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  1. The Original Xbox

    I have a softmodded xbox that I still use every now and then to play some of my favorites (Conker's Bad Fur Day mainly). Having it now with the component cables, its certainly interesting to play some games in actual 720p (Fifa 07, Fifa Street, True Crime Streets of LA being the only ones that ive tried out). I also play some PS1 games on it every noe and then with an emulator. Its a beast of an emulating machine. Shoutout to the devs at https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk for keeping XBMC for it as updated as they can.

    Robin plays the 1st solo, Buckethead the 2nd
  3. Better Full Band Cover

    Its in Drop C# tuning
  4. Better Full Band Cover

    Thanks as for my part, I did my parts around 8 months ago. I am now way less sloppy than before. Bandhub is a place where people use their webcam and any microphone to record a track to record a song. Could be an original song or a cover. You pick a backing track from youtube and either invite people to your "collab" or let them find it. For the backing track I used an instrumental version of the 2006 demo of Better, which had Brain on drums and punchier mix. So the guy on drums for this cover first heard Brain's drums and not Frank's overdubs. Maybe thats why they sound off to you? Cause he put his own style over Brain's somewhat swingier drums. Also he overdubbed some drums to replicate the electronic drums that go on during the verses As for the guitar, on my part, i did that take 8 months ago when I barely started playing. I am much less sloppier now lol. I just have to do it over, especially the 3/4 part. My part was way sloppy, and the bassist didnt quite get it correct. And the verse chords were super important to me, as I think they are integral to the riff. Thats what i always liked about Robin Finck was his dissonant chord thing he always had going on. I was always disappointed when Bumblefoot played regular powerchords, and Ashba played a different set of chords, with only Fortus playing it the correct way, but his guitar was always too low that you couldn't hear it anyway. Thankfully Slash plays it the correct way. And its super dead here in the "musician" section :(. I remember before there was always someone sharing an EP that they did.
  5. Recorded and mixed entirely on BandHub. Still missing the last verse's vocals and Buckethead's sweeps. I am on rhythm (black guitar in top center/left channel) and some backup vox
  6. I Feel Good Discussion Thread

    That shit was fucking cooler than i thought it would be
  7. LA Vacation / Touristy Advice

    Dont expect to just trot over to downtown from Santa Monica in under 5 minutes. Traffic is a bitch Street tacos are a must. (From taco stands on street corners)
  8. NY advice

    If you want the best authentic italian food, head over to Olive Garden
  9. Project Little Man Coat of Charms
  10. A weird "book" about Izzy

  11. Oh yeah forgot about Locomotive. I think that part is quite good. I just don't like when any keyboardist/pianist bangs on 5th octave root notes for the entire chorus of a song that was written without any keys (as opposed to when a song is piano centric, where the piano part is far more melodic than just jerking off all over a perfectly fine guitar-centric rock song). All I hear is "DING DI-DI-DII-DING DING" for the entire PTU chorus.
  12. Shining is subjective. I don't think he shines. I think the songs would be better off without him. Of course that is just my opinion
  13. While it does make for an incredibly boring and somewhat disconnected crowd, they already paid to be there. I think artists should just shut the fuck up and let them take pictures/videos. Who are they to say how a fan should enjoy themselves.