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Money is no object


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The situation is all your needs are taken care of for life, maybe because of lottery, inheritance, a great invention you've come up with, or you made a popular sex tape. Whatever. That part doesn't matter.

What would you do with your life? Plan from this day forward. Don't talk about material objects you would buy. You could buy all the cool cars you want or 100-inch plasma TVs, but let's not talk about that in this thread. Also don't say you would give x amount of money to such-and-such charity. If you want to say you spend much of your life working for a charity, that's cool though.

Basically, I want to hear about the experiences you dream you could have, and what kind of work you would do if money was not a motivating factor.

I would hike the entire Appalachian Trail (I have a savings account precisely for this purpose, so hopefully some day I can check this one off).

Hike the Way of St. James

Hike the Pacific Crest Trail

Go through philosophy and theology studies

Go on a solar eclipse expedition

Go to Wendlestedt baseball umpiring school

Fly in space, whatever the most extensive trip is that you can buy, whether that be the International Space Station or someday a trip to the Moon

Go on a climbing expedition in the Himalayas (fuck summiting Everest, though. I don't want to amputate my extremities).

Go through at least a little bit of culinary school

Write a book about my experiences

With friends with whom I would live in community, start a non-profit urban center for recently released convicts, which would include a school, micro-farm, and bakery, and housing if they choose to live there. They can have a job for as long as they don't fuck up. I've met several people who run things like this and they work great. This would be my main work.

Learn piano, saxophone, Uilleann pipes, and if possible, how to sing.

That's all I got for now. I think a couple of those might be within my grasp one day, certainly not all, but this is in a dream scenario. I know I'm opening the doors to people saying the following about me and this list


but that's okay. What would you guys do?

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- Travel with the world with my family

- Go back to School for music and take proper lessons to really learn how to play guitar the right way

- Collect vintage guitars and tube amps

- Set up a workshop to fix tube amps

- Collect old 1950's Cadillacs..always wanted a big ass 1959 Cadillac convertible with the huge tail fins........this is the ultimate in American excess........

- Go to more live concerts and travel to see my favorite bands in multiple cities

- Buy some land on the ocean and build my dream house

- Buy season ticket field boxes behind the Yankees dugout or a luxury box at new Yankees Stadium

Etc.........etc.... etc.

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I've thought about this before. If I suddenly became a billionaire (and it wasn't through creating a company, because then I wouldn't leave my creation behind, I'd spend my life running it) I'd start a foundation. Something to do with science and knowledge: found and fund a research center, give grants for research, give scholarships to prospective natural sciences students, build or repair schools, give out teaching materials etc. I think we don't spend anywhere near as many resources on education and science as we should. That would be my main occupation.

As for my free time, I have no idea. There are so many options that I'd probably get lost. I think I'd hire someone just to find ways for me to have fun. But I know I'd probably spend a lot of time sipping cocktails on Pacific islands.

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i would write huge checks out to people in need, you cant take it with you minds well do some good for people, i would probably go to europe and hit the metal festivals, maybe visit draculas castle shit like that

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Guest Len B'stard

I'd do absolutely shit-fuck-all. I'd buy myself a nice yard somewhere posh and just do nothing, smoke fuckin' gear all day, get myself a nice fuckin' old school Jamaican fuckin' sound system, those huge fuckin' rigs they use set up in the back garden and play some fuckin' tunes when i feel like it, fuckin', honestly, i'd just do nothing, thats my ambition, to be a big lazy fuckin' shite. Fuckin' wake up in the morning, pick up a spliff out of the ashtray, blaze it up, fuckin' wee off my immense fuckin' balcony, go to my fully stocked bar and grab a fuckin' bottle of champagne and just sit there in my fuckin' jeans and nothing else, watching fuckin' morning telly.

And cocaine, i'll need cocaine, fuckin' monsterous amounts of it til i'm like fuckin' Bowie in the mid 70s, just whizzin' off my tits, 24/7, have a fuckin' deal with the local posh restaurants and make em do me a takeaway service...maybe a fuckin' recording studio at my disposal so i can go make weird noises when i feel like it.

