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  1. One Axl flatterer less the better. This cure should be done very gradually to avoid hurting the patient. Let's begin with easier targets then we'll see what the hell we should do with the final bosses.
  2. Let's spread this info until it reaches Axl and TB so that we can get rid of Frank.
  3. That's true. I don't understand why people are talking about 2010 with such a profound passion about Axl's vocals. 2009-2010 was the beginning of his decay from every aspect including vocals. However I have to give credit to the man for his 2010 performances. It was obvious that he still had a determination to prove himself to the world. Gasping was there, but rasp was there too. He was still trying to run like crazy to both sides of the stage. By 2012 that motivation was completely gone and the band was in full circus mode. It got worse and worse from then on. Last time Axl co
  4. Abu Dhabi 2018. Dubai was 2017. These are two diff. cities.
  5. If GNR would be frozen in time meaning that all of a sudden they would die in 1993 with all its greatness, I would be totally cool with that and I've had nothing to complain about. Just like Nirvana. I wish Axl would never return to music the way he did since 2001 'cause he fucking couldn't manage properly, failed from time to time and ruined all my great imaginations about the band I once loved so much. To be fair, yes there were short-term kind of signs and flashes of greatness and hope particularly in 2006 and 2016. But that's it. And at this point in my life I'm not not anymore
  6. The new shows will be having the same songs in setlist as 2017-2020. You don't even have to be Nostradamus to predict future GNR shows.
  7. Gunses Roses, Gunsen Roses, Gunsez Rosez, Axel Roses, Axyl lol
  8. They don't give a shit about fans in MyGnr or other forums or discord channels. Their target group is those millions bombarding each and every social media posts with "Sweet Child O' Mine the best!", "GUNSES ROSEZ THE BEST", "Eu amo o axl", "cásate conmigo Axl" "foda-me Axl."... And the band is happy supplying them with stupid Merchandise and stupid ticket prices.
  9. As someone who's not a a big fan of SMKC, I'd prefer to listen to fresh music with boring Flat/Monotone singing of Myles than repeatedly listening to Axl's vocals on 3 albums of original content from decades ago. Life is too short my friend.
  10. Adult Entertainer sounds like a reasonable job.
  11. *YES, Duff & Slash need Axl in order to run the Cashgrab Inc. No, they don't need Axl if it's about making amazing music. SMKC, Snakepit, Loaded & VR each have outstanding achievements in music without Axl. * However to continue milking it's time to feed the cow with something.
  12. And not to menton James Hetfield who is literally having the same stage presence as his 80s and 90s + Hits all those notes accurately. 57 year old James Hetfield, father of three, might sound weary these days but he does still pull off some of his most challenging songs. No pain no gain. It requires a day to day effort and practice for these artists to stay at the top. Godspeed Axl but certainly this cannot be achieved by Tacos and Burgers and hanging around uninspiring people like Beta and her son.
  13. It actually worked out up until Weiland got crazy. Those 2 VR albums weren't bad after all. + They were playing prominent festivals as well. But again each to their own.
  14. Diehard AC/DC fans had the same exact feeling like yours when Axl joined. Then Axl came on stage and rocked the hell out of those songs way better than Brian. I understand that it's kind of like a taboo to even talk about replacing Axl. But the point is that this hypothetical option can 100% turn successful if done correctly (e.g. proper auditions, storyline etc)
  15. Axl must RETIRE respectfully and handover the vocal duties to a decent singer through auditions supervised by him. Axl, you'll be always in our hearts and it's time for curtain call. PS: Black Sabbath Dio years wasn't that bad after all.
  16. I'm also confident we'll get SMKC. I'm almost certain about ACDC putting out another album in 2021! And not to mention Michael Jackson's upcoming album.
  17. I don't want them to open with anything. I don't want them to tour & I don't even want a new album. Just close the goddamn Circus!
  18. Suspicious and weird topics recently. did TMZ or something shared a MyGnr link?
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