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What is your favorite GN'R music video?


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Patience or Paradise City

Estranged gotta say I do adore that video minus the bit when axl jumps in the sea and duff comes too rescue like wtf serious?

Wasn't that Gilby who throws Axl the life preserver...??

Yes, but duff is on scene in a rescue boat to try and save Axl, who of course refuses only to be saved by dolphins. Read this and you'll understand why Estranged as a video has no credablilty for me!

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I've always thought that Illusion era videos suck, except for Dead horse. They're so fucking ridiculous it ain't even funny. So my vote goes for either Welcome to the jungle or Dead horse.

Paradise City

Live and let Die


The band are so awesome live I think its best when the video captures at least some of that.

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