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  1. Maybe not the best, but i fucking love this song
  2. Thoughts on Madagascar?

    I like the chord progression in the solo section
  3. Its still there in the US
  4. I can play Better on rhythm perfectly. I can play Prostitute nearly perfect. The verse guitar work isnt really complicated, but I can play both Robins and Buckets verses parts. I also know the overdubs during the "chorus". I cant solo for shit though lol. I can play Izzy's WTTJ part farily accurate
  5. In other news, i have just noticed "Oh My God"is finally on spotify if it wasnt there before. (End of Days soundtrack)
  6. Izzy’s guitar tone

    As all others have said: single coil guitars were used on UYI tour (live era) as well as different amps. I also think he used way less gain than he did on the AFD days
  7. [Sons Of Apollo] 'Psychotic Symphony'

    New video
  8. System of a Down

    I fucking loved them. The riff that comes right before the chrous in B.Y.O.B. is probably still my favorite riff. Some songs have very prog elements to them (with some songs i am willing to call prog metal/rock). I always they thought they had the smoothest transitions from heavy to soft sections
  9. **FANMADE** There Was A Time Acoustic w Axl Vocal

    its a fanmade cover. i think the original is without vocals
  10. **FANMADE** There Was A Time Acoustic w Axl Vocal

    i always thought this would be better if they didnt double the vocal melody with the guitar the way they did here
  11. Chinese democracy Leaks

    Body of lies version seems to me like a cut of the album version
  12. It is Robin for the 1st part you can tell when they played ot live
  13. Aren't we over exaggerating things a bit now
  14. That compilation album is on itunes