But thats it basically, just fuckin'...i wouldn't know what to do with money if i had it, just fuckin' smoke disgusting amounts of gear and make a lot of fuckin' mess.

One of my dreams though, more a fantasy if you like, is to destroy a house with my barehands...maybe one of them aluminium baseball bats. A big one though, like one of those huge MTV Cribs ones where everythings beautiful, cut glass chandeliers, mirrors all over the gaff, ornate four posters, hi tech space age buck rogers kitchen, the lot, proper kitted out, all the X's.

"this is my ming vase that i bought in Southebys, there's only three left in the entire world", just sweep that fucker right out of their hands with my trusty slugger.

And then, somehow arrange with God for him play Raw Power by The Stooges from heaven, stuff my headful of cocaine, grab the bat and just run through this fuckin' place and painstakingly, gleefully wreck the whole fuckin' joint, turn all the fuckin' water on and flood the place, short the electrics, Iggys screaming voice and James Williamsons mental guitar runs coursing through my head as i just tear this place to fuckin' smithereens so by the end of the day the house is like burning wreckage and i'm sitting a few yards away from my handiwork in the shadow of the setting sun, blazing a massive spliff and looking around and feeling, nay, KNOWING...that the world indeed belongs to me :devilshades:

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Fuck tonnes of charity, top shelf liquor, every cd I've every wanted, a mansion, boss cars, puppies, awesome boots out the asshole, oxycontin and valium, a set of cigarette proof organs, lifetime supply of cuban cigars, Dunhill, Benny Hedgehogs and Marlboro, loyalty card for the local colonic irrigator, a bunch of black kids from one of those loser countries, my own army to go in and kill every shit government In said loser countries, free top shelf education and health for everyone.

Oh and because I'd be that rich, I'd buy Axlisold and myself a fucking dinosaur each.

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I'd put my brother on a wage of say 80k per year to be my driver and personal assistant, then I would wake him up at 3.30am every day and sent him on ridiculous errands like, go find me 70 grapefruits right now.

I be also thought it would be a buzz to walk down the street and find an old tramp sat in a doorway and give him a grand in cash. Just to see his reaction. He'd probably drink himself to death with it in a few days but I reckon that's up to him.

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Guest Len B'stard

muhammad ali used to do that quite a bit. I sorted a tramp out with a score once if that coubts? Pn the condition that he spend it on alcohol, he was like yeah, don't worry i will :lol:

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muhammad ali used to do that quite a bit. I sorted a tramp out with a score once if that coubts? Pn the condition that he spend it on alcohol, he was like yeah, don't worry i will :lol:

Yeah give what you can when im flush i like to drop a note and some fags in. I can't stand it when people get on the high horse and say oh they will only go and spend it on booze. Fucking right they will, when your freezing your bollocks off at 11pm with nowhere to go a bottle of whiskey is gonna make the night bearable I reckon. Chucking some shrapnel in with a lecture about what they should do is not gonna solve their problems, they ain't gonna save it up for a flat. These guys have slipped through societies safety net. The fact that they have to disgard their last shred of self respect to ask means they deserve a good drink in my opinion.

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Guest Sleeping Like An Angel

I would probably buy the most impressive castle in Ireland with plenty of land and raise some cattle and have lots of kids. For myself, I would buy an NHL hockey team and check on them by using my private jet.

Nice plan!

- The Castle will be my main home in Ireland but I will have an apartment in NY so I can see Miser whenever I want, a summer house on a secluded island and a ski lodge in Switzerland.

- 10 Mini Coopers in various colours. A Dodge Viper, Aston Martin, Ferarri and a custom Audi TT.

- A white pony called 'Angel'.

- My own fashion collection.

- Make up range for pale people.

- Sweet shop

- A giant party yacht called 'The Centre of Attraction'

- Full ownership of 'Nandos'

- I'd buy myself a successful pop career.

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That's what rich people do, Nate. They buy sweatshops in impoverished Asian countries so that they can pay next to nothing for an unlimited source of labor, making goods to sell in America so they can get even richer. Perfectly legit answer.

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