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Official Hamilton Thread 1/24/10


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dude whaaaaaaaat!?

hope they do a second encore again, that'd be sick.....

wonder why they'd only do 3 songs in the encore? its not a bad thing, but they were playing 6 or 7 before....

That's kind of the dark side of the Internet... everyone has "show envy" and compares each show to each other right away just based on what they played.

Unavoidable but definately not a factor in being a fan years ago.

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Hamilton, ON 1-24-10 Copps Coliseum

SHOW start: 10:28pm

1. Chinese Democracy

2. Welcome To The Jungle (It's gonna bring you motherfuckers down!)

3. It's So Easy

4. Mr. Brownstone

G N' R Chant...

5. Sorry

Axl says... "Is this where the hardcore fans are?" I'm excited to be here."

6. Better

7. Fortus Solo

8. Live And Let Die

9. If The World

10. Shackler's Revenge

Axl Says... "On the keyboards Mr. Chris Mother Goose Pitman, and On the drums Frank Ferrer. On the piano Dizzy Dizwald Reed"

Axl sings part of Black Betty

11. Dizzy Solo

12. Street Of Dreams (Axl jumps on the piano to sing)

13. Jam

Axl says... "All this dry air made me have a bloody nose"

14. There Was A Time

15. Rocket Queen

16. You Could Be Mine

Axl Says... "On the guitar. The new man in the band. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. DJ Ashba!"

17. Ashba Solo

18. Sweet Child O' Mine

19. Jam

20. Axl Piano Solo (The Wall / Someone Saved My Life Tonight)

21. November Rain (Axl sings part of Gran Torino / Axl plays piano with his foot)

22. Jam

Axl says... "Straight from Jersey Shore... Bumblefoot!"

Bumblefoot says... " I'll not to fuck this up!"

23. Bumblefoot Solo (Pink Panther)

24. Scraped

25. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

26. Nightrain


27. Madagascar

28. This I Love

29. Paradise City

(Shots are passed out to the crowd)

Axl says... "Thank You and Goodnight!!!"

END TIME: 1:09am

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This set was awesome but it seemed a little too short... none than less it sounded like a really fucking good show!

2hrs 41mins

That`s alot of GNR no?

Yea it is a pretty long show. A lot of songs tonight. No IRS tonight. Still no Riad or Prostitute. No Catcher tonight and no Patience. We did get TWAT and Scraped tho.

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This set was awesome but it seemed a little too short... none than less it sounded like a really fucking good show!

2hrs 41mins

That`s alot of GNR no?

Yea it is a pretty long show. A lot of songs tonight. No IRS tonight. Still no Riad or Prostitute. No Catcher tonight and no Patience. We did get TWAT and Scraped tho.

i was meaning that more towards the Encore...

But i cant wait til a vid of TWAT comes on youtube

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Just got back from the show, 4th time seeing them, first this year, this show was awesome, Didn't recognize the intro, sounded cool though, I'll just give you some highlights since you already know the setlist and such

Axl started singing Brownstone before they even finished playing the opening riff, the band was smooth in catching up to him though even though he was 10 seconds early,

Axl's mic went out at the end of Paradise City so we couldn't hear him sing "Won't you please take me home."

Bumblefoot fucked up the ending to November Rain and stopped playing for a second threw his hands in the air, yelled fuck, before continueing

Ashba, Frank, Del and 3 very beautiful woman stood on the floor during Danko Jones set, noone noticed them

Ashba, Frank, Del and Dizzy stood to the side of the stage during most of Baz's set

Baz's mic was fucking up during the first two songs and he got pretty pissed about it, but still played on

Axl must of took some Viagra before the show cause he was up for the show all night

Off to London tomorrow

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just got back from the show... was FUCKIN' NUTS! If you get the chance, you have to see this band!

Show was fantastic. Axl seemed in high spirits, joking around with everyone.

I think it was during Knockin' that some chick threw her panties on stage and Axl picked them up and joked that he didn't know whether they were some girls or if they were Ashba's. lol

Some fuckhead in front of me threw a drink at Ron during TWAT, Ron just smiled and waved his finger at them (think security took him out)

Show was fuckin' awesome. My highlight was Knockin`; Axl`s voice was freakin terrific.

Can`t wait for the Toronto show...

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Just got back from the concert.

What a concert it was!

From the opening to the end, this concert was non stop GNR action.

The sound system was exceptionally clear (this depends on the venues configuration), in this case it was excellent.

Axl's voice was top notch all the way to Paradise City! As mentioned before there was one or two times where the mike stopped working, normal for these things happen in live concerts.

Got to meet Axl after the concert, didn't need much introduction as he recognized me from my pic on the Forum. :-) He ended talking to everyone, which was very cool.

This is just a quick post, I'll post again about the concert later today on the train to London, after getting a few hours of sleep.

Can't wait for London!

Eric (admin)

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Also just got back from the show. A fuckin' great show, like Eric said the sound in the Coliseum was amazing, way better than what I'd heard at Hammerstein or the ACC at the '06 shows. And were were pretty damn close to the stage too.

I haven't watched any of the bootlegs yet, so I really don't know how the shows up til tonight were. Was this the first time they played TWAT? It sounded wicked good. I know they struggled with it a bit when they played it in '06, not tonight though.

I can't believe how great Axl sounds. As good as he did in his prime? No, but closer than he's got any right to be considering it's 2010. I think he's shedding some pounds too, he didn't look all that heavy to me and didn't seem to have any trouble singing or running around. He looked way better to me than he did in any of the pics I've seen of this tour.

Baz was a lot of fun.

I've been one of those guys who has said that BH is way better than Thal. But Thal fucking owned tonight! BH may have done the best Nightrain outro since 2001 that I have ever heard, oh well, that's until tonight. Thal killed that solo. The Pink Panther guitar solo fucking rocked too. Ashba is a lot of fun with how he interacts with the crowd and his overall style, and was the guy I wanted to see most besides Axl, but Thal was my favorite part of the band tonight.

Now maybe they do this every show, but they had a lot of cameramen filming tonight, and the various guitarists would make sure they got up right in front of one of them at various points to do their thing. Filming for a DVD? I dunno, like I said perhaps this is done every show.

I'm guessing the show was around 75% capacity of what was available in terms of seats. They had the upper bowl closed off entirely, and of course the area behind the stage was closed off, and I'd say the remainder was 75% full. Wish I could be at the London show, but I'll get to see Toronto on Thursday. Hopefully this is the start of something big and the rest of the forum gets to see this band soon, they are on their game and it's definitely fun to watch.

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Haha you know I was picturing Axl doing some cardio exercises between gigs and looks like I was right with his Twitter picture! Really glad to see he is working his ass out.

The show really seem to kick ass (and they do considering all the great videos I've seen), the setlists look incredible (so happy TWAT was played!!!), I so want them to come over Europe in June, I swear I will go to EVERY country next to mine to see them perform. This is an awesome time for GNR and GNR fans.

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