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kurt cobain vs. eddie vedder


kurt cobain vs. eddie vedder  

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Kurt never had the chance to hit the 'uninspired mid-life slump' phase like Eddie/Pearl Jam has, so my vote goes to him.

Yeah and Pearl Jam is right in the midst of that slump right now. They're getting quite a bit of mainstream run, but the last 3 records have been bland, boring, and sterile in my opinion. Sirens sounds like Taylor Swift ghostwrote it. It just seems like they're manufacturing a product rather than creating art at this stage. They're a BRAND more than a band. It disappoints me that they seem to put far more effort into the marketing side of it than they do into the music at this point. Don't get me wrong, they still put on a good live show, but they haven't written a decent song in close to a decade imo.

On topic: in the early 90's I really liked both bands, but I leaned more toward PJ. It always struck me as hypocritical the way Kurt bashed guys like Vedder and Axl- who were both big fans of his. He dismissed their artistic efforts and referred to Pearl Jam as "corporate rock"- yet Nirvana was far more media friendly in those days. I love Nevermind, but its pretty slickly produced and its clear that Kurt was willing to play the game to get his band exposure. It seems like he wanted it both ways and he criticized other bands for things that he was far more guilty of.

No diggity Some Doubt

Merry Christmas

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