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  1. new solo

    Maybe utilize sustained notes more, instead of picking the same note 5 times. The run around 0:16 is pretty cool
  2. I mostly agree, but one thing that I always thought sounded similar in quality and tone was the way he hit the "oh freed of oll the chains" line from the 2002 VMAs Madagascar performance and the way he hits "all i ever wanted was for you to know..." from the album version of rocket queen Sounds way more strong when he hits the notes head on, rather than trailing up from his lower register
  3. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    CD was not a solo project. My reasoning: the amount of music that Axl did not write. Based on the chinese whispers thread and ASCAP credits,I am fairly certain the only songs that Axl wrote the majority of the core music was TIL and Madagascar. Prostitute is next on the list because theres no doubt in my mind that Axl wrote the verse piano part, but who knows who thought of the chord progressions for everything else (chorus, double bass part etc); couldve been Finck or Tobias. Not to mention that while he may have helped write some string parts,the majority of that task was taken on by film composer Marco Beltrami. Thats not to say that Axl didn't arrange all of the songs himself, as im sure he did (for 10 years) Most if not all the guitar riffs were written by the band members. (All the guitar riffs in Better were written by Finck,Fortus, and Buckethead, CDs main riff was written by Josh Freese, Shacklers and Scraped was written by Buckethead and Brain, Riads main riff was probably written by Tommy, I.R.S.s riffs were probably written entirely by Tobias and judging from the organ parts, Dizzy Reed)
  4. He looks a little bloated. Could the years are just catching up with him in his face. As for his speaking, he sounds like typical Duff: stuttering a little, taking a moment to find the words,with some very slight slurring
  5. My guess is something to do with the rights/permissions involving the scenes with Terminator 2
  6. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Madagascar is not Chris Pitman's golden contribution. He himself said that Axl was messing around and came up with the horn progression on his own. Not to mention the fact that well known film composer Marco Beltrami arranged the strings/orchestra on this song (along with There Was a Time, Prostitute, This I Love, and Street of Dreams and several unreleased tracks) I think Axl's 2006 tone quality surpasses all others in terms of a powerful screaming voice I liked the 2006 cornrows
  7. New Buckethead Pikes Discussion

    Really long for one song but this is my favorite. Blissful heavy metal I love it because its focused on its ever changing song structure, and not around guitar solos. If you heat the entire thing, what do you think of it