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  1. I didnt like the song, but then again, my tastes have veered away from this type of rock. Franks groove was fine, but theres not a lot of way to fuck this type of song up. I thought the first part of Fortus solo was cool, but I agree that the change to a fuzzy tone mid solo was jarring. Also, that snare sound is bleh. If i could compare it to something, it be a coconut. That is a coconut snare. Similar to sorums sound on Contraband.
  2. All I can add to this is, in one of the 2009 shows, Axl made a joke, something like "So before he died, Michael had this doctor he wanted me to see"
  3. NITL live videos on youtube

    Found this enjoyable
  4. Need your help!

    If soundboards would be included, ask the guy who does Metallica or Red Hot Chili Peppers mixes for the official soundboards to mix them
  5. Need your help!

    Regardless if this is all bullshit, I just want Izzys guitar to be 4dB louder in the mix, and Dizzy Reed to be 15dB lower And all the music videos scanned in 4k (bc you know they used film for some portions)
  6. WTF Finck Solo

    I liked Robins SCOM solo, and most of the embelishments that he put on his take, but let's not forget who wrote the solo
  7. Extremely puzzled to hear about the hetfield thing, especially considering a black (Jamaican) guitarist was featured on the first relased recording of 'hit the lights'. Maybe has to do with the fact that Ice T is a an American black guy? At any rate, 27 years later, I would hope that he has matured as a person
  8. Good vocal performance by scott
  9. Police culture in different countries

    Curious to know what the budgets are for police around the world. The Los Angeles PD was set to have its opersting budget increased to $1.86 billion, but has instead cut 100-150 million
  10. Live playing energy

    I for one never liked Gilby Clark's onstage moves. Coupled with the fact that he didnt play YCBMs main riff correctly, or most (if any) of Izzy's parts correctly. I also didn't like his rhythm guitar for Beggars and Hamgers On, and although his riff for "Good to Be Alive" was a pretty cool standard rock n roll riff, albiet in a descending chromatic which is unique for a blues based riff, Slash elevated his riff At least Fortus actually bothered to learn Izzy's parts
  11. I like the mix: drums sound great, Axls voice is mixed great, but guitars are too low in the mix (especially Robin's)
  12. NITL live videos on youtube

    Very cool, but can we get the guys who mix Metallica's or the Red Hot Chili Pepper's soundboards on this?
  13. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    Was gonna go see Rage (Coachella 1st weekend, Indio), System of a Down (LA)