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  1. What's up now? Didn't Fernando ask what we want to see next? Or it's paused because of respect? Sooner than soon?
  2. So he has already grey hair. Look at the hairline. It's grey.
  3. oh please... they shoud release it on Blu Ray! It was professionell filmed(!) GOD DAMN IT
  4. Is it possible to hack the pinball machine to save all concert videos?
  5. Reckless Road would be a good movie. A movie about Creating Appetite For Destruction. From the early days in 1985 (Welcome To The Jungle) until the New Jersey Show in 1988 with Aerosmith. Closing the movie with Paradise City. It needs a film structure like Bohemian Rhapsody.
  6. you can ask a vinyl collector to understand it. Communication is the key
  7. Axls Voice is amazing. The first line i got gooseboobs. Why Guns N' Roses can't release old stuff? atleast Audio dics. wasted potential
  8. I've always thought that Axl's recordings for Re-AFD were used for Live Era. Nightrain, WTTJ, Sweet Child O 'Mine, Rocket Queen on Live Era. These songs definitely have that late 90s Axl vocals. Could it be that after Re-AFD was canceled, the recordings were used for Live Era? I can't remember when Re-AFD was a thing. 90s? 00s?
  9. I don't think NITL Selects is over. Nando asked the GN'R fam for song (or venue?) wishes. I'm pretty sure they will upload until a full NITL Setlist is complete, maybe with some rarities like Locomotive, Dead Horse and So Fine. And only one song per video is way better. I prefer this upload scheme but why this damn loud gunshot at the end? It's really awful to listen with headphones
  10. i want the whole NITL Tour from 2016 - 2020 on YouTube. So we can choose our favourite performances for our own playlist.
  11. i remember a music video for Knockin' On Heaven's Door. It was the Freddie Tribute. They cut the reggae and the Tracey & Roberta part. Atleast VIVA (a old german music tv channel) showed that KOHD video.
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