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  1. Axls Voice is amazing. The first line i got gooseboobs. Why Guns N' Roses can't release old stuff? atleast Audio dics. wasted potential
  2. I've always thought that Axl's recordings for Re-AFD were used for Live Era. Nightrain, WTTJ, Sweet Child O 'Mine, Rocket Queen on Live Era. These songs definitely have that late 90s Axl vocals. Could it be that after Re-AFD was canceled, the recordings were used for Live Era? I can't remember when Re-AFD was a thing. 90s? 00s?
  3. I don't think NITL Selects is over. Nando asked the GN'R fam for song (or venue?) wishes. I'm pretty sure they will upload until a full NITL Setlist is complete, maybe with some rarities like Locomotive, Dead Horse and So Fine. And only one song per video is way better. I prefer this upload scheme but why this damn loud gunshot at the end? It's really awful to listen with headphones
  4. i want the whole NITL Tour from 2016 - 2020 on YouTube. So we can choose our favourite performances for our own playlist.
  5. i remember a music video for Knockin' On Heaven's Door. It was the Freddie Tribute. They cut the reggae and the Tracey & Roberta part. Atleast VIVA (a old german music tv channel) showed that KOHD video.
  6. Can you really count on it when Fernando says there will be a live album at the end of the year? I have my doubts how serious he is. Is this a serious announcement?
  7. You get the point. Check It's So Easy with Foo Fighters and Axl Rose. Taylor Hawkins absoluty amazing on drums. What a energy. I don't like Franks drumming.
  8. very good selection. I would like to hear best performance of "Better" (Apollo?) and "There Was A Time" (San Diego?)
  9. please don't post youtube videos. They will be deleted on YouTube, because of some weird dude :-(
  10. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we're Guns N' Roses and this song is called Welcome To The fuckin' Jungle" straight to the point! That's why i love this introduction
  11. The next step is: Somebody must cover this song on guitar with a Axl Rose voice and send it to Fernääääääääändooo
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