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  1. write new music record a album make a music video go on tour film a concert amazing band
  2. I mean a Live Album somewhere in the future AFTER the studio release which Susan mentioned. I'm pretty sure there will be a Studio release... but I'm a huge fan of Live releases and the two tracks on Hard Skools Single makes me wish to a prober live recording
  3. no, Myles sings the chorus in a lower octave. I don't like this. Myles in 2010 was way better
  4. The more I look at Axl with short hair, the more I like him. Axl Rose looks very good. Hard Skool sounds good. Listen to the last stream. Holy.
  5. I want to see Måneskin feat. Axl Rose
  6. In Germany Oh My God isn't avaible on Spotify i got the soundtrack on CD years ago on Ebay
  7. i hope... there is leak floating around where Bumblefoot played over Oh My God (and Silkworms). Maybe Bumblefoot and co. worked on Oh My God to finished it.
  8. I read somewhere that OMG on the soundtrack CD for the movie is just a demo version. It wasn't finished for a final release. It has no official release. I'm a OMG fan too. They should finish that song and release it.
  9. I was always a SOYL fan since i heard about it that this song was cut because it sounds similiar to Reckless Life. in 2007 or 2008 i found SOYL with fake crowd on the internet... since then i listen to it and was Track Nr 3 on my GN'R Lies Playlist. I was happy that SOYL gets a official release as a single and even the SOYL fake crowd version was on the remaster. I was very happy. I'm not a fan of Silkworms. Doesn't like it on the Rock In Rio 3 bootleg. But i really enjoy listen to Absurd and Hard Skool. In my opinion we should be happy that GN'R releases some stuff. Yea it's old stuff but we have it now. I'm not angry about Axl or TB. Maybe Axl is a perfectionist and for decades he wasn't happy with his new songs and internally blocked from being creative and releasing songs. I hope Axl is okay with his new material .
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