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  1. Haha, I learned a long time ago to expect absolutely nothing from Axl
  2. I disagree. Until new music is released, it’s hard to take a band seriously no matter how talented the individuals may be. Velvet Revolver released Set Me Free not too long after they were announced as a band. That created excitement and an idea of the direction of the new band.
  3. And that is why it remains one of the few vinyls I want that won’t be in my collection unless there’s a reprint. I don’t understand why the record company, and the band, wouldn’t want to capitalize on the obvious demand. Too little reward for the effort compared to touring the hits for another year?
  4. I don’t really know the names of super fans other than her and Rick the hero.
  5. Yes, that’s who I am talking about. Didn’t want to name her because I don’t actually know her. She posts some really great photos of her travels and seems cool. Not sure why anyone would have an issue with her, nor do I really care if they do.
  6. There is a lady I follow on Ig that goes to a ton of GnR concerts all over the world. She seems to enjoy the heck out of her life. I say more power to her or anyone doing whatever makes them happy.
  7. I was listening to The Rumbo Tapes yesterday and thinking about the 8 or 9 (officially) unreleased songs from those days. I really like Too Much Too Soon. It’s got a nice LLAS vibe. What was the story as to why songs like these and Bring It Back Home and Just Another Sunday never got an official release?
  8. I hear you and I know it’s not you. It’s just so frustrating to not have some of my favorite videos online anymore.
  9. Who cares? Just stop posting links. What is so hard to comprehend?
  10. Axl really does sound good when he wants to...
  11. It’s not approved here in the US so I highly doubt it would be accepted.
  12. I agree for the most part, but I still love hearing Slash on Civil War. That outro is fire
  13. The two of them collaborating on would be the best news to come out of the GnR world since the reunion was announced!
  14. They’re probably just lazy Americans who want nothing more than to show off on their social media. It has absolutely nothing to do with Axl being insecure and controlling. Oh, and the fans. It’s all our fault.
  15. Oooh you used big words. You must be correct then 👍🏻
  16. All Brazilians are for clearing out the rainforest and raising more cattle. Their president is for it so all Brazilians obviously feel the exact same way.
  17. Yes, please continue to stereotype a country of 335 million people 👍🏻
  18. This. The initial reunion buzz was off the charts, and Axl also killed it with AC/DC
  19. Fantastic, I’m looking forward to hearing what they have to say about when GnR was a real band of brothers, not the current corporate paycheck version. And Marc is super chill, enjoy!
  20. As usual, your interpretation is a swing and a miss. You keep doing you, bud.
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