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  1. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Oops I meant the Getaway. Saw your above post
  2. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Have you heard their latest album? I think its good
  3. Mass Shooting at Walmart in El Paso

    Ban crazy people!
  4. I remember in an interview, Slash had said he'd bring new ideas in with the conspirators, and they'd say "woah that isn't 4/4". I hope if there ever is a new record, Slash develops more complex ideas (be it time signatures, or compostion) than what he has previously relied on in all his groups. What would be cool is the departures he has taken from his typical pentatonic classic rock style riffs, such as -Good to be Alive (killer chromatic riff progression in the prechorus) -American Man (the verses progression and his contrasting riff sounded different than what I expect from him, i'm sure someone else can describe it better for me) -Nothing to Say (palm muted metal riffing), -Speed Parade (a heavy metal style main riff, and a slower thrash metal type bridge) -Serial Killer (that fucking solo arpeggio thing was amazing), -Anastasia (neo classical intro riff) -She Mine (verses sounded "different") -Lost Inside the Girl (shit could be a James Bond theme. Swanky) -Beneath the Savage Sun (the metal riff that gets even more metal at the end when the drummer starts doing a little double bass action alongside Slash's palm muted pattern. Also that soothing arpeggio lead in the bridge) TL;DR I hope Slash does more metal/chromatic/grungey/arpeggiated leads/swanky shit
  5. The board itself looks like one you just ride, not do tricks on. And about the age thing, i think age doesnt matter. Tony Hawk still skateboards. Anthony Keidis and Flea still surf*
  6. Someone fill me in. I skimmed over everything. Did a new version of Going Down leak or is it still the same one that leaked in 2013. Or did something else leak Or are we all simply just discussing demo tapes and shit
  7. Sons of Apollo Live Album Coming, 08/2019

    Mix sounds better
  8. Sons of Apollo Live Album Coming, 08/2019

    Mix sounds dry as fuck. They should have hired who ever does the mixing for the red hot chili peppers/metallica live shows available for download
  9. Aggressive Music

    Pretty much anything with blast beats and thrash drum patterns combined gets my vote.
  10. Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits California

    Am in Inland Empire area, oddly enough didn't feel a thing
  11. Its moronic to think we deserve an explanation from anybody. Just hope hes fine
  12. Dj Ashba/bumblefoot Best Solos of Chinese Democracy Songs

    DJ is an abomination in GNR (TIL live solo included, Finck is miles better)
  13. Not to upset the Apple Cart

    Based on what hes done with the conspirators, I think Brent Fitz is an uninteresting drummer. Hes a simple beat kinda guy and I think Slash needs a drummer that will elevate his riffs. So I personally would give him a no