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The riffs are cool...

.... They're tuned to dropped C right.... Dropped C or Eb, for some songs, like, watching Aerials just now from Big Day Out... I could not help but notice that they were all on a different part of the neck to how I play it, In dropped C.

Hmmmmmm... Because I swear it's on the album that's 'all in dropped C' called Toxicity... But... IDK.

I'm going to have to run to a guitar (old school modded Framus, the one In that key) and see what's going on and then maybe running back to a Gibson (that's in Eb) and seeing what goes what where and stuff... With that video as sort of like a guide because, I can do it, just different and... I think I know the difference but won't be sure until I try, I guess... The shit that runs through my mind. My bad.

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Used to kinda like 'em, but wasn't a huge fan. I thought Serj's first solo record was better than any of the SOAD albums, but maybe tied with Toxicity (even though it's hard to compare those albums). Never got the hype around them as a great live band, they seemed really hit and miss in that department from the shows I've seen online. The hypnotize/mezmerize era they didn't seem like all that great of a show :shrugs:

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Serj changed his singing style during the Hypnotize/Mesmerize era from the howling style he used during early SOAD. I think he blew his voice out.

His screams in the toxicity era were pretty awesome. A bit better than the late 90's... I think the early 00s were his peak in that style. I liked his style on Elect The Dead though. (Plus his early solo shows looked pretty cool, would've liked to have seen one of those shows).

Never liked Darren. I could tolerate him sometimes, but never actually liked him.

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Only slightly better than A7X on the scale of bands every high-school kid likes. Serj is really talented, shame his shit is either trash like most SOAD songs or overly pretentious political crap like his solo albums. I still love Elect the Dead.

Damon Malakian can jump off a bridge.

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In college I used to LOVE this band. Like all about them. Toxicity was amazing then. Now? When i listen to them I legit can't even fathom what I liked. Has that ever happened to anyone else? A band just doesn't hold up over time for you?

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