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List Your Influences

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List Your Influences. You can do it by instrument(s)... conceptually... etc.


1. Marc Ribot (Tom Waits [Rain Dogs], Black Keys, John Zorn, and others)

2. Lee Underwood (Tim Buckley)

3. James Blackshaw (Current 93, Solo)

4. Dylan Carlson (Earth)

5. Omar Rodriguez Lopez (At the Drive-in, The Mars Volta)

6. Dave Frisell (Naked City, John Zorn, Featured on Earth)

7. Wata (Boris)

8. Buckethead (Solo, Praxis, etc.)

9. John McGlaughlin (Miles Davis [bitches Brew])

10. Kawabata Makoto - (Acid Mothers Temple)


1. Tim Buckley (Solo)

2. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin, Solo)

3. Cedric Bixler-Zavala (At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta)

4. Axl Rose (Gn'R)

5. Willie Dixon (Muddy Waters)


1. John Zorn

2. John Coltrane

3. Ornette Coleman

Song Composition / Theory:

1. Nurse With Wound

2. John Zorn (Game Pieces)

3. Throbbing Gristle

4. Sunn O))

5. Sam Beam (Iron & Wine)

6. Bob Dylan

7. Tortoise

8. John Cage

9. Miles Davis

10. Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Other Influences:

1. William Burroughs & Other Beat Writers

2. Post-LANGUAGE poetry

3. Ravi Shankar and Other Indian Sitar Players

4. Qawwalli Singers

5. Univers Zero and other Avant Garde like Phillip Glass

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Dude I have to many,

Slash-I just love how its old time rock n roll but a little heavier, and little bluesier.

Billy Gibbons-mmmm fuzzy pinch harmonics

Jimmy Page-To me the jack of all trades guitarist

Rich Robinson-My favorite rhythm guitarist ever, the stuff he plays and writes is amazing to me.

Marc Ford-Nobody plays lead like him, the fuzz is fucking amazing, and as is his phrasing.


Jack White-it goes to show you simplicity is awesome

Duane Allman- To me he is just the best, his slide, his tone, his improv, his attitude towards life.

Derek Trucks- No one controls the slide guitar better than him.

Dan Auerbach-vintage fucking guitar man,.

Buddy Guy-I love how he can play so quite and so loud on the drop of a dime

Stevie Ray Vaughan--Ferfcukingoucious blues guitar right there folks.

BB king- its not what you play, but how you play it.

Clapton-whats not to like?

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In no particular order

Jeff Beck - Genius, is there anything this guy can't do?

Ritchie Blackmore - intensity, virtuosity and soul. The only time all 3 have been together in a single player.

Slash - duh

Jimmy Page - I've learned more from him directly and indirectly than anyone.

Freddie King - everyone plays his licks and runs.

Clapton - is he God? nah but he's still awesome.

Hideto Matsumoto (hide) - incredible performer, much more than just a guitarist.

David Gilmour - every note he hits becomes iconic.

Jesse Cook - Canada's own Gypsy King

Django - it's Django, come on...

Janick Gers - why play the same thing twice live?

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Wtf ??

No Angus Young influences?


Angus Young (AC/DC)

Slash (GN'R)

Joe Perry (Aerosmith)

Son House

Lightning Hopkins

Keith Richards (RS)

Jimmy Page (Jummy Page)

Van Hallen

Lenny Kravitz

Kirk Hammet

Billy Gibbons

Gary Moore

CC Deville

Rythm Guitar:

Malcolm Young

Izzy Stradlin (He and Malc are the best)

Ronnie Wood




That guy from Nirvana



Dave Grohl

That guy from Rush

Phill Rudd (Muahahahahaha)

John Bonham (duh)

Matt Sorum (Fuck the haters!)

That guy from Pearl Jam

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Eddie Hazel - raw emotion, amazing tone and his phrasing is crazy good.

Buckethead - fuck yeah.



John Frusciante

Robin Finck - he may be sloppy, but I love everything about his playing and tone.

