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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    May have been his aunt, but I hear ya. After CD, Guns fans should know better than to read tea leaves, I guess.
  2. Bland would've made more sense to audition in Jan '98, just before Josh joined, rather than Jan '97, with Matt (and Duff) still in the band. But he mentions Anaheim, and NAMM 98-99 were held, unusually, in LA. Was it faulty memory or covert search for a new drummer?
  3. Imagine if Hawkins had gotten the gig and would then re-record the Josh drums. "Umm, Taylor, we want your feel on CD, but you gotta sound like Dave..."
  4. Found a London date for the Foos for March 4th 2000, which would fit the overall Freese timeline better. Brain would later say something like Guns had arrived with Josh after auditioning all 20 top-notch session drummers in LA (like Terry Bozzio). Replacing Josh was therefore tricky, as Ax wanted a "band drummer", instead of simply a hired gun. That's likely why they reached out to Brain and Hawkins.
  5. Fat chance since 1995. The lunatic is still running the asylum, and he's turning in a hefty profit in today's market. "Only one in the game whose lost...."
  6. So what happened with pitman?

    Just to throw this into the mix; Should also be noted that Dizzy's wife and Frank's friend posted Guns/Coachella related hints into social media around the same time as Pitman. Dizzy was quiet, Frank confirmed in a reply. So, technically, if tweeting got Pitman to trouble, it would've been unfair (and weird) to him next to Dizzy and Frank. He was the only one using his own account, sure. My best guess is something along the lines of what Blackstar said above; a want to reaffirm his job. He may have thought that working with Ax intensely in the studio a few years back had made him untouchable. Slash and Duff come in and think, 'Uh oh, another Paul Huge'. Pitman, for his part, looked to have had an attitude for services rendered since '98. S&D could've gone, 'We built this band, towel boy'. So, big money shows coming. Team Brazil's having a heart attack while fearing the worst with Ax. Lineup's in a flux, Axl wants his CD gang to stick around. Dizzy's a given, Richard's Gilby on steroids. Matt's not around, possibly to the chagrin of S&D, and certainly because Axl wants it so. He was also (apparently) still hankering a 3 gtr band, with Fortus maybe promoted to 2nd lead and Kushner playing rhythm. Amidst all this, Pitman tweets about the shows. S&D may have taken it as grandstanding and self-promotion, while they're trying to get the band together musically. Had Pitman felt insecure about things at the time of the tweet, the next rehearsals would've been worse. Duff could've plausibly confronted him. After a spat, their working relationship would've been totaled, and there would've been too much at stake for him to stick around. After that, Team Brazil would've called Brain, asking if he knew any keyboard players who'd like to tour. The money grab tweet happened likely after Pitman learned he'd been replaced. As with Ron, the band hit paydirt with Melissa on a short notice, given it's vital to have 3 guitarists or 2 keyboardists in Guns. TL;DR: "Axl's boy" -syndrome.
  7. "My sense of rejection / is no excuse for my behaviour" I have to tip my hat to Ax there. A very self-reflective line from someone with a history of temper tantrums. Instead of being a victim (Maddy, The Blues), he's admitting guilt, or at least turmoil ("I've been so upset"). They really should play this song live. If anything, it shows he's matured a bit somewhere down the line.
  8. Could be from the 2004 GH lawsuit. "Look, we're really recording here!"
  9. A timeline for the reunion

    This is somewhere in the China Exchange. That book had actually made things worse on the intervening time, as some Dexter chats show.
  10. Aye, tis what we get when the frontman releases more lawsuits than albums for two decades straight.
  11. Yup. Duff's book has a telling passage, in which he has a dream about having a word with Axl in the UYI days. IIRC, he felt seriously anxious about confronting Axl, a notorious hair-trigger with his ego stroked to high heaven by their financial success. At that point, Axl often behaved pretty horribly to those close to him, determined to have his way. The substance abuse of the others obviously made level-headed communication even harder.
  12. They're all partners again, but some partners are more equal than others.
  13. Ax went to see the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury fight with Mickey, then. Dec 1st 2018 in LA. Still mates, it seems. Mickey reminisces on the filmmaker Elia Kazan (ON THE WATERFRONT), and his Hollywood blackballing due to Kazan's testimony in 1952 against supposed Communist sympathizers. Tyson places this in the "McCartney era". :D