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SLASH - Gotten [Official Video]

Nosaj Thing

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Never understood how this wasn't a single from the cd. This and I Hold On were the 2 obvious singles, IMO, if he was looking to make a splash on the charts.

Was interesting he didn't release the tracks from the more commercial artists. Even Beautiful Dangerous was a late release.

Oh well, still great stuff...

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Nice video, but I hate that song...

Come on man, it's a nice song. Sang and played that song on acoustic for my friend. Got laid after 2 beers. :shrugs:

Thing is, I've always had a grudge against Maroon 5 and specially Adam Levine. Can't stand their music, can't stand that dude's voice. And then Slash came and recorded a song with him... and it sounds more like Maroon 5 than Slash :tongue2: It's one of the worst songs off that album, IMO. Lyrics are good, tho. In my head, when you record with someone with the caliber and the status of Slash, you gotta give in to his style. You gotta compromise, 'cause it's Slash feat.Adam Levine, not the other way around. But I'm aware chicks must love this song :xmasssanta:

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