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  1. Aye, tis what we get when the frontman releases more lawsuits than albums for two decades straight.
  2. Yup. Duff's book has a telling passage, in which he has a dream about having a word with Axl in the UYI days. IIRC, he felt seriously anxious about confronting Axl, a notorious hair-trigger with his ego stroked to high heaven by their financial success. At that point, Axl often behaved pretty horribly to those close to him, determined to have his way. The substance abuse of the others obviously made level-headed communication even harder.
  3. They're all partners again, but some partners are more equal than others.
  4. Ax went to see the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury fight with Mickey, then. Dec 1st 2018 in LA. Still mates, it seems. Mickey reminisces on the filmmaker Elia Kazan (ON THE WATERFRONT), and his Hollywood blackballing due to Kazan's testimony in 1952 against supposed Communist sympathizers. Tyson places this in the "McCartney era". :D