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  1. I still have my ticket for Munich but... Axl in 2022. Oh no
  2. Even if Axl has a hard time writing and recording new music They could at least have released live footage from 2016 and released older recordings. Troubadour and LA Dodger is professionally filmed DVD / BR ?. Nope nothing! At least one NITL live album with revisions! Nope nothing! AFD Box has no live recordings. Ritz DVD / BR? Nope nothing! At least an Audio Live CD like Marquee '87? Nope nothing! All NITL gig are filmed. YouTube Collection with the BEST performances of each Song? Nope bad! And fans want live recordings for the UYI box. That will not happen! Maybe Tokyo '92 in BR but even the
  3. Warning sad story! I bought Chinece Democracy as a healthy young boy. Today kidney failure and on dialysis for 7 years ^^. It was a hemolysis blood disease (genetically). Now i wait for a kidney donor (Eurotransplant) and a new album. Let's see what comes first. I'm fine, don't worry... I work part time as a Social Care Worker But It's crazy to think about.
  4. A healthy, fit and normal weight Axl Rose. This improves other things such as motivation, discipline & voice
  5. Axl doesn't practice enough! Look at 2016 and his live performances for AC/DC. That was a older Axl who definitely practiced enough! Overall 2016 was a great Year for Axl.
  6. Maybe the next NITL Select with Sorry? What show is this?
  7. I know that Guns N 'Roses are working very hard on a new album, are also focusing on the UYI box and are also putting a lot of effort and energy into the brand new tour. Is there any new information that the popular NITL Selects series will be continue?
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