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  1. I love Brain, but wouldnt a virtuoso drummer be more of a Mike Portnoy type?
  2. That little bass lick right after the chorua is nice. But right as the verse goes into the chorus theres two sub bass things going on (one is sliding up notes and the other is doubling what the guitar is doing) where its kind like why bother with two if they are just at going to clash with each other and be indistinguishable. The chorus bass line is just duplicating what i assume is Buckethead's Drop C/C Standard guitar so nothing special going on there
  3. The chorus (the 2nd one especially) is awesome, but the rest of the song is meh.
  4. TWAT: Demo or Album Version?

    I like how powerful the choruses on the 99' TWAT sounded. The entire mix for that section is awesome to my ears. Especially with the different guitar riff (or rather, overlayed riffs) if i had to describe it, its like some weird fucked up John Frusciante thing.
  5. Best Izzy rhythm: Rocket Queen
  6. Always thought this song sucked live. Axl sang verse melody wrong everytime, and the chorus he sang what seems to be the backing vocal melody instead of the lead melody. Seems like Tommy never played in Drop B/B Standard. Fortus was the only one who actually played the verse riff correctly. Plus the godawful organ they used in place of the regular ambient synths in the verses. As for the best performance, i pick almost anything from 2010, just for Axls voice
  7. Its "i wanna see, how good it can be". Not just live lyrics he says that on the studio version
  8. Im like 90% sure that the 4:25 screech is him picking the string. The ending feedback screech seemed accidental. As for his tone, im sure hes using a mpre trebley tone to cut through all the noises
  9. In actuality, Duff is closer to Axl, seeing as the only passage way to get to Slash is through Axl's ass
  10. Budapest 2006 has the best vocal performance of Better where hes using his chest voice imo. But Robins solo is missing so cant really use that
  11. Request: Boston 2002 CD Radio Promo

    Thanks! Its better than nothing for sure
  12. Do we count this as Brain performaing Sorry live?
  13. Request: Boston 2002 CD Radio Promo

    Yeah could you please upload it
  14. Anyone have the longer version of this? I csnt seem to find it anymore. It was around a minute long IIRC Edit: and it had The Blues/SoD snippet as well