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  1. They could cut the set down to the few songs they *have to play* each night, and then build the rest of the set around that. Keep Jungle, SCOM, Nov Rain, KOHD and Paradise City, and build from there. But if he keeps trying to struggle his way through YCBM, Shadow, RQ, Better, etc. then there's no point. They'd have to actually change the show up, and Axl would have to rehearse properly, so it won't happen.
  2. Off the top of my head, the only titles I can think of are "Nightrcrawler" and "Too Fast To Live" (which might be fake?), and 2 covers that didn't make TSI.
  3. They could easily cut the show down to about 2 hours where Axl would sound consistently good. To me, that's a much better value than a 3+ hour show where he struggles on the majority of songs.
  4. There's a 5~ minute recording of Steven playing Locomotive at a Mates rehearsal, but I'd love to hear him play it now. I hope they include the best rehearsal/demo recordings of Steven playing UYI songs in the box set. Of the CD songs, I think he'd sound the best on Shackler's. The chorus would sound great with his groove.
  5. I'm just gonna leave this here, it's old but it's awesome. Steven is undeniably the best drummer for GNR.
  6. I mean, they could've actually made a good video from Download 2018, but it definitely wouldn't have RQ or YCBM. Unless they're planning to release multiple performances of some songs, the song-selection for this video is puzzling.
  7. I really don't want to be negative, but aside from Slither this was worse than the 2019 video. The audio and video quality is obviously better, but man... who the fuck picked these songs? And why do they keep picking performances with obvious fuck-ups!? Hopefully it doesn't take another month before they upload the next video.
  8. Just got home so I missed Slither, Axl sounded weak so far on RQ, but definitely not the worst he sounded in 2018... Cool that they've finally uploaded another video, though.
  9. Apparently soaking them in weak tea has a similar effect as being digested by a bird, so the seed cracks open easier.
  10. I'd definitely prefer something we've never heard over a higher-quality version of something we've already heard.
  11. They should sell the Perfect Crime footage to Netflix. Let some professionals make a mini-series out of it and cash a decent paycheck.
  12. I doubt they'll ever do a full AFD 5 reunion. LOL at hoping for Matt or Gilby to return. They might have a few big tours left in them, assuming touring goes back to normal by next year. I'm pretty sure they'll eventually end up back in Vegas, doing residencies for ridiculous ticket-prices. Maybe they'll do a "farewell tour" when Axl decides he's physically incapable of performing most of the songs, but it's more likely they'll just fade away without a formal announcement. In 2026, people on here will be saying "the 10 year anniversary is the perfect time to finally release a new albu
  13. The little grow room that I start my plants in has a heater, so I just turned that up a bit lol. The trick that worked best for me was soaking the seeds in weak earl grey tea for about 24 hours before planting them. Most cannabis strains seem to like some heat, it doesn't get much hotter than 30 C here in the summer but so far the best strain I've found for growing outdoors is Bubba Kush (which I crossed with Blueberry kush). I haven't had an outdoor Bubba plant that was under 5' tall (and some got much taller than that.)
  14. I've grown some over the last couple years that I just threw in the soil and let them grow naturally, just watering occasionally. But the end result is better after pruning and bending. Nah I started the peppers under a grow light. It took a few attempts to germinate the seeds properly, and the super hots can be tricky, especially if the temperature outside is lower than ideal (they like it consistently around 20 C)
  15. Just something I decided to try this year. If I do it right, the buds will get a bit more even light and airflow, but there's still some shaping to do.
  16. No fertilizer yet, just a little pruning and bending the stalk into a sort of S shape.
  17. It is, Orange Crush is the strain it's legal to grow here. The first two are actually peppers though
  18. Took me a while to get my peppers to start growing, but I've got a few going now and I'm gonna start more soon. Purple jalapeno: Super hots: I had to cut down my Purple Kush plant a bit early, but I've got an Orange Crush plant going strong.
  19. They released some live songs and early versions on the AFD box set. They're happy to feature ex-members on their merchandise and re-releases as long as it makes them money.
  20. I'd love a soundboard recording of that, but why would they put it in a UYI box set? They only played it in 2006
  21. The quality isn't great but it's cool to hear.
  22. It was a great performance but the ending is just frustrating to listen to
  23. They played it as an intro to KOHD (along with Only Women Bleed) a few times in '92. They didn't play the full song though. edit: Everything was the intro for Nov Rain that Axl played in Sydney '93. Here's the original:
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