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  1. 90s? Nah, there was still a benefit of doubt and a palpable effort to create. We're currently supposed to Stay tuned... again.
  2. Hindsight is 20/20, and there were various variables at play, too. In '94, Axl was still talking up his courtesy solo album, an option made available to all three key members. Slash then does maybe-Guns songs on the Snakepit album (the outrage!). He's yanked back from tour in '96, because Axl's disbanded the partnership and wants to write & record with Guns. That really broke the band and - I'd go as far to say, Axl's method, too. I look at CD, particularly in the early days, as the "solo" album Axl had originally wanted to do with his own supergroup (Reznor, Grohl...). Communication breakdowns (w/ Slash) and drunken slurs to the press (by Slash) boiled him over, as he was already freaked out by the lawsuits he was being served left and right. The Axl album and CD could've co-existed just fine, only Axl's takeover in '96 soured any such ideas and melded these two projects together. Axl may have originally wanted to pile up his solo album from bits & pieces, have that synthetic sound, have points of reference to present to the rest of Guns. Only it went ass-backwards and they ended up as the hired hands on his vanity album. Vision without a practical clue and held upright by his cohorts? Yup.
  3. Axl's no Brian Wilson. He should've gone the route of Prince and Bowie, churning out a whole lot of experimental music under his own name. Instead of putting all his eggs in one basket, he could've had a respectable solo career, maintained by the odd Guns album/tour cycle with Slash. This would've also brought new, field-tested Axl ideas to the Guns sound, keeping it fresh and interesting as musical landscapes shifted. But it is what it is.
  4. Kill your heroes is an old saying which remains true. Artists are often people damaged to a degree, bellowing out gut emotion, which is then removed from its social context. What you receive is that same honest emotion, which may then resonate in you. The longer you look at the artist tho, the more profane they seem next to their masterpieces. Whether you listen to Guns (and feel dirty about it) or switch to more dignified artists, that's your call. If you ask me, good music is where you find it. Due diligence can be overthinking it.
  5. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    How it went in 2002 -
  6. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Someone should tell J that the Sweden Rock Festival (a 06/06 show) has already been postponed to 2021 by the promoter. Bingo. The Euro leg will almost certainly be postponed. But I´d imagine every promoter involved needs to say yes so that insurance claims can be made. After that, Guns can publicly state the obvious (not touring until July, at least). Sucks for the fans, but so it goes.
  7. The same Matt Sorum who jumped at the chance of turning Guns demos into Snakepit songs, only to side with Axl over Slash when Snakepit became an issue with the Guns camp. who came to tee-total Guns rehearsals with a drink, hoping to spark a response, and valiantly stormed out after some Slash-related shouting with Axl & Paul Tobias. who self-admittedly reached out to the Guns camp numerous times since, asking to be let back in, while continuing his off the cuff public remarks about Axl. now feels burned for being left out of the reunion. Too bad for Matt, Axl always liked his drumming. Had Matt played along like Dizzy, he could've been on CD. And NITL.
  8. In Philly, Axl had an incentive. He wanted to erase some riot memories.
  9. What's to say? They're in it for the money. Only in 2015 did all parties come to an agreement about some things. They do it for themselves, and probably kicked themselves hard after recession hit their line of work. You don't carry your own PA in Guns, right?
  10. With a band this big, it can quickly be 2-3 months for itinerary & contracts and another 2-3 months for presales. That's six months of varying types of (office) work before they belt out the old hat setlist all over again. Plus, there's likely ongoing talks with various promoters who want seconds (or thirds) out of the NITL pie. Guns get money thrown at them from these people, whereas an album today is an excuse to tour. Apparently no-one with a say thinks CD2 (or some such) would boost ticket sales much further.
  11. Fans expect the new "something" for 2020. Axl does You're Crazy. He certainly connects with his fans like no other.
  12. May have been his aunt, but I hear ya. After CD, Guns fans should know better than to read tea leaves, I guess.
  13. Bland would've made more sense to audition in Jan '98, just before Josh joined, rather than Jan '97, with Matt (and Duff) still in the band. But he mentions Anaheim, and NAMM 98-99 were held, unusually, in LA. Was it faulty memory or covert search for a new drummer?
  14. Imagine if Hawkins had gotten the gig and would then re-record the Josh drums. "Umm, Taylor, we want your feel on CD, but you gotta sound like Dave..."
  15. Found a London date for the Foos for March 4th 2000, which would fit the overall Freese timeline better. Brain would later say something like Guns had arrived with Josh after auditioning all 20 top-notch session drummers in LA (like Terry Bozzio). Replacing Josh was therefore tricky, as Ax wanted a "band drummer", instead of simply a hired gun. That's likely why they reached out to Brain and Hawkins.