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  1. Pretty Tied Up Right Next Door To Hell Ain't Going Down Perfect Crime Think About You Hardschool Atlas Shrugged Covers: Return To Innocence by Enigma
  2. GN'R and Team Brazil figured out how to digitize tapes. Maybe they will soon find out how to record new songs and bring them to market.
  3. i love Guns N' Roses Unplugged. I really love bootlegs like The Central, CBGB or the Skin N' Bones Tour with the acoustic set... or Rose Bar and Slash with Myles Kennedy The Max Sessions.
  4. yea a Guns N' Roses music video with sun, palms and summer feeling. Sorry but thats weird... so dangerous for the most dangerous band
  5. i hope TWAT is from Mexico 2016. Axl sounds out of breath and Slashs Solo is LA LA but anway.. good to hear, nothin more I hope of more songs, maybe the automatic copyright system doesn't reconize all songs
  6. the automatic tracklist for copyright under the video shows "Godfather Theme". "Sweet Child O' Mine Live Hard Rock Casino 2012" and "There Was A Time"
  7. Yes i care because it's still my favourite band and because of Slash, i play guitar! It's still amazing too see Slash live. I know how Axl sounds like... but it's fine. I have two tickes. Munich and Hannover
  8. title reads like official material man, my heart.
  9. drums are so tight and powerful. Why Frank? Tell me.. why?
  10. In a alternative universe there are topic like this: "Axl announce new album, coming this summer" "Backstage Tour with Slash on the new upcoming summer tour, New Setlist, New Stage, New Songs" "Fernando & Beta quit GN'R managment, no more Team Brazil" ""How I found Izzy Stadlin in 2021" - New Axl Interview 45min" "Duff McKagan shares Instagramm picture of Axl Rose at the gym. Axl in a very good shape"
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