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  1. Sons of Apollo (Bumblefoots Band)

    That riff is cool as shit. Hopefully the song just like thatL little drum intro then straight into the meat and potatoes
  2. Juice Wrld Dead at 21

    Didnt really like his voice as much as other current rappers, but its still sad
  3. Sons of Apollo (Bumblefoots Band)

    In honor of my general dislike for rock synth keyboardists prominence in a mix, i present this. Personally I think it sounds much better (even with the horrid codec compression)
  4. Josh or Brain

    Josh for sure. But to be fair Axl told Brain to play what Josh played, so who knows how he would have interpreted the songs if Axl just said "do whatever". Which oddly enough is exactly how Frank ruined the title track, by interpreting it as a boring song that needs the blandest beat ever
  5. The solo section of Mustache is cool as shit (Bucket?). The middle section of Tonto is also cool (palmmuted possibly downtuned guitar?) Fincks slow solo in Quick Song is very nice
  6. yeah haha that's very likely. Prostitute still throws me off when im expecting the drum machines
  7. Ah yeah i can see that. Caught me off guard at first but I warmed up to it alot. But then i thought how do you even drum to a horn section without it just being a marching band snare roll
  8. Video Games You Never Finished

    Resident Evil 4. Finished the first disc. Then the 2nd disc kept just being more of the same so I lost interest
  9. Madagascar is done His thoughts: "the drums at the end are pretty epic. i like the sound of the electronic drum sounds also"
  10. Scraped has been completed He listened to an instrumental version of the song without most of BBF's guitars (with the exception of the vocals that are left in the "other instruments" track of the multitrack) His thought's on the album version: "haha I did the exact same snare thing at 0:31, but damn that tom beat is sweet. i really like the original. the main beats are very different than what i played. i like that tom beat a lot though" Talking about the first verse riff and the chorus: "yea I was really feeling that bass line and felt it should be almost funky there. I thought how I did those big chorus's with the slower feel was cool. I notice in the original the tempo feel doesnt change"
  11. Disney+

    If you like "typical" feel good sports movies, Remember the Titans, The Rookie, and Invincible are all good watches
  12. Im sure Ive heard Paradise City or WTTJ everywhere, but first recognizable song i heard was the SCOM cover that was on guitar hero 2
  13. Q Sound mix

    Its different in that it sounds like shit IIRC. Maybe its whoever-did-the-transfer's fault wayback when. But its the same (or not noticably differently) mix but if it was played through an AM radio station. Also I might be getting it confused with either "Axls Advanced Copy" or Slash's Ruffs", but I think some of Izzys scratch guitar is different than the album. Its not amazing just a different take (for instance, Dont Damn Me's slow part is different than the album). Not that the Qsound versions arent interesting, an actual interesting thing worth checking out would be the MSFL remix/remasters of UYI that were done in 97'. More dynamic range and a slightly punchier low end/bass and kick.