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  1. Guitar consumers are a bit different. One doesn’t have to be a huge Richie Kotzen fan to have his signature telecaster. 3k is certainly a different price point than a 1k tele. However if someone is looking into a Gretsch, and especially ones that are around that price point, they will certainly look into it as an option. They will sell more to people who don’t know who he is than those who are Fortus enthusiasts There’s a big Gretsch dealer down the street from me. If they get one in stock, I’ll try it out
  2. Most things get discounted eventually. I normally wait for that to happen if things look pricey and it’s something I want. It’s merch. It’s purpose is to be a rev stream. Everything is overpriced to make a profit. Fans buy the toy truck or they don’t
  3. They’d have to cancel the tour if his voice weren’t prepared. That’s just the state of his voice in 2017
  4. Has nothing to do with how he sounds. He would be sidelined and the shows canceled if he weren’t building up his voice for a tour. It would last a week if he weren’t prepared. He’s simply not just coming off the couch Rehearsing and how the performance/phrasing is with the band is a completely different issue
  5. The lack of appearing at rehearsals doesn’t mean he isn’t taking care of his voice. It just means he hasn’t prepared with the band. If you want to equate any issues early in a tour with his timing, hesitancy etc towards that, that’s absolutely fair However, they would have to cancel every tour after the first week if he wasn’t prepared to sing for 2-3 hrs multiple times per week. He can’t just show up to the tour after a long time off. He’s doing that work on his own
  6. Not just for 2-3hrs. He has to do it for an entire tour that plays multiple days per week. You can hear it live when he goes there from time to time. He can absolutely be himself in a studio environment
  7. Gross is no where near their final net. They’ve done well and cashed in, but so did Live Nation
  8. Not to specifically point out Guns but why do artists need to be poor to have integrity? Artists technically “sold out” when they started to get paid for club gigs. Some got $ to record an album. It’s always been a business. Licensing music for commercials is bad, but licensing music for big budget films or images for t-shirts is somehow good? It’s the same thing Get the $ while you can if you’re an artist. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Just look at royalties for physical media
  9. Yep. They had some cool GNR shirts from the mid/late 90’s that I can’t seem to find anywhere
  10. Radio is dead for new music. Streaming and playlists are more of an indicator of success
  11. The issue was two fold. The song did fit amongst the vibe and bands on that soundtrack. However that phase in popular music was well past it’s peak culturally by 98/1999 2nd was that the movie wasn’t very good commercially
  12. Seems like it’s an international licensing issue. Most likely it’s on the film/label side
  13. It’s still officially released. Whether or not the band considers it a “demo” is something else
  14. Guns songs are just more vocally challenging. It’s the constant change of vocal registers and going in between them that seems to give him issues. If all he had to do was belt high notes with “rasp”, it would most likely be more consistent. If he wasn’t prepared to tour, he’d blow his voice out the first week of shows
  15. Well they will hopefully master it for vinyl. Low end and any stereo synths are a few issues for any vinyl release. The original source is still digital though. The mix won’t likely change
  16. Ticket prices fluctuate as it’s mostly now real time pricing. If the show is in extreme demand, the prices go up. If the show isn’t, they will go down. For someone like GNR, I don’t think it should be a surprise that after multiple tours before and after the reunion, prices go down after their main fanbase gets their picking. The fact they are still doing stadiums regardless of the price to get in is great in itself. It probably won’t last forever As far the Grammys, they simply wont put the time, effort or money to go after it. They don’t do interviews or promotion normally. Why would they change that stance for an industry award? It’s also highly unlikely that GNR captures the social zeitgeist again in their careers. Their time has passed. You get the feeling that some fans are hopeful or are ready to measure them to that standard. That doesn’t mean they can’t release new music. It can even be some of the best they’ve ever done. It‘s just not 1989 any longer and these guys are pushing their 60’s. They’re a heritage act
  17. Stones lithos at shows are numbered. The show litho off the site is not. They are usually the same otherwise
  18. Shipping delays for physical media are unfortunately industry wide as supply chains are messed up. This has nothing to do with preparedness. Most vinyl releases are a year out
  19. “Maybe sometime before their actual performance, rather than use a guitar cord or standard wireless, in the name of science and for all mankind, Flea courageously had a newly invented breakthrough in microchip technology installed in his ass that picked up the frequencies of his bass and transmitted them to his amplifier ... Maybe they all had microchips installed in their asses and not only pick up the frequencies of their instruments but get DirectTV and the internet too!"
  20. There’s a big vinyl back log in the music industry. Long waits for a lot of artists
  21. I am shocked a bunch of millionaires who are close to 60 won’t write tunes about what they see while struggling to survive in the street
  22. It sounds like a rough mix. Since they are licensing out to UMG, are they paying out of pocket and going cheap?
  23. Terminator film -> VMA appearance -> Christmas Release -> Spring Release ahh the good old days of GNR predictions
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