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  1. Questions Id liked asked to Fortus -anything surrounding the creativity of both Robin Finck and Buckethead in terms of music writing. What he thinks of both of them as song writers and creative forces. If hes heard any of Bucketheads solo work (if so which ones),and if he knows a anything about Fincks planned solo album that never materialized -has he heard Sons of Apollo (with BBF) -if he remembers the exact guitar parts he played on Chinese Democracy for the songs he appeared on
  2. What Are You Listening To 2019

  3. Michael Jackson

    According to Goldstein, yes. According to Slash, no. On another note, i like this song
  4. 1st one (Katrin) is worth a listen just for the transition in the 1st minute i like that part ALOT (when it goes into the horn section from the thrash-esque part) 2nd one (Dime) is their most known song (judging by crowd reactions). I used to like it alot, but i prefer the other songs if i had to choose 3rd (Puerko) had a cool instrumental section starting at around 1:20. 4th one (Nuestros Muertos) i like because of the section that starts around 1:45 and goes on for around a minute and ends with some double bass drums This ones just an instrumental: So yeah. Ska core. Insane shit lol. If you actually give them all a listen, whats your take on each. I like certain parts, and dislike certain parts (especially whenever they do a growl- vocal) but i still find myself knowing all the parts. There are some famous bands that are just regular (third wave) ska bands (as opposed to ska punk/core). All the ones i listen to just happen to be in spanish, i guess because of how you say, latin touch.
  5. This particular song is about police/political corruption. Although they are a band from Moreno Valley, California, they are likely talking about corruption in Mexico. Even though these guys are the tiniest band in the world, they are really well received in ska punk festivals. Have you ever heard of Ska-core? Its ska inspired metal with various tempo changes. Its not for everyone haha. Most of the time i dont like it, but there are 3 or 4 songs that just pull me in musicaly
  6. If you say so I used to love this song. What do you guys think
  7. I suppose posting some ska-punk /third wave ska songs would be completely out of line
  8. Mind Your Manners Music Video

    Let me rephrase: the rest of the album is pretty average for Slashs standards IMO. Those were the only two stand out tracks for me
  9. Mind Your Manners Music Video

    I think the opening lead riff makes the song better than it actually is. Plus ballads are usually more popular
  10. Mind Your Manners Music Video

    'The Great Pretender" and "Lost Inside The Girl"are both much better songs both vocally and instrumentally IMO. Better suited for "selling" this album (or getting exposure to it)
  11. Recommend me songs like these

  12. Probably talking about the part that comes right after the reused rhythm part from the bridge solo. The part that is actually new
  13. Maybe not the best, but i fucking love this song
  14. Thoughts on Madagascar?

    I like the chord progression in the solo section