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Acoustic Better and Going Down leaked? [NO LINKS/REQUESTS ALLOWED]

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here's the fucking songs, get em fast **LINKS REMOVED** PLEASE do not post links to unreleased material!

The DJ version of Better I can do without, do we really need a studio version if him messing up Finck's solo?. Goin' Down is brilliant, sounds amazing.

Who gives a shit? Going Down is some song with Stinson on lead vocals. Get back to me when The General and Atlas Shrugged leak.

These are all really cool.

Goin Down is my standout, I wish it was mixed a little better though. BBF plays some tasty licks, but it would be nice if they were lower in the mix and the vocals were higher.

Seeing a lot of love for the DJ Better... it's not really my thing, but it's nice to hear a different take I guess.

The acoustic Better is awesome! Ron fucking kills it.

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