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  1. I'm really asked myself, should I see them in 2021 ? I'm pretty sure he can't even get on his 2016 level
  2. LA Dodger Stadium had additional camera cranes and a fockin' Helicoptaaarr !!! And they performaned two times in that fockin' stadium. I'm pretty sure this date was mean to be professional filmed anstead of just using stage cams and the hard cam for the side screens. I'm really sure this footage of LA will be more cinematic than NITL Selects
  3. Look on TubeYou. Type Guns N' Roses Whisky and sort by uploadtime
  4. 24/41 Shadow Of Your Life ✔️ Welcome To The Jungle It’s So Easy ✔️ Nightrain ✔️ Out Ta Get Me ✔️ Mr. Brownstone Paradise City ✔️ My Michelle ✔️ Sweet Child O‘ Mine ✔️ Rocket Queen ✔️ Patience Used To Love Her You're Crazy Live And Let Die ✔️ Don't Cry Double Talkin' Jive ✔️ November Rain ✔️ Dead Horse Coma ✔️ Civil War ✔️ Yesterdays Knockin' On Heaven's Door ✔️ Locomotive ✔️ So Fine Estranged ✔️ You Could Be Mine ✔️ New Rose ✔️ Raw Power Attitude ✔️ You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory ✔️ Bla
  5. look on TouYube. Type Swwet Child O ' Mine and sort by upload time. Alot of covers but you will find it by sort by uploadtime Aint going down at whisky is already on TouYube
  6. Axl Rose sound amazing in 2010. Abu Dhabi was the last gig of the 2010 Tour and he still sound great in the last gig in 2010. After a break, i think 10 month break, he sounded very bad on Rock In Rio 2011. Something happend between Abu Dhabi and Rock In Rio
  7. Silent Night would be nice with alot of rasp and a epic slash solo
  8. I think the reason is laziness and a lack of personal responsibility in terms of body, fitness and voice.
  9. i got a very high emotional feeling of second hand embarrassment or cringe during This I Love performance in Berlin 2018. You are a little rock kid with long hair, dressed like Axl, standing in the middle of the crowd and watch your hero. It was just embarrassment.. You can watch the video but it can't bring the feeling of such high embarrassment when you heard it LIVE in person.
  10. "Slash tells the crowd to buy the t-shirts they made." Roxy 1986 It want to see that T-Shirt
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