Dimebag - cause he was awesome

Jerry Cantrell - simple but killer

Page - I don't like Zeppelin at all, but the man is one of the best

Gilmour - so many cool solos

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Angus Young

He made me want to pick up a guitar. I pretty much lived for AC/DC throughout my first few months of playing. I always recommend learning their songs to those who are just starting guitar. They are so simple yet can teach you so much, especially when it comes to the bare basics of rhythm and tone, as well as basic lead techniques (hammer-ons, bends, etc...).


The obvious choice on a Guns N' Roses forum, but he had the greatest influence on my overall style. I feel I've learned the most from his technique and approach, particularly in my choice of phrasing and use of bends. I also feel that he is the guitarist I'm compared to the most, whether it be friends and family or other musicians and local bands.

Ace Frehley

Probably one of the sloppiest players around but he is awesome for it. Raw, heavy tone and killer, melodic leads. Great rock guitarist, regardless of what one thinks of KISS. I learned a lot about looseness and melody in soloing from him. I also find myself subconsciously doing his crazy vibrato when improvising.

Brian May

Quite a bit like Slash, not just as a player but the way he influenced me. All about the feel and style. I got into Queen later on so he didn't have quite as much of an overall impact on me, but I've studied his tone endlessly as with most Queen fans who are guitarists. One of my guitars is the Brian May Red Special and with the Digitech Brian May Pedal I'm pretty darn close.

Alex Lifeson

One of the most underrated guitarists of all time, usually overshadowed by the status of Geddy Lee and Neil Peart as musicians. I got into Rush pretty early into my guitar playing and Alex really got me interested in experimenting with effects. I don't have many effects in my current live set-up, for the sake of convenience, but I still consider Alex a master of effects and tone. His playing style is unique and definitely a treat to listen to.

Many others have had some form of an influence on me (Buckethead, Keith Richards, Dave Murray, Bruce Kulick, and the list goes on) but these are the five guitarists I consider most important to my guitar playing. I wouldn't be the musician I am today without the influence of these guys.

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speaking of phrasing and bends, everyone should check out Warren Haynes

i dunno, he's a fairly standard rock blues guy... plus he writes some of the clunkiest guitar riffs i have ever heard

for me the blues-rock style is rather like bowling. addictive, easy to learn, but ultimately, boring.

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As a guitarist:

Dave Murray

Dick Dale

Adrian Smith

Alex Lifeson

Mick Mars

Tony Iommi

Jeff Beck

Ritchie Blackmore

Brian May

Randy Rhoads

As a saxophonist (My main instrument and what I currently play in my band):

Doc Kupka

Phil Woods

Tom Politzer

Michael Brecker

John Coltrane

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This is an interesting question because I listen to all these bands pretty much and of course play their songs, but I also try to learn all sorts of music. From Kiss to Avenged Sevenfold and beyond.

My main influences on guitar:

Wes Borland (Black Light Burns and Limp Bizkit)

Munky & Head (Korn)

Slash (mostly VR-era)

As for songwriting:

Wes Borland, Korn, Guns N' Roses, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Velvet Revoler.

My playing (and songwriting) style is like Wes Borland meets Slither's main riff meets Nine Inch Nails with an occasional Duff McKagan thrown in the mix. So, not that great or amazing, but always interesting.

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I love almost all kind of music so... hard to name just few. I find inspirations everywhere for my lyrics (I have finished few songs in my head..). Riffs and solos are basically from:

Slash, Izzy Stradlin (his solo career is awesome) - Guns N' Roses

James Hetfield/Dave Mustaine - Metallica (Kill 'Em all/Ride The Lighting)

Angus Young - AC/DC (Bon Scott era is soooo raw, love it)

And Mötley Crüe

And other less known bands like: Vains Of Jenna (Nicki Kin, Lizzy DeVine) Blackrain, Dirty Penny, Hanoi Rocks etc etc..

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W. Axl Rose

Layne Staley

Mike Hranica (The Devil Wears Prada)

Scott Wieland

Kurt Cobain


Muddy Waters

Kirk Hammett


Chris Impellitteri

Tom Morello

Robert Jihnson

Jimmy Page

John Lee Hooker



Les Claypool

Duff McKagan

Robert Trujillo

Krist Novoselic

Harp (Harmonica)

Sonny Boy Williamson

Steven Tyler

Teddy "Zig-Zag" Andreadis

Lee Oskar (War)

Michael Monroe

Little Walter

Stevie Wonder

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