front page of reddit right now on r/PublicFreakout. Its a video of the St Louis 1991 show when he jumped into the crowd for the dude with the camera
  12. The "rock n roll"ones are chessy as fuck. Skeletons banging? I like the Better,CITR ones the most. The speech "captions" overlayed on a live video on Madagascar looks fucking awesome IMO The Coma one is pretty cool too
  13. chris jericho is kinda getting chubby now. You would think hed be able to maintain a low body fat percentage like The Rock
  14. State of Grace should have been performed in full at the 2002 VMAs. The bands image (mainly Finck Tommy and Bucket) would have fit better with that song imo. Plus seems like it would be all around easier to sing for Axl. 1st half is lower register, and he seemed to handle sustained high notes better than he did with the "rapping" verses of say Paradise City at the time